Is it normal?

It all began when I was pregnant with my first child, I won't say I never tried it before that but always strongly disliked it, I tried it once with my first boyfriend and once with my husband and both times were terrible but there has been a gradual change.
If you haven't yet figured out what I am talking about it's butsecs, My first boyfriend was tiny, Like the size of your thumb no word of a lie but we were young and I was dumb and he wanted to try it, Some lube and a lot of complaining later it was over and I was left feeling gross and dirty, My husband had tried, He was always asking about it and for it but he is...Large and I was always on the offensive, I would let him touch it and a couple times I let him put one finger in but again always hated it, Even just the finger.
When I was pregnant he was super into me and found me exceptionally sexy, and one evening i jumped in the shower with him as I still sometimes do, He was kissing his way down my back and started kissing my but cheeks while rubbing me and when he slipped his tongue between my cheeks i felt an odd sensation, Nothing like previously. It was like a tiny electric shock ran up my spine making me give out a little moan and stick out my but (Yes I mean to spell it like that).
My husband still laughs about it and says he had to double check to make sure it was me but he was super excited and after we had our go around in bed he inquired about my reaction, I told him not to put too much thought into it and that it was probably just a weird pregnancy reaction but in true manly fashion he tried it again a week or so later when I again joined him in the shower and this time I got the same weird feeling up my spine but this time I went for it, I reached back and pulled him closer and he was all for it, He continued until I got off and after the weirdest O I have ever had everything was a bit awkward and those were really the only two times.
After our first was born we didn't do much other than regular missionary for a while but as things got more comfortable we started to venture into more positions and eventually he went for doggy, I let him do a little rubbing and a little finger action, Not only was I surprised at how it affected me but I was confused also, One night while me and my husband were away and it was just us laying in our hotel bed he was on top of me and I pulled his head down to my neck whispering in his ear that I wanted him to...Play, Down there, He obliged me and I got off HARD.
A few more rounds of that and I told him to try more, It took a few tries but he got maybe halfway or so and although it felt good it was also uncomfortable, It took a lot of learning and practice but after a while we were full on, With a lot of lube and a lot of work he could get it all the way in and eventually it became one of our "Go to's", These days it is nothing for him to do me hard from behind and finish that way and I almost always get off that way, I don't know what changed or why I feel so differently now than I did when I was younger but I am glad it did.


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  • When I was pregnant a lot of things changed, I never had an O from intercourse before pregnancy, I never liked nipple stimulation, I never got excited watching p***, I never liked the...Backdoor stuff and all of that has changed.

  • When I was pregnant my hormones went crazy. I got so h**** I couldn't get enough s**. I ended up sleeping with any guy I could. Afterward I went back to normal.

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