My fantasy is to sprrad my genes across the universe. :) I want to make all people pregnant with my child.

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  • My fantasy is to have a threesome with my wife and her mother

  • I couldnt do that. That would be too weird for me but everyone got a different case!! Hope u do it haha

  • Thanks, but we've got plenty of mentally stunted jizzflaps already :) Oh, and good luck trying to impregnate men and infertile women. Maybe start with them, especially the big beefy dudes who wouldn't welcome your cheese-stinking s****** poking at them?

  • Look who's got anger issues lol. U need some anger management? How about I d*** you down first?

  • What a ret@rd, lol. Sum1 calls u out n its THEM wot has issues. Accept it, ur mentally stunted like they said

  • Better to be accused of "anger issues" than be a useless oxygen thief, lol

  • Can I watch you"d*** down" this guy as I eat a family size pack of cheese Doritos?

  • It would be more of a fight than a dicking down, and a short one thanks to my black belt, but eat all the Doritos you want

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