Wearing mother in laws clothing

I had always been hot for my mother in law since I first met her. She was a very attractive woman who dressed very properly and being a cross-dresser I always want to wear her things. Then I got my chance.

She took a trip to another part of the country to see some relatives and asked my wife and I to watch over her place and pick up the mail for her, this chore of course fell on me because, of my wife's schedule.

This gave me the opportunity to finally get to dress in her clothing. That first day she was gone I went to her bedroom and found her clothing hamper in the closet, little was in there since she had obviously washed her things prior to leaving, but there was one pair of panties and pantyhose in the hamper and that was all I needed.

I stripped put the panties and hose on and looked at myself in her full-length mirror, I couldn't believe my hard-on and how I felt. I was literally shaking. I could smell her fragrance and seemingly felt her presences in the panties and pantyhose. I then went to her closet and found a dress I had admired that she had worn several times in front of me. I put it on and even was able to get it zipped up. It was very tight on me but, that only made it better. I then fell to my knees in front of the full- length mirror and rubbed myself to an organism.

I spent the next couple of days wearing what I could find of her things and enjoying myself. Unfortunately, everything was clean but, just the idea that I was wearing her things excited me. I had plenty of time to clean up all the clothing I had worn before she came home and she never suspected me of doing anything... or least she never said a word about it.

May 14, 2019

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  • I sniff panties of dead people. I work for a funeral directors. I only sniff the good looking woman's ones tho.

  • It is a thrill. I used to do that with the neighbor mom’s clothing when I was a teen. My mother never seemed concerned when it took a long time for me to pick up their mail while they were on vacation.

    It’s really lucky you weren’t caught.

  • I have done the same thing to my Mother in-law, but sh left behind scented underwear.

  • Hope you enjoyed your organism you fool😅

  • Oh you naughty thing. It's so hot, your confession. I like wearing women's clothes and pretending some one else was with me dancing and twirling around, my dress flying up. Makes me horney just thinking about it.

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