Accidentally came in my pants

This happened years ago when I was 19. I had to watch my 2 nieces for about an hour when my sister ran out shopping. I was sitting in a big plush chair with a seperate cushioned foot stool. The girls came giggling into the room both wearing flimsy little linen skirts that they had obviously grown out of. I told them to sit and watch some stupid show that there mom had planned for them. They immediately jumped up onto the cushioned foot stool in front of me and fought over who gets to sit there. That's when I caught the first glimpse of there panties. One had on pink the other light blue and they would flash me as they play fight on the stool. I'm kinda perverted so the site of this made the blood rush to my p****. As They settled down and both layed across the stool with there little butts pointing at me I noticed that all that play had wedged there panties deep into there little butt cracks. They would take turns on there belly play falling over the edge of the cushioned stool, as I would steal peeks of there panties pulling to the side showing there little p**** or b******* sometimes. The oldest one reached down around her plump butt and pulled her panties way out and I could see all of her for just a second. She kept pulling at them then to my surprise she pulled them down to her ankels then walked on her knees as she pulled them completely off. My c*** jumped in my pants and I could feel an intense heat building up in my groin. She took the panties and pushed them under the cushion and layed back down on her belly on the stool exposing her b******* and p**** to me. She began to rock back and forth on the corner of the cushion and I could tell she was getting off. Each time she pushed forward I could see her little slit crunch up then she'd push back and pull it tight. I couldn't stand it anymore as my c*** was dripping precum into my undies. She let out a little noise then rolled over on her back and pulled her legs up to her chest and reached down and started furiously masturbaring herself with her hand, her butt placed precariously on the edge of the cushion. I instantly shot huge jets of c** into my pants as I tried to ignore what my niece was doing. After about a minute I said I gotta think of how to deal with this situation. I said okay that's enough girls, let's get changed to go outside and play. They both shot up and ran into there room to get changed. I remembered the panties she stuffed in the cushion so I reached in and grabbed them. I stuffed them in my pocket and I still have them to this day. I didnt know at the time but stuff like this doesn't happen often.


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  • You people all need to be physically castrated.

  • All of you please do the world a favor and commit suicide if this isn't some sick sadistic joke please I beg you.

  • You sick f**** please tell me this is all a joke. Dear Jesus what the actual f*** is wrong with you filthy pedos. Thats f****** incest you disgusting pieces of s*** i hope you all get arrested dear God those poor children. How do you think this is normal how the f*** is this page even up.

  • My grandkids live with me and I have seen both of my granddaughters rubbing away many times since they were very young. I have never said or done anything about it because it is natural and none of my business. They are 14 and 11 now and still do it.

  • Lucky man

  • I agree, it's totally natural and a treat. I Just wish I had more control over my p**** and my imagination sometimes.

  • Pics, video?

  • I would have had them sit on my lap one by one so that they could feel my c***

  • That did happen often. It's not like I'm turned on by them all the time. There has been plenty of times that they show themselves or sit on my lap and everything is fine. But I remember one time we were out at some camping event and we packed up and had to walk back to the car. My aunt asked me to carry the 7 year old, which was cool but she was heavy as h***. I picked her up and her little skirt wouldn't stay down over her butt so my hand was against her little pantied bottom. It wasn't a big deal till she started getting heavy and I had to reach down and squeeze her butt to lift her up and throw her weight higher up on my hip. I kinda got aroused but didnt try feeling her through her panties or anything. She was just kinda sinking into my hand and my fingers kept going up her butt. I got kinda hard when we got closer to the car so I said that's it you need to walk, and so I put her down. We rode back in the car together us three in the back seat, and I had an aching b**** the whole time. While they were playing I slid my c*** out the side of my shorts and gave it a couple of squeezes, when I realized I was gonna c**. I leaned over a little, and pulled my shorts up higher so I could get at my c*** a little better. I was in a rush and kinda fumbling because I did t want to shoot it in my pants. At the second I got it angled enough and shot a really hot load down onto the floor and onto my ankle. Super intense o*****. No one ever found out.

  • Have them suck it

  • I look after my nieces every weekend and similar things happen

  • How old were they? I bet they were under ten.

  • The oldest is 11 and the youngest 2 sweet p***** on all 4 of them

  • I want the 2 yrold

  • My nieces are staying with me.

  • Well for God sakes dont do anything with them. But if you catch a glimpse of them I suggest you savor it forever.

  • I bet the smell of them brings back good memories.

  • They are older now and the oldest is hitting puberty. I was over there about 3 weeks ago and found a pair of her panties in the wash room. I've done this before with other girls panties but I picked them up and wrapped them around my d*** and beat off right there in the washroom. These had a little field where the fabric was doubled up so I stuck my c*** Into this little pocket and shot a huge load into the panties crotch area. It was super hot.

  • Toddler p**** smells so sweet

  • These aren't toddlers, and I'm not attracted to kids. But sometimes I get hard and need to c**, and they happen to be around.

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