Didn't see this coming

Lost my back door virginity last night. Now that might not be front page news, but I am a 40 year old guy. About two months ago I met a couple through an internet ad. Have been meeting them for 3sum play nearly every week. Just normal guys tag teaming the lady for her pleasure,
Boy did that change last night. Things started off as usual and things were going great. After lots of foreplay I got the first turn with the lady. After shooting a big load of c** in her tight little p****, she put her arms around my shoulders and pulled me close. She whispered in my ear and said "I want you to do something special tonight". She pushed me back and guided my head down to her p****. She looked down and said "go ahead". And I did, I went down and started licking my own c** out of her p****.
At that point her husband climbed on the bed behind me. Then he started rubbing me a**. Of course I panicked and pulled my head up. She grabbed my head and pulled it back into her p**** as she told me "just relax". He kept massaging my a**, then I felt the cold lube being poured between my cheeks. He slid a finger down and began rubbing my a**h***. It felt really good and I found myself spreading my legs to give him better access. I felt a little more lube being applied then he began to slip his finger inside me. After a minute he was working two fingers inside me and my legs were spread wide. Eating her c** filled p**** and having my a** played with had me hard as a rock again. Then it happened. He removed his fingers and climbed in between my legs. I felt his c*** pressing against my a**h*** as he began pushing into me. I was amazed at how easy he slid inside me. He took it slow, working in and out until I felt his pelvis against my a** and I knew he had all seven inches inside me. Then he started f****** me steady and picking up the pace. He grabbed my hips, pulled me up slightly on my knees to get a position, then he really started f****** me hard. I remember the strange sensation of his b**** slapping against mine. His wife was really getting into it. She had a death grip on my head pulling my face into her p****. She kept
screaming "f*** him harder" and "take that c*** in your a**. I don't know how long he f***** me but he finally slammed his c*** in and held it there. I felt the warm sensation from the c** inside me. When he finally pulled out she released the grip on my head and we all rolled over for some air.
We kinda joked about what had just happened and she said they had a few more surprises for me if I come back. When I replied "really, like what" she got up off the bed and opened a dresser drawer. My eyes must have looked like baseballs when she held up a strap on harness with a very large d***.
Damn right I am going back!

Aug 1

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