Oh Yeah..

I secretly traverse in Outer Space, where I whip my d*** out an p*** till It turns into a b**** of orange colored Ice and I bring them back to earth right to the local snow cone stand, don't eat orange snow cones.

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  • F*** it, have a Like. Your story is just as plausible as 98% of the bullshit on here, and it's original for once! Cheers.

  • I was gonna troll,but the guy above me is right!
    And I will make sure to avoid orange snow cones

  • Me too. No orange snow cones. Plus have a like. I like MFC - Model of choice is"Sportcandy". Very toned, fit, and great looking t***.

  • Go on reddit. Search for the user hornyforhummus
    I just type reddit hornyforhummus and her profile is pretty much the first one .
    She's a dirty cow and has a nice hairy pu$$y,and she posts v nice pics and vids of her,and I have jacked loads to her.
    The other day I saw she posted a new one called bright red lips (I've just had a look and its on page 2 of her profile,she's been a busy w****!).
    Please please look at it and zoom in!!!
    And tell me WHAT THE F*** you think that thing is by her a$$hole!!
    The day that appeared she also posted another,and it was super apparent,and she soon deleted it,but it seems she's missed this one!!
    Gotta admit its put me off jacking to her....for now lol.
    But yeah,please let me know what you reckon

  • Is that a parastitc worm???!!!!!!πŸ˜…πŸ˜·

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