Help my boyfriend verbally abuses me

My boyfriend thinks I’m cheating on him everyday and asks to smell my breath and check my knees, and he tracks me and yes I have lied to him but I have never cheated on him the things I have lied abt were small white lies he’s told me lies too like he said that he cheated on me to see if I would say I have (I haven’t ever) and we’ve been dating for nearly 2 years and this is taking a really big toll on me mentally and he calls me names he accuses me of being a gold digger he calls me b****,s*** and he says I should kill myself so I can be out of his life but at the same time he tells me he loves me and I love him more than anything plz if anyone has anything that would be helpful plz comment I love him and I don’t want to break up with him and he doesn’t want to break up with me he’s told me we just need a solution..

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  • It’s a toxic relationship, leave before things get worse & more complicated

  • The solution is to break up he will never treat you the way you deserve and he will only keep tearing you down

  • ^completely true^: this person is totally accurate.

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