I cheated on my wife and it's killing me.

I met this really cute sexy woman in my daily travels. We ended up spending the day together and then the next day I went to her home. I was just amazed at her place and I felt something for her. She and I sat and just talked for a long time. She knows I have a wife. I told her that I was very unhappy in my marriage. She made me feel really great about myself and was so much fun to be around. Then over several months of doing things together and talking and taking little day trips our relationship progressed.

Then one day we were on her sofa fooling around. She took me by the hand and led me to her basement. There was another bedroom down stairs. There we got undressed and got naked together for the first time. We made love and I was now so in love with her. But I now feel bad. My wife and I are separated but she is still my wife. I plan on getting a divorce. She cheated on me and I just can't get past the betrayal. It was sneaky and underhanded. I hate sneaks. People who lie and sneak around. It really sucks.

I love my new friend so much. She too was hurt by her first husband who is a total Di ck he ad. Anyway I moved in with her and I am loving life again. I shouldn't feel guilty but I do. Not telling my wife anything as she doesn't deserve to know and she would only try and ruin my happiness. She still thinks we can work things out. I told her that I will never get over her betrayal and that it's over.


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  • I know the feeling but my soon to be ex wife was destroying me. I met an old gf and it’s just cosmic. The connection is so strong between us.

  • Your funny!

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