Sometimes I really don’t think people deserve to be “CEOs” of a company. Especially when refusing to acknowledge conflict, rumors, etc. and instead feeding lies to lower employees to spread to their community.

Not only that, covering their “higher ups” ** when they abuse or treat employees and coworkers horrifically.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big or small company, people are people and if you’re “in charge” then you need to do ** better.

Jun 27

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Bulge flashing teachers, moms, and classmates

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  • Okay, commie!

  • I would say equally, employees need to recognize that companies exist to sell products and services with goal of making money. Companies to do not exist for the purpose of adapting to their employees mismanaged personal lives and rejection of self-responsibility. Too many “staff” think companies are there to coddle them.

    Look at these dimwit Baristas striking because a coffee chain doesn’t let them hang oversized pride flags in a coffee shop. It’s a coffee shop there to do business, not a social justice parade ground.

    Yeah, many senior execs **, but I bet by percentages, average staff ** a lot more.

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