Older Women

Lately, I have found myself attracted to older women, 30s to late 40s. Two incidents stand out the most. At my old job downtown, there was a girl named Sara, I think she was 36. She was my supervisor and by traditional standards she wasn't much to look at, yet I found her incredibly attractive. She was a little plump in the right places and had a fairly tired demeanor towards her job. Usually complaining about it, she had fat b****** and everything about her just hit the right spot.

The second time was at my job in Idaho, I was in training with this girl named Holly. She was in her 40s, a former teacher you could really tell in the way she acted. She was absolutely beautiful to me, I regularly fantasized about eating her out until her legs would shake then finishing off inside her. The only thing that really stopped me from making advancements was fear of possible work intervention, otherwise I would be all over her. I usually see older women often at my job and the temptation to show them a good time is always on my mind.

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  • Nothing wrong with older p****. Just means they know how to f*** instead of laying there like a dead f***.

  • I am 42 and get the 60 plus year olds

  • I am f****** an older woman right now. I was looking for a summer job and responded to a single woman who wanted yard work done. I told her how pretty she looked this one day. I joked that I was dirty from mowing her yard. She asked if I wanted to take a shower. She got in the shower with me and we f*****. Now we are f****** all the time.

  • Do not hold back. You will be surprised at how many older women are open to having a one night stand or even a regular affair with a younger man. By mid 30's they become scared they are getting old. Meanwhile their husbands have taken a disinterest after having s** with the same person for years. As a result, the woman becomes even more depressed thinking her life is over. All it takes is for some young man to come along and sweet talk her by telling her she beautiful and sexy. Next thing you know you'll be in the backseat of her car or in some hotel room where she's riding you like a wild stallion. Some will come back, while other may say it was a mistake. Even if they say it was a mistake, some of them will return again and again.

  • Totally agree as young guys are always flirting with my wife of 46 years of age. Many have tried to get her to go to happy hours.
    There have been times when I feel she has made excuses to go out with her friends only to meet one of them. Usually the s** between us has come to a complete halt. The new clothes are a dead give away.
    I’m partially to blame as I urge her during s** to talk about which one she would do.
    Can’t blame sexy older women as you stated

  • Milf are hot.

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