I Want To Die

So just cant take this anymore. I want to speak to someone but Im not confident enough, like, what if im over reacting? I feel like a f****** s*** show. Suddebly, here I f****** am, venting on an anonymous confession site, what has life come to? F****** h***

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  • I’m available if you wanna talk. Just reply to this comment so that I will know.

  • Hey,I'm still here. Still hating myself and life

  • Guess they gave up on you. Take up cutting. Go for depth, none of that wussy superficial scratching so you can look tragic.

  • Me too... idk what I'm still alive for

  • To repeat yourself, apparently

  • Me too... idk what I'm still alive for.

  • How old are you? If you’re still young there are resources everywhere. Try kids help phone. No risk. If you’re an adult with poor health insurance then...you’re f*****.

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