Came in my swim trunks

I had a very strange experience at the club pool this summer. I went with my entire extended family to our golf clubs pool for like the only time ever. There was probably 12 of us in all but I (a guy 19) remembered my cousin (a cute girl 14) and was in love the moment I saw her. But I played it cool and we all went to change in the little outdoor shower rooms. These were those little rooms with have wooden walls and little latch doors. So I get my own and lock the latch and I hear her and her little sister c** into the stall next to me. Im kinda excited by this and can feel myself started to get hard. I see at the bout 2 foot opening between the floor of the changing rooms both pairs of feet then I see here drop her jean shorts to the floor with a little pair of light blue panties wedged into the crotch. Then she steps out of them and kicks them to the side almost into my stall. I can only imagine her slipping on her little bikini swimsuit and the fabric against her skin and I uncontrollably start to reach for the panties so I can stroke my c*** with them, but as I reach for them bang there door swings open and I hear "who is that", as she sees my hand reaching under the stall. She busted me and I could tell she felt wierd too, cause she grabbed her stuff, didn't say a word and booked it back to our area and the pool. No one really noticed and I was so embarrassed that my c*** had totally deflated. I headed back and sat down alone in the loungers and watched her swim for awhile and laugh and have fun. I couldn't help but admire her as she cut through the water and after awhile my c*** began to swell again. I layed back in the lounger and let my c*** lay up against my belly inside my trunks and could feel the heat of the sun against my meat as I fantasized and it wa snowing stiff and starting to drip precum. She eventually got out of the pool and sat on the lounger facing me and on the lounger next to me with one leg up with her knee against her chin and the other splayed open so uncaring that I couldn't believe what she was doing. She faced me, and didn't say much that I can remember but I do remember her spreading her legs and pulling her suit to the side at the crotch in a nonchalant manner so that I could see her p**** lips and part of her b******* very briefly. I felt my c*** jump and the blood rush to my b*******, and could see the outline of my d*** pressed hard against the heat of my swim trunks. She looked kinda attentive at me, then with a sweep of her hand she pulled her fingers down and swept them into the thigh hole of her bikini bottoms, spread her legs and without an air of annoyance she pulled open her suit and showed her p**** again as she said "this suit is so annoying, it is soooo uncomfortable" as she pulled it back and flashed her peach fuss p**** at me again. The heat had allready built and there was nothing I could do, as she looked down and fumbled with the edges of her bikini bottoms and pulled the fabric against her pink lips I sat motionless, and fought like h***, only to stiffen and cringe... then give in and began to shoot huge c** loads into my swim trunks, the sun beating down on us

May 12, 2020

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  • SO hot

  • My wife's 15 yr old cousin gapped her legs wide open and her bikini bottoms were slid over to the side, so I could see her swollen p**** lips, her c*** and the wetness. All while paddling a canoe across the river back to the gathering. Her sister moved in front of her and slowly made her close her legs...they both laughed as they looked my way. Both wanted to f*** me? Not a chance, til they 18. I was 32 at the time, they were 15 and 16

  • Mate, the whole world is in lock down, I call bullshit. You did not go out with your whole family.
    In fact, I'd go as far to say that you're a morbidly obese neckbeard.

  • I agree. Even a half decent fantasy would be more realistic

  • Do you live in Australia, because we haven't even started summer here yet?

  • Hold-up! Now CLEARLY at his story is bullcrap, but not for the reasons either of you mentioned. First, I’m a nurse in south Florida, and 4 mos ago was May. May is pretty friggin’ hot in Florida. Every month is pretty friggin’ hot here. Only the period between mid November and mid January is when we are even likely to have really cold days, but even THEN, there are some years where it doesn’t get THAT cold. My point is that in Florida, May (or almost any other month) could have perfect pool weather. As for the lockdown... just google “large crowds Florida beach Memorial Day weekend” you’ll see plenty of stories of ppl attending huge events where teenage relatives would have been wearing bikinis!
    That being said, it’s STILL a utter BS! As (probably) the only person reading this who actually used to be a 14 y/o girl, my first thought would be why would a girl who was so horrified (and angry) that he was reaching for her undies, that she flung open the door and yelled “who is that”, suddenly be so cool with it that she exposed herself to him, and even penetrated herself in plain view of at least 10 other family members? So she absolutely did NOT want him touching her undies, but she was okay with fingering herself, in front of him... at a public pool... with her entire family able to see with just the turn of the head??? Also, it was nice of him to let us all know that he is so sexually inadequate that not only does he prematurely ejac-u-late, but he does it without even being touched? Jeez, imagine if I actually touched the damn thing? As a young single woman in this already crazy dating world, it sure is nice of a guy to alert me to avoid him like the Rona-virus!

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