My daughters Friend

I am in my mid 40s and have two daughters in their early 20s.They have a mutual highschool friend their age-22 to be exact.She graduated a year ahead of them.While in a boarding high school,I used to call my daughters and she would ask to talk to me.That was in 2007.I had brief contact with her after that but we lost that contact in 2008.

I think we lost contact because I met this other lady,now in her mid 20s,and we have two handsome sons now.But our three year relationship has been a nightmare,full of drama,accusations,separations,contant custody fights etc.We now have a joint custody and live together(not married)but there has been so much damage that I am won out and she is too.S** used to be awesome when we met but has become non-existent and too lousy to explain. She has every excuse in the book to get out of it.When we do it,she just goes thru the motions and its brief.

A few weeks ago,I sent my daughters friend an email to two email addresses I had and she replied from one of them.We talked for few days,non sexual and, am not sure what happened one day,we started talking about s**,love,old times,my family,her's and school( we both in college).

The girl wants to marry me, believe it or not.She has always had a thing for me since she was 17/18 and it has
never waned.Her dad is 5 years older than me but am exactly the same age as her mom.Her parents have talked to her about me because they know she has a thing for me. What has helped the situation is the fact that we live in two different countries.

I will be going to visit my relatives in her country and will make a point of seeing her.We have agreed that we gonna have s** and have kids in the near future.Not sure what her parents or my daughters will say but,I know I need someone nicer to me and different than what I have now.I am excited because by having s** with her,it will destroy the bad relationship I have now and catapult me into new relationships and a new life.I am so crushed by what I am undergong in my current relationship that sometimes I don't think its me.I am hoping my daughters will be happy for me.
Honestly folks,what do you think,any advice? Please dont be mean am only looking to be happy and make someone else happy.

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  • Where did this come from? I wrote it 6 years ago? Well,update is,I got in contact with the lady through LinkedIn.She is still single and now 28,has a full-time job, and models part-time for some clothing lines. She sends me pics that take my breath away. Not sure if I will ever make love to her,but will try before the end of this year. We text,chat or may talk on the phone once in a while.

  • you should keep your c*** out of his ass f*****.

  • that was rude as f***!!!!!!!!!!! ass wipe!!!!
    but wait is this friend a male or felamil

  • felamil? you mean female? read the post again please.Thanks.

  • You're an idiot.

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