Not quite what I had in mind.

My best friend Mel and I went out last night and came back to my place, My mom and step dad were away for the weekend and we had gotten a little tipsy...Ok...A lot tipsy, I knew she had always had a thing for my step brother who is the same age as us but goes to a different school. When we got home we went to my room and were having a little "Girl talk" session, She was hinting about him and I told her about the time I walked in on him and that he is hung, Yeah like hung, I only got a half a peek at it but I could tell so I texted him knowing he was in his room, I told him to come to my room and he did.
Me and her were laying on the bed and he was sitting up against the wall on the floor, Mel was flirting and he was flirting back, I said "Sooooo...I told Mel about the time I walked in on you and she is super interested", He got a bit shy and me and Mel laughed, I said "You should show her", He said "Get out of here" and Mel said "I'll show you mine if you show me yours", Mel has big b****, Has had since like grade 8, All the guys always try to look down her shirt or grab at them and she used to be embarrassed of them but now she has decided to just own the fact that they are what they are.
Derek looked at Mel and then at me, You could tell he was having a bit of an internal struggle with whether or not to go for it, Mel squeezed her b**** together and jiggled them and Derek undid his pants, He pulled them down and you could see through his underwear that he had a semi, He had on boxer briefs and they didn't leave much to the imagination. Mel took off her bra and slipped it out the bottom of her shirt letting her nips show through, Mel claims she is fully caucasian but she has a bronze tint to her skin which is kind of weird because both her parents are white, Her mom is blonde and neither of them has darker skin but whatevs.
Derek looked at me and Said "Are you staying?", I said "F*** yeah", Mel was sitting on the edge of my bed and I was laying on my stomach, Derek started pulling his underwear down and slowly teasing Mel, He got about half way and stopped, You could already see how thick his shaft is, It doesn't look like any I have seen, It is of course thick but there is a thick vein along the top, Big purple head and perfectly straight, The only others I have seen all had foreskin and turned one way or the other but his is much nicer without foreskin and perfectly straight with big wrinkly b**** hanging down, I looked up at Mel, She pulled her shirt up a bit showing some underboob and Derek looked at me then at Mel and kept going. Derek had his underwear right at the tip of his p**** and both me and Mel were just staring intently as he went the extra and it stood straight out with his big purple head pointing right at Mel.
Me and Mel stared and Derek said "Ahem...Your turn", Mel is not usually shy but she was taking her time, She paused with her b**** just about to drop, She waited a second or two and then let them fall, I have seen them lots and they are impressive for sure, Big, Round and firm with small nips in relation to the size of her b**** but still her nips are probably twice the size of mine, They were rock hard, Wrinkly and bumpy and she had goose bumps. Derek said "Holy s***" and she giggled making them jiggle, I was looking back and forth between the two of them and it was like time was standing still as they stared at each other.
I stood up and went behind Derek, I slowly pushed him toward Mel and she leaned back a bit looking at me, I said "Oh come on, It's right there, You're not going to tell me you don't want to touch it", Mel swallowed hard and then took a deep breath and reached out as she let it out, She put one hand under his b**** and wrapped the other hand around his shaft, I looked down at her hand and we both stared, I took Derek's hands and put them on Mel's b**** and it was on. Derek was groping Mel and Mel was stroking Derek, I may have gotten a bit carried away but after watching for a minute I walked up, Pushed Mel back on the bed and she didn't even resist.
I have never been as forward as I was being but I couldn't stop myself, I laid across Mel's stomach, Pulled her skirt up tucking it under myself and pulled her thong to the side, Derek stepped closer and I reached out grabbing his shaft and when I did my mind was lost, I completely lost all inhibitions and just went for it, I had Derek in my left hand, I reached around Mel's leg and up under her bum, With my fingers I spread her...Lips and then leaned in and put a big drop of spit on Mel's p****. Derek leaned over me and put on hand on the bed and I rubbed his tip against Mel's lips, Mel moaned "Oh god", I kept rubbing him against her and she spread her legs, He started to slide in and she started moaning.
I have never even been in the same room with someone else who was having s** so this was totally crazy for me but I couldn't stop myself, I couldn't believe I was right there inches away watching as he slid into her, It was crazy and hot and wild and the sight of it when he started working in and out of her was soooo hot, She was moaning "Hmmmm...Hmmmmm...Oh s*** that's big", Every time he pulled out and pushed back in I could watch her p**** stretching, Each time he pushed in he went a little deeper, I put my hand around the base of his shaft so he didn't go too deep and each time he would press my fist against Mel's p****.
Derek started running his hand through my hair and then pushed my face down to her p****, I found her c*** right away and obviously I know what I like so I put my lips right over it and sucked it, Mel was trying to lift her hips but I was laying on her and then I felt her shove her hand down the back of my pants, She fumbled around and I spread my legs as she shoved what felt like two fingers in me, I lifted my head and moaned, Derek shoved my head back down and I moaned as i sucked on Mel's c***.
Derek pulled out and we all jumped around, Pretty much ripped all of our clothes off and Derek pushed Mel back on the bed, She spread her legs and he slid his d*** in her, I laid beside Mel and sucked on her nips while Derek f***** her, Mel started coming and wrapped her legs around Derek's waist pulling him into her as she pretty much screamed, When she finished coming she whispered "Stop, Stop, Stop" and pushed him back. Derek was obviously not done and tried to put it back in, Mel stopped him and said "Stop...I can't" She was breathing heavy and moaning "Oh god, I think I'm broken".
Derek didn't even hesitate, he pushed me back and shoved his face between my legs, I panicked and said "Oh...Whoa I don't think we should", Derek put two fingers in my mouth and I started sucking them as he licked me, He got up and rubbed his tip on my c*** a couple times and then as he started putting it in me I started making this weird involuntary noise, and Mel started laughing which made me laugh and then Derek laughed, Mel was still breathing heavy and got on her hands and knees leaning over my pelvis, She spread my lips and Derek slid in, I don't know how Mel was able to take it all because I was looking down watching him and he got as deep as he could and I was like "Whoa, what the..." and stopped him, I have heard of (Hitting bottom) but have never experienced it until then.
Derek put weight on me and whatever he was pressing on was my r***** button, Every time he would pull back just an inch or two and then push into me he would hit it and my eyes would roll back and I would grunt, I even drooled for f*** sakes, I couldn't tell if it felt good or hurt but he pressed into me and held it there and I came, I don't even know what happened, I just went inside my own head and completely forgot about everything, I don't know if I blacked out for a second or what but I don't remember the o*****, I just remember the wet spot after and my whole body was so tense I was sore after, I knew what Mel meant by thinking she was broken.
Derek pulled out and Mel was on her hands and knees still leaning over me, She was stroking and sucking Derek and I slithered out from under Mel, Got on my hands and knees beside her and we did a tandem BJ, Derek had one hand on each of our heads and then Mel rolled onto her back, I got on top of her and I sucked his d*** while she sucked his b****. Derek started coming and it was more than I could handle, I couldn't keep up and pulled back, He shoved his d*** in Mel's mouth and grabbed her b****, she was swallowing and he must have went to deep because she gagged and he pulled out of her mouth, I watched as he shot his last load on her b**** and then she put it back in her mouth while I rubbed his load around on her skin.
Afterward we all got into bed and covered up, Derek laid on his back and me and Mel snuggled up to him. I woke up still snuggled up to his chest with Mel snuggled up on the other side, I looked up and Derek smiled down at me, I reached over and pinched Mel's nipple and she opened her eyes, She moaned and smiled and next thing I knew we were going again. Derek pounded both of us, I watched him and Mel, Mel watched me and Derek, I held Mel's b**** while Derek f***** them and then I swallowed his load when he came, We spent the whole morning just f****** and sucking and eventually me and Mel hooked up (Full on).
Around lunch Mel said she had to go home for a bit but she said she is going to stay over tonight, We have to be careful though, I don't know what time my mom and step dad will be home tomorrow.


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  • That was 1 hot f****** story got my shaft hard as a rock

  • Well written.

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