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So, Not my shining moment but I spied on my sister and her husband, It was not planned and I didn't think I would ever watch if it did happen but...My sister and her husband came to stay at my place that I rent which is small but I have a spare room downstairs they were staying in for a family wedding the next day. My sister is 12 years older than me and just turned 31 a few months ago, Her husband I think is 44 this year.
Anyway I had to run out to the garage and get something out of my car, I didn't notice on the way to the garage because my back was to the house but on the way back I noticed that the light was on in the downstairs room and the blinds were open. I tried, I really did, I tried to just walk past and not look but then...I looked, Normally a mid 40's guy wouldn't interest me but...Hey, it's been a while and I looked at the windown and he was standing in just his boxer briefs which did not hide the fact he had a, lets call it a bulge.
I looked away and remember thinking "Steph, Just walk away, If you see it, You can't unsee your brother in laws pen!s" but my stupid brain and my body were not having the same discussion, My brain said "Go inside", My feet said "Nah, Let's hang out here for a bit"...Frickin feet, My sister came from the bathroom into the bedroom and WHOA, She closed the door, He kicked off his underwear and holy geezus, I was married so it is not the first one I have seen but it was a few firsts for me. Number one, He is cut which I had never even really questioned before but yeah, No fore skin at all and I actually kind of liked the way it looked, I was with my ex since highschool so he was my only guy I had been with and he had an...Over abundance of fore skin, I don't even know why he had so much but even hard I had to pull it back. Number two, It's big, ya, ya I know everyone on here says that but it was, I was nothing less than fully impressed. Number three, Actually seeing someone swallow in real life, I don't know any of my friends who do.
My sister was sitting on the edge of the bed and I could see that he was trying to talk her into something and she was shooing him away, I knew that move, I had done it a hundred times. He stepped right up in front of her, Grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back. At first I was was like "Whoa, Hey now" but there was something about the look on her face that made me think she was not quite as opposed to it as she was a few minutes ago. He said something to her and she nodded her head so he let go of her hair and grabbed her...Nips through her shirt, She winced in pain and it looked like he was pulling them pretty hard, She reached out with both hands and grabbed his shaft so he let go of them, She slid off the bed onto the floor and I was like "Ok, Time to go", I turned away but just couldn't frickin do it, I turned back and holy moly.
Ok, Blah, Blah, Blah long story short I stood there like a weirdo and spied on them from my deck and watched her suck her husband off then went to bed feeling very weird about the fact I had watched and felt kinda guilty about it but I did. So next morning was slightly awkward but super hectic with both of us getting ready in my room and him getting ready downstairs. My house was renovated and is kinda awkwardly done but it was done that way to make an ensuite and small walk in closet off my room. He came, knocked on the door and my sister went to the door, He came into the room and I was in the bathroom, The door was closed most of the way, He came in and they were talking, I was getting ready and dropped my housecoat, and was bent over, I looked up in the mirror and she had her back to him as he was putting on her necklace but I caught him looking at me in nothing but my thong so I stepped away to where he couldn't see me.
The wedding was a PARTY, Holy it was fun, probably best wedding I have ever been to, We all shared a ride home and it's probably a good thing they were staying at my house because if not I think I may have ended up going home with the grooms brother but that's a whole different situation. So we go home and we are all pretty twisted but anyway they stumble off downstairs and I stumble off to my room, I change into my usual booty shorts and tank top attire but then decide I need a glass of water so I go to the kitchen, My brother in law is sitting at the counter in my tiny kitchen and I was gonna turn around but then I look at him and he is dozing off.
I thought for a minute and decided he was probably drunk enought that I didn't need to worry too much so I strolled into the kitchen, Looked at him and he didn't even look at me, He was just staring off into space doing the head bob, I said his name and he just looked at me with one eye and then rested his head on his hand. I was gonna just grab my drink and go back to bed but then he said "What?", I giggled and said "Bit of a delayed reaction?", He just nodded and I said "You should go to bed", He took a deep breath and nodded his head then looked at me, He was way drunk and closed his eyes tight, Rubbed them and then opened them and looked at me.
He seemed to be thinking and I said "What?", He shook his head and then scratched his forehead and said "I can see your t***", I looked down and actually was kinda surprised, My nips were rock hard lol, Must have been a little chilly, I said "yeah well, I figured you already seen more than that this morning so....", He scoffed and said "Oh, Yeah, Um..." so I scoffed back. I was about to walk away again and he said "Steph", I said "Yeah", He said "I can see your ass too", I looked back over my shoulder and said "Yeah probably". I looked at him and he was staring at my bum so I said "You should stop checking out your sister in law and go to bed", He nodded his head and just sat there so I walked back to the counter and he stared at my chest, I said his name and said "Seriously, Go to bed and stop checking me out", He nodded his head and said "You have great t***", I said "stop", He said "Mel used to have nice t***", I said "Well, She did feed your two babies from them" and he said "Hmmm, Yeah".
I was about to walk away when he said "Did you know...Meh, Nevermind", I said "Now what?", He said "Did Mel ever tell you she cheated on me?". Ok, Yeah now he had my attention, I said "What?, Really?", He nodded his head and I said "Oh s***, I did not know that", He said "Yeah, like 4 years ago when she was here visiting you...with Mark's brother", My feelers stood up and I got a shiver causing all my arm hairs to stand up, Mark was the groom, Yeah, I almost went home with the guy my sister had an affair with 4 years earlier. so needless to say I was intrigued, I walked around the counter and sat down, He was quite willing to tell me about it and apparently he had intercepted some messages and one told her to check her email, He ofcourse did so first and then he said he marked it as unread but it was a video.
I said "I am so sorry", He said "Ha, yeah so I watched it like 20 times, she did a whole str!ptease and then sucked his d!ck and he fu@ked her on his couch and came in her mouth", I must have been wide eyed because he said "Oh sorry...That's kinda graphic...But I didn't kiss her for a month", I said "So, He was obviously there tonight", He said "Yeah, I know, and now we are fighting because I told her she should go fu@k him again", I cringed and he said "I know, I know", He said "Well, That's my story...I should go to bed", He stood up and I stood up, He was wearing these silky shorts that didn't hide the fact he had an 3rection and he weirdly came in for a hug. I was like Oh s*** and did a lean in sort of thing but then he pulled me in close and it was up against my leg and pelvis, I gave him a hug back and he was weirdly rubbing my back then slid his hand down and cupped my bum, I was like "Whoa there sparky, Not ok but I had my phone in one hand and my drink in the other so I was trying to move his hand but it wasn't working great so I pushed away a bit and he pulled my tank down with the other hand and cupped my b00b, It all happened so fast I was trying to set my drink down and not drop my phone, So I set my drink down and said "Darrell...Stop", He stepped back and said "Sorry, I thought we were...Having a moment", I said "yeah, Not a groping your sister in law moment", He said "Sorry but Steph...That's a fu@king great pair of t!ts".
I got myself all readjusted and said "Darrell...Bed...Now", He smiled and said "Yours?", I said "Not on your life", I had to squeeze past him to get to my room and as I did he ran his hand over my bum and squeezed it, I turned and said "Not ok", He leaned back against the counter and pulled his shorts down and I just put my head down, He said "Just hear me out", I looked at him and he said "If, Just if, you change your mind", I said I won't" and he said "If you do...I would love to give you this" holding his c***, I looked down at it and said "You know what?", He interrupted and said "Have you ever had a d!ck this big?", I said "No, But that's not the point, You are married to my sister and it will never happen.
I stormed off to my room and closed the door, I don't know what he did but when we all got up he cornered me and apologized while my sister was in the shower, it was the weirdest apology ever, "So Steph...Uh...Sorry about last night, Well this morning...I don't know what came over me", I tried to just avoid it and said "Let's just pretend it didn't happen, He went on to tell me how he couldn't resist my beautiful t!ts and my great a$$ and that he had seen me earlier changing and how beautiful my b**** were (About 12 times) and how amazing my body was, I was like Oh my god just stop talking.
They left that afternoon and I don't know how I will ever look him in the eye again.

Aug 30, 2021

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  • I use to go over to my sil when our kids were young so they could play together. Anyway one day one of her children hurt her foot and Sil leaned over to check out the foot, I was standing there looking down as sil was leaning and realized she did not have a bra on and I could see both of her b****** and WOW did they look inviting. I was in heaven and was hoping it would last longer. The greatest thing was the the dress sil had on was very loose on her and that is when I realized that as she raised up just a little I could see her nicely trimmed hair down below! Later on I think she knew that I was looking but that is another story!!

  • My brother in law used to try and peek at me all the time, I used to catch him constantly trying to look up my dress or skirt or down my shirt so one day when I knew he was around I left my door open while changing, I can't say 100% that he saw me but when I went to the living room he had a b**** so....

  • I caught my BIL spying on me one time and continued changing, It was pretty hot and kinda still is knowing that every time he sees me he is picturing what he saw that day.

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