I did five years in state prison

I got charged of theft by taking and I spent five years in prison. I was released and I went to work with my family at the salvage yard as an order puller. I leved in a small house there and for five years I never left the salvage yard. It had a fence around it and I just never left. when I needed groceries my parents would buy them for me and I would give them money out of my pay.

I finally snapped out of my incarceration trance and joined the real world. I had sentenced myself to five extra years.

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  • I am glad you are doing better!

  • Bet you still managed to get buttfucked in your own yard!

  • I didn't have s** other than masturbation but I'll tell you what I saw once. A guy who had raped his eight year old daughter was beaten and raped with a broom handle. The prisoners then forced his head into a pile of urine and feces soaked toilet paper in the toilet and he would have drowned in that s*** had a guard not rescued him.

    Me being an everyday common thief was never molested or even hit on.

  • Lol@prisonrape

  • I love your insight and your honesty. That's very rare anymore. You're going to be fine, and I wish you all the best.

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