I have an inferiority complex and it shows up in my nightmares

I have a short term memory problem and its harder for me to learn that it is with people who are not cursed with this. I have been fired five times for not learning the job fast enough.

Coincidentally most of the people involved with my terminations were women. I have a semi-recurring dream about one particular lady. She was head of HR at a company I really liked. I was fired after six weeks for making mistakes. My arguments fall on deaf ears.

Last night I dreamed that some hyper-intelligent woman was talking to some guy and she accused me of eavesdropping. I told her I had similar problems to the ones she was discussing but she told me to butt out.

I believe this was about being fired. It was a get out and stay out statement from the woman in my dream.

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  • God bless you and have mercy on you on me on this whole world

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