Wife's allnighter

It was the monthly girls Friday night out. Sara had only two outfits she usually wore. The loose black top with sequins and the matching short skirt. To make a long story short she needed to be home no later than 3am. As I was asleep I heard a car pull up with loud music. And out the car got off 2 young black guys. Then they reached back in the car and Sara was getting dropped off by these 4 guys whom I never seen before. They helped her to the front door and quickly left. I looked at my watch and it was nearly 7am. I was now p***** because i realized what had just happend. When I took her inside she made it only to the couch. An theres where I noticed she had no panties or bra on. Feeling a little angry and jealous i dicided not to say anything. But the best for those black guys were they kept dumping their loads on her skirt. It was so noticeable.

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  • My wife was sleeping around,but I don't mind because she always came home. I let her take the men home. She knew I liked it up my ass and I got f***** also. Our s** life was great. I am Gay now and love getting it. I even service people's h**** dogs,people love to watch and record it.

  • Well I dont know if I could let this go on again, but i can just imagen how the pleased her. Ever since then shes been a happy different person.

  • How did their c** taste?

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