Family Feud

I have watched family feud with Steve Harvey many times. Every show I have watched has put a black family against a white family. Time after time after time it's the same thing, blacks vs. whites. I decided to Google it and see why they decided to make the show racist. I was not surprised the question had been asked, I was however surprised to see responses from people denying it. I bet I have watched at least 150 episodes and everyone is the same. So why do the put blacks against whites? Are they racist or trying to cause a racist issue?

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  • Steve Harvey is a racist A-hole. If he were a white man saying the things he does on that show, they'd shut him down.

  • Wider audience with a white family anchor just to be safe.

  • You are right I have noticed that too. If not its a black family against a Latino family. they have to keep the division going ,god for bid we all get along ,if we did they wouldn't be able to control us.

  • So much this. Racism is still an issue, but making it worse under the banner of being PC is kind of the opposite direction we need to be going. Most people I know don't give a wet fart what color your damn skin is as long as you're a decent person, but that's not good enough for the SJWs.

  • They're trying to be p.c ,yet by doing this,they are the ones making an issue out of it! I'm sick of this s*** on tv,equal opportunities and all that,its gone too far,school textbooks now have foreign names in it, bet you a dollar you wont find a Matthew or Claire in a math textbook,but you'll find Rashid and his 10 f****** apples,giving 4 to Aswad and wondering how many he has left!

  • Who are the forefathers of America?
    Didn't they land there, on a boat?
    What country did they come from?
    I'm sure you could find some s*** to say about all those first settlers
    Is that country or those people, are they the ones with the rights to your country.
    Point being , America was not settled by Americans. It has been and always will be a land full of of settlers from many Nations!!
    As well as being 'owned' by the blacks who descended from the 3.5 million slaves upon who's backs your country prospered off of. it's time for Rashid and Aswad in the school text books. Su ck it b itch.

  • I definitely agree that those trying to be PC are the ones making a big deal out of race when it doesn't need to be. That's why I ridicule virtue signalers, they love to kick up dust and then complain about how their eyes are stinging.

    I am also sick of the Hollywood trend of recasting a character as black for no other reason than for opportunities to scream "racist" if anyone dares to wonder about that decision. You want to see more black people in movies, then make more movies with black people in them! Don't just say "The Human Torch or Hermione or whoever is suddenly black now because reasons, deal with it or you're racist!!!!"

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