Fun with Margie

Margie is my best friend. We were college roommates and we had lots of crazy fun times together. She and I did some outlandish stuff. She was more of a follower . But only took a little prodding to get her going. There is just like way to much tell you about all the fun and wild crazy things we did. But here are some for you. Hope this gives you some insight into our twisted fun world.

We crashed a wedding reception driving to go out to lunch one Saturday afternoon. We ate all the horderves, drank from the open bar and even danced with the bride and groom. Margie caught the bouquet. I pinched the groom and his father on the bottom. It was really fun just crashing their reception. We both got pretty drunk. I even danced with some very young guys. Who were just in high school.

Margie and I have even eaten at some of the finest restaurants and found clever ways to cut out on the check. Like one time we both wore black slacks and white button down tops. Then after wining and dining to the tune of about $175 we excused ourselves. I pretended to use the bathroom. Waited for Margie and we proceeded to carry two trays of dirty dished to the kitchen. Then we simply went out the side door that was propped open so the kitchen staff could smoke. We even stopped to bum a cig from several kitchen staff smoking.

Then I had the idea to use a drivers license I found on the ground to test drive a brand new Corvette ZR1 back in 95. The woman on the drivers license looked very similar to me. We had the same eye color, and general height and weight. . She was a bit taller and had red hair. I wore heels and a wig styled like her own hair. We simply walked in to the dealer. Barb got the attention of a salesman while I stood next to a Mercedes 560 SEC coupe. Is it my fault he thought the car was mine.

I showed him a huge bundle of cash that was ten one hundred dollar bills followed by another hundred one dollar bills. I flashed it for just a moment. He asked for my license to make a copy while they put a dealer tag on the car. He was going with me. I just played him winking my eyes and sweet talking him . He said let me ask my manager. With the managers authorization they let us take the car. He was going to take out the power key so it would just be like an ordinary car. I touched him on the hand and asked what it was for and he said to just leave it in the normal mode. He made sure the car was in traction control mode.

I remember that car like yesterday. It was Admiral Blue with a black interior. Sitting with the engine running waiting for traffic. I pushed the button to turn off the traction control and then I switched the power key to full power. Traffic cleared and I put her in first gear and then I gave her some gas. No a great deal of gas and then I dumped the clutch. We were going sideways across two lanes . I saw the salesman running after us. I just kept my foot in it. By third gear we were doing double digits according to the digital speedometer. I took the freeway on ramp. Once on the highway I put the pedal to the floor and after shifting through the gears we were doing about 150 mph. Margie was holding on for dear life. I found a good open straight section and I got her up to about 175 mph. After driving it for about an hour and a half we just ditched the car 28 miles away at a Holiday Inn. I called my brother and he picked us up at a Denny's.

Margie passed away one month ago. I am really missing her so much. We were college roommates and the times we have shared together have been the best. I hope she is having fun where she is. If not she will be once I join her. She was like a sister and much more to me. Love you Marg!


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  • I wish I had a friend like that. All my friends are well P U SSIes LOL

  • This has got to be the most amazing story I ever heard.

  • Tell me why the f*** is this in the s** section? Why?

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