Trying to be the man

I am trying to be the man for her but she doesn't seem to want me to be one. Where she found ** that look like boxer briefs... I don't know. That's what I wear now to pass for boy underwear. There not though. Cotton panel in the **. She pouts if I buy regular underwear.

At night she likes me in a nightgown and lacy **. I used to argue about it but I can't win. Our ** life is good. Normal, physically. But she sometimes likes to use toys on me. It's immasculating. I'm wearing a remote control egg right now.

My best friend (bf) is with us a lot. He knows all about the way she treats me. he knows about the gowns and the ** because she told him. He's actually seen me in them. He's cool about it. Actually as a joke he bought me some for my birthday. She teases me about it. None of what she says is true. I just do it to keep her happy.

She actually makes me bring the nighties and frilly ** when we go deer hunting. We share his travel trailer. I wear the gowns now after the first time. He told her I didn't. Not good. i wear what she picks out now and I've been called "camp **" ever since when we go. He's just teasing though. He says, and I agree, if this is her only real quirk, I've got it made.

Before you start... No she isn't cheating on me. We have ** like a regular couple it's just that most of the time at night when we do it, I'm wearing a nightgown and **. And no! I'm not having ** with my bf even at the deer camp. The closest we get to weird ** is when she uses toys on me. I feel so gay when she makes me lose control like that. Very intense I admit I sometimes I have asked for it. It's embarrassing especially when she tells my bf i beg for it.

Anyway, when I try to put my foot down, be the man, I get shot down. Everytime. when something needs doing that needs a man's touch, she says to wait until Byron shows up... he can do it. If she's trying to figure something out she ignores me and get him to explain it. Stuff about cars, house maintenance, etc... The only thing I'm jealous about him is that he gets to drive a truck. I had a three year old truck and was thinking about a new one when his truck conked out. We loaned him mine and my wife would drop me at work. For an entire month. Before I knew it, I was driving a Volkswagen beetle convertible and he had my truck. I pitched a fit! She said to stop it that she was being nice to me because we'd always talked about having a convertible. I wanted a vette! Not a girl car. And that Byron needed the truck more than me because of all the man things he did for us around the house. I said that's because you won't let me! It was late when we were arguing about it. She wanted us to go for a ride and cool off. I started to change and she said not to because she want easy access. Eventually i conceded and she rubbed me to completion while driving around. So, I'm still in the beetle. And Byron does come with the truck when we need something.

This just kind of rambled on. Sorry for the stream of consciousness.

Next Confession

Viva Las Vegas.

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  • So Byron has two girlfriends now, big deal. What's your point?

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