They will never be the same.

My self and my husband went to vegas with friends, We are all in a...Group...We enjoy similar things...Ok, We are a group of swingers, Not our entire group went but 5 couples. We were drinking the one night and decided to head upstairs to the one couples room and somehow we ended up in the elevator with 4 guys on a stag, From what I was able to gather there was the groom, His younger brother who wasn't even old enough to drink so they had been sneaking him drinks all night, The grooms cousin and the grooms best friend. This was apparently his entire wedding party and they had just picked up and flew to Vegas on a whim.
We were on the 15th floor and somehow in the time it took to get there the "Husbands" had invited these four to come party with us, I initially wasn't super excited about it because I thought we were going to the room for a different kind of party and shortly after getting in the room it turned into that anyway. We are not a super young group, Youngest being 37 and oldest being 46 but we all enjoy the same things and some of our parties are quite wild. One of the "Husbands" suggested taking off our tops and the "Stag group" was very surprised when we agreed to it, We all have kids but as a group we generally look pretty damned good in my opinion and right away the younger guys got nervous around our husbands, It didn't take long and we were all over these guys, Dancing and groping and after they realized all of our husbands were good with it they jumped right in.
Obviously the groom got a little extra attention but they all had their worlds rocked I think, By the end there was not a hard d*** in the room but the groom was intentionally left for what i thought was the end. I was on my back, Michelle on top 69, The groom in Michelle, Cassie behind him holding his b**** and pinching his nipples, Amy standing over us bent over with him licking her from behind and I pulled him out of Michelle, Sucked him and got him good and wet, Pressed him against her bum hole and he looked down, Made eye contact with me and said "Oh god...Really", Michelle looked back and said "Oh f*** yeah", Amy reached back and grabbed his head and I couldn't see her but my husband said she repositioned herself so he was licking her butt and he slid into Michelles bum, I was licking Michelle and watching Cassie's hands, She started rubbing his bum hole and he was like "Oh...ahhh...eeekk" and then he settled into it, I knew what she was going to do and he started making jerky movements as she rubbed his bum hole, I sucked his hangy b**** into my mouth and Cassie shoved her finger in his bum, He started shaking and moaned "Oh my f****** goooooooooodddddddd" and his come started running, Not dripping, Running out of Michelle's bum onto my neck, I looked down and couldn't believe how much come there was.
He actually leaned over Michelle a bit and Cassie was fingering his bum, Me sucking his b**** and Amy was shoving one of her b**** in his mouth, He started moaning "Oh god, Stop, Stop" Cassie pulled her finger out and he sat up, Put his hands on the side of my face and he postured up pulling his b**** out of my mouth as he said "Aaaaahhhhoooowwww, Oh f*** my b**** hurt", He slipped out of Michelles bum as he went limp and he flopped down on the floor.
Terry who had stayed with the husbands to keep them happy jumped on me as Michelle rolled off, Me and Terry put on a show and the grooms brother joined in for one last round and maybe lasted about 3 minutes in Terry from behind before I had a mouthful of come as it dripped out of Terry's p****. We all got up and caught our breath and three of the four young guys were like "We should go" but the groom wanted to stay, They were basically dragging him out of the room and my husband didn't wait, He bent me over and had me over the couch and invited him for one last round, In less than 5 minutes he pulled out and Amy squeezed his b**** as I swallowed his load and they left.
We all knew there were still 5 extremely hard d**** we had to deal with and spent the entire night until the sun came up just banging hard, I don't even remember the end and maybe fell asleep in the middle of a break but when I woke up my husband was still drunk and was nailing Michelle, They both looked at me and smiled as I stumbled past to the bathroom, It was just me, Michelle, Cassie, amy and my husband and apparently Terry had taken the other four back to their room and had a marathon session which left her sleeping till almost noon until she finally met us downstairs.
I think we need to plan another trip to Vegas and take all seven of the couples in our group, I doubt if we could ever top that night but I would love to try.

Nov 3, 2019

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