So weird and so hot

The other night I was out in the back yard just heading to the house from the garage, My wife's younger sister had come to visit and was staying in the spare room downstairs. As I approached the house I could see her light was on and honestly I would have never even thought to look into the window but as I walked up I noticed her walk by the window out of the corner of my eye and looked over noticing she was...t0pless.
I have never had any thoughts about my wife's sister in a dirty way probably because I have known her since she was 10, I went to school with my wife and she is 3 years younger than me, I went away to college and when I came back I met up with her in a club one night, I knew who she was but in school she was too young for me but at 24 she was 21 and we instantly hit it off, Anyway I knew both her and her sister in school because one of my friends was her cousin and they were both sometimes around just for whatever reason.
After my wife and I were married her sister stayed with us for a while in grade 10 after my wife's parents were divorced and she hated both of them but eventually she went away to college and my wife and I started our family, Whatever, Now I am rambling. So anyway I walked past and glanced over catching a glimpse of her t0pless from behind, I thought for a second then stopped and stepped back, she was standing at the bed with her back to the window wearing just some shorts. My wife short, Sexy and small chested, Her sister is short and quite large chested, She started growing b**** when she was about 14 and they just really never stopped until she was in her 20's and is easily a DD now which she doesn't flaunt but isn't embarrassed about either dressing conservatively but almost always showing a little cle@vage.
Having never been with a large chested woman I was obviously a little intrigued and knowing my wife was in bed reading and would not be expecting me anytime soon I knew she wouldn't be looking for me, I stood on the deck and could see right down into the spare room, My wife's sister picked up her shirt and I thought she was going to put it on with her back still to the window but instead she picked up her top, Folded it and laid it on the night table and str!pped off her shorts and hopped up on the bed, I couldn't help myself and leaned on the railing watching down into the window.
My wife's sister didn't waste any time and sitting up against the headboard flopped her knees open, Had the soles of her feet together and looked down as she slid her hand down between her legs, I couldn't decide where to look first, She has a pretty face, Long, Dark hair, Blue eyes, Her b**** are big and round with Big, Bumpy, Pink areola and big n!pples, Flat stomach, bald v@gina, Nice legs and she has always had cute feet.
She started by spreading her nice, Pink lips and right away pulled them back finding her little cl!t, she licked her fingers and went straight to rubbing it, She had one hand between her legs rubbing her cl!t and massaged one of her big b**** then the other pinching, Pulling and twisting her n!pples, She was grinding her hips on her own hand and I moved standing right outside the window. She was obviously enjoying herself and was looking like she was getting quite worked up then out of the blue rolled over, Got on her hands and knees, Put a pillow under her head and laid her face on it, She reached one hand underneath and started playing with her cl!t again and reached back with the other as far as she could, She slid a finger in her beautiful little v@gina then pulled it out and started tapping and rubbing her little, Pink but hole.
Yeah tapping, She would rub it and then tap it with her finger tip, She arched her back, Tensed up then arched her back the other way and relaxed doing it all again over and over about 5 times before shaking a bit and totally biting her pillow, For real. She put both her hands on the bed and slid her knees down so she was laying flat on her stomach grinding her hips a bit before rolling over and stretching and twisting a bit as her big b**** shook and flopped from side to side then she sat up on the edge of the bed breathing heavy and grabbed her shorts pulling them on then her top and left the room.
I figured she was probably headed to the bathroom to wash her hands, I waited till she returned, Crawled into bed and turned out the lamp, I went inside, Brushed my teeth and crawled into bed, My wife was still awake and out of the blue put her book down, Turned out the light and rolled over snuggling up behind me, It was a strange coincidence since we hadn't had s*x in probably a month and a half but she put her arm around me, Reached right into my underwear and grabbed my b0ner saying "Oh...Hello", I rolled over to face her and said "really?", She shrugged and said "Maybe a bit too much wine works in your favor, You don't seem like you would mind".
A good night for all involved I would say :)

Jun 4, 2019

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