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I bought my wife a skirt and top the skirt was quite short but my wife has got great legs so she can getaway with wearing it , She tried the top on but her bra was showing , Apparently you can get a special bra for this type of top . So I said try it on with no bra so she did her boobs looked fantastic , My wife could easily go bra less her tits look great . But my wife said she would wear the skirt
but not the top without a bra I said you look fantastic , She also had her high heel shoes on she looked really hot . When the hot whether came we went out for the day I asked her to wear it then , She compromised she wore the skirt and shoes not the top thou . So I said will take it with us just in case , We had a really nice day on the way back I said will find a pub and have a drink and some food . We spotted a sign for a pub which served food the pub was set in a woodland area looked nice , I stopped the car and asked my wife to put her top on without a bra , She said just this once only because I'm hungry . We entered the pub their was only 7 punters in the pub so it was quiet , We had are food it was nice . My wife went to use the ladies room she had to pass the pool table , I noticed the 2 guys playing pool stopped and staired at my wife and said something to her . When she came back I asked her what they had said , My wife said don't say a thing please but they said nice tits . Has we got up to leave they struck up a conversation with us asked us to play doubles with them, So I said ok one game , Has we was playing every time my wife took a shot they was looking down her top ,The other 5 guys all wandered over to watch . I was walking around the table when my wife was taking her shots so I could see what they could see , They one the first game we won the second so it was the decider . This time when my wife bent over the table to take a shot 2 of them knelt down to look up her skirt the others was looking down her top . We lost the game has we was leaving they said come back again soon , We got back into the car when I realised I forgot my sunglasses so i popped back to the pub . Has I approached the door I could here them all talking , They was saying they could see her nipples down her top also her tiny knickers was right up her crutch they could see her lips , Then they said if she comes back again they will all F - - - her on the pool table . I forgot my glasses got in the car and drove away , On the way back my wife said her new knickers are uncomfortable she feels like she his grotting herself ? Should I go back knowing what they said ?

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