Mom Son Love

I hate that my son and I can't show our love in public and have to hide it from the world.

He's 35 and I'm 59. I can't get pregnant anymore.


He's the best lover I ever had and treats me like gold. We never fight and I will do anything for him. S** with him is fantastic, his c*** is thick, long and he lasts a long long time. He also recovers quickly and can go several times a night. He pumps so much c** in me it sometimes runs out of me for hours.

He has never had problems with women, and they would do anything to be with him.

But told me, in the end only I can give him the sexual satisfaction he needs.
I was 45 when we started and he was 21.

I only want the world to accept us and our love. My only regret is I never gave him a child. I which we had started earlier.


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  • You say you’d do anything for him. Would you do his friends if he asked you to?
    Would you let him make a video of you with three other men at the same time?
    Would you let him rent you out by the hour?
    Or was you lying when you said you’d do anything for him?

  • Yo man love is man, even its your son

  • No problems at all

  • Who says you have to hide it. I don't. But then again my son isn't my blood. He's my step son. We love showing our love for one another just as long as his father isn't around. Think about that?

  • Don't bother about the world as the world will not accept your loving relationship.There are places where incest is accepted but even there,the society around does not treat them as normal.Carry on in secrecy.Secrecy itself is a great aphrodisiac.
    All incestuous couples desire a child but it is not always possible for the child to be accepted by ,again, the same society.Why complicate matters?

    I wish you had added the details about the first time-especially the seduction part.It will be educational for some women.


  • My mom and I discovered our love then she was 70 and I was 45.

    Dad had died several years and mom come to my apartment one night in her rain coat and heels.

    She let herself in walked up to me opened her rain coat and was naked.

    She kissed me hard and simply said "F*** me. I can't fight it anymore, I need your c***."

    We f***** her like a dog. She was moaning like crazy and then came several times . Finally, I came inside her.

    It was the start of the best s** of my life.

    Mom's 84 now and still wants s** several times a day. She says she loved my father, but he was a dud in bed and had a small c*** and was a once a week man

    My 7 inches satisfied her every day and and she always seems to want more.

  • BS. This is your fantasy, not your reality. No one wants s e x several times a day every day with the same person for 15 years. I’ve had some beautiful women and it seems like you can’t get enough for months, but it does slow down and if you have a life at all, you’re not in the mood sometimes to put forth the effort. And that’s when I was a heck of a lot younger than you.
    So if you’re going to make up lies, make up ones that are somewhat believable.

  • I totally support you two. If you love each other then who cares about anybody else. Good luck to you :)

  • Thank you.

  • Put your sweet lips a little closer to my bone. Thank me later.

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