Cheated with the Preacher

My husband and I have been going through a rough patch. I wanted to go to talk with our pastor. My husband said no he didn't want to talk with anyone but I could. So I started going to see our pastor. Brother Knight is a wonderful caring man. He listened to me and helped me to understand what I need to do to safe my marriage. Then on one of the visits after a terrible horrible fight with my husband I was crying and feeling so down.

The pastor, Brother Knight held my hand and he comforted me. The next thing I knew we ended up holding each other and we kissed. I knew I shouldn't be doing this but I just didn't care. Brother Knight put me on his desk and then he raised my dress. I undid the zipper on his pants and we made love on top of his desk. Afterwards we prayed for forgiveness and we left at the same time.

Brother knight started to come and see me at home after my husband left for work. I made him a big breakfast and afterwards we went up to the bedroom and we made love. He is so kind and gentle with me. He's a marvelous lover. Kind and considerate, and above all he listens to me. I know that I'm not suppose to be doing this. But Brother Knight prays for our salvation and I feel good afterwards. He's helping me to save my marriage by being the man I need now until my husband can change and take over. God bless Brother Knight. I love you pastor.

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  • As a member of the clergy, I know first hand of such instances. Many wives in conflict transfer their desires to their preacher. The preacher must be strong enough to resist.

  • Lets see you resist when I raise my dress and you see my bald b***** and bare ass. I think you'd fold like a cheap suit and your hands would be all over my body.

  • No chance would a preacher have s** with you like that!!!

  • Really? You are too stupid. My pastor and I have been f****** for 3 years and I'm a guy.

  • Yeah if he did anything it would just be the missionary position.

  • Brother Knight, lol that's funny as h***. Oh yes Brother Knight give it to me. Do you repent? Oh yes Brother Knight. Then call out Jesus name. Oh Jesus! Yes Jesus! Hallelujah Jesus! Brother Knight is cuming in me again. Yeah! Sweet Jesus! Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Give it to me Lord!

  • I can't believe people believe this stupid s***. But then again there are like 22 comments about a 11 year old wanting to wear smaller panties and all these stupid people are commenting like it's not some old guy with a panty fetish. Get real people 99 % of this s*** is just that. S***!

  • I sent away to become a mail order preacher. When he's done hosing you let me know I will come take over.

  • I knew I should have went to seminary school. S***!

  • He is indeed salvaging your sexual life. This is great deed for him - a charity in christian way. Continue as long as you can. This might turn you hubby back to right path.

  • Hahahaha!

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