So weird

I stayed over at my best friend Melanie's last night, I was in the basement and Melanie went upstairs while facetiming her boyfriend, Her cousin was staying with them for a week while he is in town looking for work and he came in and sat down. Mel's cousin is super hot, Bald, Muscly and tatted up but is 5 years older than me, He asked where Mel was and then started very obviously flirting with me.
I have a weakness for tattoos and he drives me crazy, I have met him a few times and Mel seemed to be taking forever and her cousin had his arm around me then whispered in my ear "Suck my d***", A super crazy unexpected shudder went through my body and before I could even stop to think I had my hand in his pants, I grabbed him and HOLY, He is way bigger than what I had been expecting, I've only had one before and it was not like that, He wasn't super thick on the main part but long and had a big k*** on it, I unbuttoned his pants and pulled it out and was truly shocked at how big it is, Mel had told me one time that she had seen it when he was changing and it was big but I never would have guessed.
I could barely get my mouth around the tip of it but I did manage to get a rhythm going, He lifted his hips and I only broke my lip lock long enough for him to slide his pants to his ankles, I had completely forgotten about Mel and was so into it that she walked right up on us and stood there, I didn't even notice her until she cleared her throat and then I sat up and said "Oh god Mel, I am so sorry, I'm sorry", Mel laughed and said "No, Keep going". He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed my head into his lap, I started sucking him but watching Mel and she stood there watching, He said something to her but I don't remember what and then she laughed and stood there watching me suck him, I was too into what I was doing to pay her any attention until she knelt down in front of him and ran her fingers through my hair flipping it to the other side so she could see what I was doing which weirded me out but there was no way I was stopping.
I was watching Mel and she was locked onto my lips watching me, He undid my bra and he said to Mel "Give me your hand", Mel reached up and he took her hand and slid it under my shirt and under my bra, I watched Mel as she gulped and I could feel her hand was shaky, Mel started touching my nips and rolling them and stuff and then he pulled my shirt up over my head and tossed it on the floor, He leaned forward and grabbed Mel's head pulling it to my chest and she started sucking my nips, Mel was breathing hard and fast and just the way she was positioned in front of me I could see she had her hand in her pants.
Mel leaned in and watched me and had her face only a couple inches from mine when he said "Kiss her here" and touched my neck, Mel did, He said "Here" and touched my ear lobe, Mel did then he said "Here" and touched my cheek and Mel did, It was crazy, I had his huge k*** pressed to my cheek and Mel was kissing it through my cheek, Her cousins d***, through my cheek. Anyway I kept going and he pushed my head back letting it pop out of my lips and he instructed me and Mel to kiss which we of course did, While we were kissing he pulled Mel's shirt off and tossed it on top of mine, Me and Mel were kissing and touching each other while he stood up and stripped right down, He stepped up to me and Mel leaned back as he shoved it in my mouth and she stayed just inches away watching me and touching me.
Mel moved around behind me and was cupping my b**** and rolling my nips while she kissed my neck and cheek, He kept shoving it deep in my mouth and I think he was trying to make me gag which was making me pull back and then Mel put my hair back in an elastic. He stood me up and took me to his room and Mel came too, He laid me on my back and got on his knees over my face, I sucked his b**** and he was jerking as I did, I felt my pants come off and didn't even care. I felt Mel running her hands up and down my legs and he was whispering stuff to her but I couldn't hear what.
I could feel him touching me and spreading my "Other" lips and then with him leaning over me I could still feel Mel's hands on my inner thighs and felt her hair on my legs as she leaned in then felt her start licking me, I could tell that he was telling her what to do as he watched her lick me and I sucked him.
I was totally in dream land and had completely lost any thoughts about the obvious weird situation going on between Mel and him and when he turned around and knelt between my legs Mel laid down beside me, Mel reached down and spread my lips as he started sliding his d*** into me and it felt GREAT, Once he was in me Mel and I started kissing and touching again and she got on her knees putting one of her nips in my mouth then shuffled forward kneeling over my face and squatted down, I totally went for it and she was grinding on my face as I held her hips and licked her.
Mel started shaking and she totally came, I could tell and then she flopped down on the bed beside me, He was pounding me hard and I had my first O from s** and then he pulled out, Knelt over my stomach and Mel surprised me by grabbing his shaft and stroking it hard and fast as he started coming, He kept twitching and coming all over my b**** and chest and neck, Mel held his b**** and massaged them as he rubbed his k*** on my nips and then he leaned over my face and Mel held his shaft with two fingers guiding him into my mouth, He came a little more and as I swallowed Mel rubbed his come all over my b**** and she licked my nips with his come on them, Afterward me and Mel were positioned face to face and laid there kissing for a bit and rubbing our bodies together with his come all over our chests.
After a minute or two he told us to go shower and he watched us shower each other as we put on a bit of a show for him then when we were done he took us back to the bedroom and pounded me on the bed again while Mel knelt beside my face rubbing herself until we all got off once more and then he changed and basically kicked me and Mel out of his room, We went back to Mel's room and laid there together talking and giggling all night, I promised not to tell anyone what happened since she is obviously scared of anyone finding out about what she did with her cousin, It was a totally weird night and I don't really know how I feel about some of what she did but that's on her not me...Well it was on me but you know what I mean.

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  • Sounds like Easter 2015. Bunch of new cousins and nieces about the place! Between 2-8, very fun party. I'm the only one who doesn't drink at these events though, so I have to find enjoyment other ways. I like to watch my nieces and daughter swim, I take photos of their perfect little bodies. Non nude, but good keepsakes. The camera works well for other things my daughter and a few cousins like to do together at night. We go out to the barn and play hide and seek for a few hours together.

  • My cousin sucks her boyfriend off in front of me all the time, We are the same age and hang out together, I am pretty sure it's him who wants her to do it but she doesn't shy away.

  • I had a similar experience but different, My cousin gave my best friend head while I sat right beside her, She had her top off and has big b**** so obviously I played with them, He stood in front of her and when he came she swallowed then asked if I wanted a b******* so I said yes and my friend and I switched places and now they are dating.

  • There’s this page called literotica. It would be much better suited for this type of story lol

  • Seriously why bother writing this tripe😞 we are all so bored of this type of post.
    Its all bull, and we're so over it.

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