Drug addicts are worse than worthless

A drug addict will assault you, rob you and, harass you they can't work. They do nothing but leech from society. Dope addicts can destroy a mothers love for her child.

They should be incarcerated for life.

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  • Opiate addicts are constipated.
    Enemas relieve constipation.
    All constipated addicts should have enemas.

  • You're a stupid person for writing this. Get informed OP!!!

  • Your dumb too

  • Said the dope addict.

  • You don't know why drug addicts, become addicts. You don't know their individual life stories and experiences, so don't judge them. Drug addicts are human beings, just like you and I.
    And just because a person is a drug addict, that factor doesn't determine that all of them will assault you, rob you and harass you!!

  • Yet a lot if them get breaks in court, ssi disability for made up illnesses (they all have PTSD now - bull$hit), and food stamps, and everyone wonders why ssi is going to run out of money?

    I say ssi payees who are known drug users should be tested randomly to continue receiving their checks!

  • It should also be a crime if your baby is born dope sick.

    Drug addicts who abandon or abuse their children should also do jailtime

  • Not even as junko anarchist you will beat your gf or wife or kill your ikids if her his fault.. forgiveness if applicable else AUS like they say .. rebucked, redundant .. not fit and f*** off for good or a boot up yer ass ..

  • Right on! Everything is always about them waaaa-waaaa, ever see one in a hospital (every single one of them gives the story I've been clean for 2 years) while they lay there threatening medical staff that they'll give them a bad review if the don't get their Addavan. On top of it they show up at least 4 x's a month because they are out of H.

    Society is sick of it. Personally I find it deplorable that they are provided Narcan, but children who are really sick can be turned away from a pediatricians office because of insurance Snafus.

    Most drug addicts are awful people to begin with!

  • What's Addavan? Is it anything like the benzodiazepine drug Ativan? Try learning to spell, maybe it will increase your credibility

  • I'm not spewing hate, I am merely sharing a true story of what my child and I personally went through, and NO I have no desire to help any addict. I know they can't be trusted and must carry diseases! So yes you are right I have no compassion for junkies who leave hypodermics in playgrounds, bankrupt the free healthcare system (the very one that pays for them), and especially the ones who chose to party instead of taking care of their children! I know many people in the medical field also who feel the same way but do not voice it!

  • You seem to hold to the belief prevalent before the 1960s that addiction is a choice, and that ending the usage is a decision. Not to worry: the AMA held that position, as well, for decades. But nobody -- NOBODY -- any longer honestly believes that alcoholism or drug addiction is anything other than a disease. A disease with a chemical foundation of physical need and dependency. Sadly, you are on the wrong side of the science, and even sadder, you're on the wrong side of compassion. Addicts don't need your judgment, and they certainly don't want it and aren't inspired or motivated by it. They need your help. And if you think that spewing hate and personal acrimony will change even one addict, or will modify the behavior of even one sufferer, or will alter the course of even one purchase, then YOU are the one who's sick.

  • A junkie needs heroin just like a diabetic needs insulin, right, both a medical condition and not a choice

  • A*******

  • I will be fine helping pay for my fellow mans insulin, i am not ok paying for there methadone or narcan.

  • I agree 100 oercent

  • Nice spin job.

  • SO if some doper is hooked on drugs it wasn't their choice? Well it was their choice to start using the dope in the first place. I personally wouldn't put that s*** into my body for anything on earth. It is their fault. Alcoholics should never taste alcohol again.

  • Some have a choice and some don't.

  • People too! My ex is a heroin addict he got hooked on oxy after a car accident, I still say to this day he needs an exorcism!

    He has held a gun to my 7 yr olds head ( my son is still in therapy 5 years later), stole my sons savings and bonds from his Christening, use to break of my cats nails while holding her down and she was try to get away I would have to pry her from his arms amd risk his wrath. He left us homeless, stole from many family members, has assaulted 4 different people in the last 5 years that I know of, and his latest girlfriend was found dead 2 days ago / god rest her soul. So sorry I have no sympathy for parents who choose drugs over their children. I hate drugs!

  • Also I wasn't aware about the gun til it came out in therapy years later

  • Drug addicts are someone's mother, father, son, brother, wife, husband, friend, etc. I'm not saying what they do isn't selfish and destroys those they love, but remember they are people too.

  • They are also someones pain in the ass the vivtim didn't ask for. I don't care who or what they are if they are dopers they are lower than a dirty smelly cur of a dog.

  • Awww whats the matter your baby's momma got back on crack? What are you so angry about??

  • I give money to the panhandlers so they'll have enough money for drugs. I'm realistic about how they'll spend their money.

  • Ha, ive given panhandlers money specifically because i knew they were dopesick.
    Hey, im not proud of it, but ive relied on others' money to get well numerous times. Figured now that im not in that position, maybe give back a little.. im sure a least a couple people who gave me money knew exactly where it was going

  • Treatment. Not hate.

  • Worked for a treatment center and heard endless stories about how addicts sold children and in some cases their own children to be raped for drugs. Nope. Left that job. Any person who sells a child is a worthless human.

  • After their ass gets incarcerated. The most miserable time I ever had in my life was having to deal with these worthless scum.

  • Two thumbs down! sick of hearing how they are all victims! Treatment my ass, most of them have been to treatment several times. We need to educate before people pick up - because IMO once you are a junkie life as you know it WILL NEVER BE THE SAME, two endings with Heroin DEATH OR JAIL PERIOD!

  • Try being screamed at by some leach of a PCP addict.

  • Most of them don't want treatment stop spreading that bullcrap

  • OMG yes! The cost to keep them alive and the revolving door visits to hospital are phenomenal.

    Not to mention the trail of tears they leave behind - stealing, physically hurting others.

    I know a girl whose husband was murdered for 40.00 by heroin addicts - after they helped the person!

    I HATE DRUG ADDICTS, they make s***** parents, ruin innocent peoples lives and they don't give a s***!

  • Throw their dead bodies in a landfill

  • There are people who hurt others, for the fun of it. You don't have to be a drug addict, to hurt people and not all drug addicts, hurt people. Everyone is different. Don't forget that!!!

  • I was screamed at, threatened and robbed by some subhuman scum on PCP.

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