I Hate “Love-Oriented” People

I’m 23, and I hate ALL “romantic relationships”, or “couples”, or whatever you want to call them. They p*** me off, and I hate humans for their way of connecting with each other. I feel ashamed to be a part of the same Planetary race as these crude, dull-minded, overpopulating parasites. I wish this whole world would blow up in the worst possible way imaginable. Honestly, you couples out there have more trouble than the ANIMALS!

It’s a BASIC FUNCTION! You like each other, you s**** in bed, then maybe have a kid! It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that, you IDIOTS! It’s literally so basic, it’s nearly next to breathing and walking! Just fall in love, and S****! And no, it is not “more complicated than that”. You’re just coming up with an excuse because you’re too stupid to stop complicating things unnecessarily.

And for f#ck’s sake, stop thinking that you HAVE to go get someone to become your significant other, because you think you’d feel alone without one, or some BS! There are more than 8 billion people on this overpopulated Planet. Your first natural instinct should be to GO DRINK BLEACH! NOT PROCREATE!

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  • You are mad and angry. I wonder what happened to you, to make you hate yourself. Learning to accept and love yourself is something we all have to do. Instead of worrying about others, Worry about yourself. Maybe when you start living, you will see that you are not any better.

  • *Asexual silence*

  • You had me I the first half, by gonna lie..

  • To each his own.....let it go....

  • I'm seeing two prongs to this rant. Are you venting against "couples" or against cranking out babies this world doesn't need? Yes, many people think they're the same thing, but many don't as well (can you say "single parent"?). So I'm wondering what the main point is here.

  • It's okay, don't bother clarifying. You vented your most recent load of bitterness and now you're spent. I get it.

    Enjoy your lonely life! I'm on here doing a little post-banging trolling (my sweet worn out wife is asleep) and am no longer bothering to hold back my laughter at you. We chose to not have kids, in case you were wondering. Just one of the better choices I've made in my life. So your whining is purely entertainment for me!

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