I slept with my boyfriends brother

So it all started with me getting a tattoo so me my boyfriend and his brother went to watch me get this tattoo and we had some drinks good night so fast forward I fell asleep on the couch and woke up to his brother fingering me right next to his brother I kinda woke up and shock and jumped my boyfriend asked what and I was like nothing went to bed and it didn’t stop their after my boyfriend fell back asleep his brother came in our room and I was just like what’s going on what are you doing after a while of fighting him off and telling him he knows I want it and me explaining to him that’s it’s crazy and maybe if I wasn’t with his brother it would of happend he was just super aggressive but nothing happend so fast forward two weeks later I told my boyfriend in a broken down confession and he said nothing to his brother sooner or later his brother starts following me on snap and on a drunk night I send him a picture of me naked which was a big mistake on my part and then a few convos and we stop talking and then come December my boyfriend takes me to hang out with his family which his brother is their my boyfriend decides to fall asleep on the couch and his brother tries a again and I let him do fast forward to March I find out I’m pregnant by my bf which is exciting yet scary because I had been wanting to break up with him since that happens but thought maybe I could put it behind me and move on with him and be happy but with all the testing with the baby I soon find out I have clamydia and confess everything that his brother tried again and this time I let him so long story short my bf left me and I can’t sleep eat because the fact that I’m pregnant but I wish that he would of said something and everything would of been prevented I feel horrible and feel like I shouldn’t be alive sometimes. Everyone thoughts

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