Never leaving my room.

I went to a friends place last night and we got into her parents liquor cabinet, We were mixing alcohol and doing shots and by the time I left I was way too trashed, I remember getting lost and taking the really long way home which is 5 blocks instead of two and when I got home I thought I was being sneaky as I went inside.
I don't know why but I went into the bathroom and started the tub and crawled in, So stupid in the first place but I was laying there in the tub and started playing with myself, I heard a knock and answered, My step dad asked if I was ok and I said no, He opened the door and looked in then looked the other way and that started my stupidity.
So stupid, Here's how our conversation went.
Him: What are you doing?
Me: Come in
Him: No
Me: Sup?
Him: Are you drunk?
Me: Oh yeah
He came in and grabbed a towel and reached out toward me looking the other way.
Me; Nah, I'm good
Him; No, You need to get out of the tub, You can't stay there
Me: You have a big d***
Him: I am not having this conversation with you
Me: Come on, I seen it, it's big
Him: you have 2 minutes
He left the room and I just kept laying there, It's a good thing he was there because I was drifting off and probably could have drown.
He knocked again and I answered.
Me: I need help
He opened the door
Him: what do you need
Me: I need you to come here
He came in still looking away from me.
Me: I need to see it
Him: See what
Me: Your big d***
Him: Ok, Get out of the tub now
Me: In a minute
I put one leg up on the wall and put my other leg over the side of the tub and he left the room. I was honestly trying to get off but it wasn't working.
He knocked again and opened the door.
Him: Ok, I need to go to bed.
Me: Then show me your d***
Him: Stop please
Me: Hold the towel for me
He held out a towel but I kept rubbing myself.
Me: Show me your d*** and make me come
Him: You've never seen it and never will
Me: I watched you j*** it in the shower 3 months ago
Him: What
Me: I spied on you, I know it's long and thick and circumsized
He turned and looked at me
Him: You spied on me
Me: Yup, and did this
I shoved a finger in me and he looked away
Me: Come on already, It's just a d***, A big frickin d*** but just a d***
Him: I'm leaving
Me: Wait
Him: Why
Me: are you going to go f*** my mom
Him: Please stop, Just get out of the tub
Me: fine
I got out and he held out the towel for me, I grabbed it and sat on the counter
Him: I'm going to bed
Me: Ok, I'm going to get back in the tub then
Him: F***
He drained the tub and I leaned back on the counter and started fingering, he turned around
Him: Jesus
He turned away and went to leave
Me: If you leave I'll just get back in the tub
Him: F****** stop, You're p****** me off
Me: Walk me to my room
Him: Fine
He tossed my towel to me and I tossed it on the floor, He walked me to my door
Him: good night
Me: I need help
Him: With what
Me: jammies
He turned to my dresser and when he turned back around I shoved my hand down the front of his pants and grabbed his c***, He tried to pull my hand out but I held on tight
Him: Ow, Stop, You're hurting me
Me: Holy f*** that's huge
Him: Let go now
Me: Pull your shorts down and I'll let go
Him: Let go now, for real
I started stroking him
Him: Ok, Nope, Stop
Me: Come for me and I'll stop
Him: You need to stop
He pulled away, I sat on the bed and started crying
Him: What now
Me: hold me
Him: put these on
He tossed me my pj's and I put them on the bed
Me: Hold me
He sat beside me and put his arm around me
Him: What is going on, What did you take tonight
Me: I just want to suck your d***, I have for years
Him: Oh god, I'm leaving
He stood up and I laid back rubbing myself
Me: wait
Him: what
Me: just watch me
We made eye contact as I rubbed myself
Me: God I want that d*** in me
He turned and left and closed my door, I got up and opened my door and then laid back in bed, I played with myself loud enough to make sure he would hear me then moaned his name when I came. I passed out buck naked and when I woke up my door was closed and there was a note on my dresser.
The note read: We need to talk tonight, You have a problem and it needs to be dealt with, Your mom and I talked this morning and we will talk when I get home.
F***, I am nailing my door shut and never coming out.


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  • How are you....

  • Well what was the aftermath?

  • Op here!
    Ummm,there's no aftermath,as I made up the whole story haha

  • My mom found my journal with entries about spying on my step dad and fantasies about him, super awkward.


  • Actually your step sounds like a stand up guy, I got drunk one night and told my friends dad I would suck him off as I stood there with my tank top pulled down and my b**** out. Instead of telling me to go to bed he whipped it out, If I wouldn't have been so drunk it probably would have happened but when I went to kneel down I fell over and knocked a bunch of s*** off the counter which woke everyone up...My friends mom sent me to bed real quick.

  • I hope your mom takes a wooden spoon too your bare ass.

  • Your must be under age..

  • H**** wee cow!

  • More like retarded wee cow!

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