I hate people who use drugs

These people contribute nothing to society. I mean they would sell their own mother to get their dope. You can't tell them anything and they aren't worth anything even if you could. We're supposed to pity them but the pity I pity are the people who have to deal with them. The people these dopers yell at, steal from and assault.

Worthless dregs on society and they have no one to blame but themselves.

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  • There are plenty of people like that who don't use drugs. They're high on entitlement and lack of compassion for anyone besides themselves, and it's apparently a very popular attitude these days. Do you whine and moan about them all the damn time too?

  • I agree with both OP and the people who say that's hypocritical, in a society that is okay with nicotine and alcohol and caffeine. So... hearts all around?

  • As someone who lived with an addict for years I have to agree with the OP. My wife was addicted to prescription pills. When she couldn't get them she would turn to heroin .This went on for years with her refusing to get help for her addiction . It wasn't until me daughter who was 10 at the time came to me one night and begged me to take her away. She didn't want to be around her mother anymore. She wanted to be somewhere where she could have friends over and not be afraid of them seeing her mother stumbling around slurring and nodding off while standing at the sink or going off because she was going through with drawl because she was out of pills. That was the night I decided it was time to leave her. We are divorced now and the day that I took my daughter and left my ex wife, her last words to us were " I hate you both and never want to see you again". Its been six year and we have been so much better off since leaving. Still it is heart breaking watching my daughter grow up with out her mother in her life. I know there is so many things she would want to share with her, unfortunately she chose her addiction over us.

  • Who doesn’t hate drug addicts? They deserve every bit of hate too. Some blond girl replaced me at my job, but only to quit a Week after, because a bunch of stupid tweakers were throwing glass bottles at her in back of the restaurant near the dumpster. They should be arrested just for looking the way they do.

  • I put carrots in my bum

  • Who cares. Everyone uses drugs to make them feel good. Some it's coffee. Some alcohol. Some pot. Some harder drugs. Why are we so judgemental about those who use a different drug to what we use.

  • For real. Take an aspirin? Drink a sofa? Smoke a cigarette? They’re all drugs.

  • Drink a sofa? I bet your tongue Is all f***** up after that. Lol I'm just messing with ya.

  • Dude. I know a guy. He can hook you up with some pure Couch. But be careful. I know a friend who overdosed on Chesterfield. The poster is right. It's out of control. Excuse me. I need some Love Seat to wake me up.

  • If you havent tried drugs,you ottoman !!!

  • Shun the punster. SHUNNNNN :D

  • Mmmmmm, I need that LayZ Boy. You got that?

  • Haha nice one.
    +1 Internet Point for you fine sir.

  • Wow, I'm so glad you are so superior with no faults. It must be nice to be perfect. I bet you're also alone because no real human being who makes mistakes could stand to be around your arrogant ass.

  • I live alone but I do have friends and relatives who visit and stay over often. Dopers on PCP or heroin or crack cocaine have caused me a lot of problems in the past because they knew it made me sick to be around them.

  • You don't know the difference between a do per and an addict? Smoking Nicotine. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substance to a human. Caffine is in the top 10 also.
    Want to watch a smoker act like they are a cocain user? First tell them they need to do it outside. Then just take them away. A smoker going cold turkey is more dangerous than a guy who had half a joint and lays down and has a nap 40 mins later.
    Also. F*** you. You apparently know no one that has found relief taking CBD oil that made with the leaves that others are smoking. My mother in law struggled with lung cancer for a few months. We convinced her to try it after a friend died before her. She found relief with cannibis.
    No one will come to your hospital room and give you a reward for not using medicine that you THINK is bad. Stubborn irresponsible judicial high than though but stop for me when I need help.

  • All I know is that the times I have been around people who do drugs they made my life miserable with their yelling stealing, threats and on one occassion an assault. If they have a job they usually get fired for obvious reasons they don't do anything except cause problems and then raise H*** when the inevitable happens.

  • Me too ❤️

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