ED the warehouse man

There once was a warehouse man named ED.
Who use to eat anything he was feed.
He sat on a shelf as he ate himself
and his a** h*** went to his head !!!!

Wasn't that GRAND!!



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  • Rat S H IT, bat S H I T, S U C K your mommas T I T , C O C K S U C K M U T H A F****** eat a bag of S H I T. My poem of the day to you sir and many a happy one to ya. Sign the unknown poet. Or you can call me E.J.

  • Not really no.
    For me you ruined it by spelling Ed as ED (No need for double capitals) , and then you messed up the rhyme by writing feed instead of fed.
    And the last sentence didn't really flow well.

  • There was a ass hole like OP who use to p*** on people died a horrible death

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