Can I tho???

I'm 12 years old and I wanna be a singer when I'm older I just don't know how to get started any help???

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  • Well, let's be honest most of the young stars who make it eventually have to do certain things to get contracts and agents and producers and big breaks. I'd find an agent on line and promise to do whatever he wants to help you get ahead. You are just the right age. Best to not tell your parents you are doing this, I know how funny parents can be. Find an agent you can meet up with.
    Many young singers have to do some things like nude modeling and so on in order to break into the business. This is normal. You must not be shy. If the agent or manager wants sexual favors in order to help is your choice , but from years in the business, I would say go for it. Give him what he wants.
    Only you can make the decision. Another way is to write to a famous male pop star and send along a nice seductive photo. He may take you under his wing to help you. Nude photos help because he will want to make sure you are not too shy to appear on stage. i suggest naked, lying in a lounge chair or on a bed with your legs show you are comfortable with yourself. try these things and you might have success.

  • Are you around, where can we text

  • Writing and singing are just not enough to dazzle audience you need to have a great personality but you don't want to face the world, Simon will take your little beep....

  • Xfactor,so you can fade into obscurity

  • Talk with your parent's and get lessons.

  • No way i mean by my self i like to write songs i just dont wanna ask my parents any other ideas???

  • Do you have a guitar or anything pet.

  • No just a notebook and a voice

  • I hope your still on here xxxx

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