Getting fatter

My gorgeous wife has always been huge. She's been about 410 for about a year or more; She's 5'8". But starting this year she's really been chowing down and has been putting on weight like crazy. Last night, I had her weigh in and she was 446. Wow! And she just didn't care. I on the other hand love it!!!! I mean, if she doesn't care about how fat she is, and I love fat girls, WTF.

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  • You are so lucky. Go on ! My wife is also a gainer, she is 34 years old , 1.80 m tall and over 160 kg’ s . When i met her back in 2008 she was only 90 kg. She has trunk tree legs,huge b****** and double belly, and she is in a wheelchair becuase her left leg is shorter than the right one with 15 cm. She can’t wear a prosthetic because of the weight. But she has an beautiful face and a great soul, and the s*x is great. We look forward to adding another 30-40 kg.

  • My wife is now 581lbs and so sexy

  • My wife is also a gainer and it has been an amazingly, erotic journey for both us watching her pile on more & more weight. she 201kg (442lbs).

  • How big is your wife now?

  • Just happened to check my old thread and noticed your question. About 2 weeks ago she was 467. Since the quarantine, tho, she's been pretty much snacking non-stop. It's funny, now that she's close, she can't wait to get to 500 pounds!

  • Does it turn you on that she wants to get to 500lbs? My wife was 540 but has gained even more weight.

  • My wife is 565 and i love how fat she's gotten. She even likes how fat she's gotten, she loves to eat.

  • I'm the OP. Update: She is now 451. As I write this, she is alternating between See's candies and potato chips and Coke while lying on the couch watching TV.

  • Keep feeding her, see how big she gets.

  • That's it, let her laze about, spoil her and she'll continue to get bigger & bigger.

  • I make sure she doesn't have to do anything. Got a cleaning lady who comes every 2 weeks and a lady who comes and cooks on MWF and Sat.

  • How much fatter do you want her?
    536lb Happy Fatty.

  • I'm happy to let her go until she feels like she should stop. We talked about it and she said she wouldn't mind at least 500!

  • If you both like it, go with it, let her chow down, let her get fatter. I did with my hubby and I'm now 536lbs and a very happy fatty.

  • Glad to hear. Congrats!

  • My wife let herself go as well & said she didn't care how fat she got as long as I loved her, she's now 540lbs.

  • Wow! That's great. Glad to hear it.

  • Keep feeding her, fatten her up more.

  • You know I will.

  • You want her fatter don't you?

  • To the comments of saying 400lbs is jumbo, it's not! My wife has happily eaten herself up to 580lbs, now that's fat & I love every pound of her.

  • Well, my wife is working at it, intentionally or not. I'm happy for the both of you.

  • Good for you man! There is nothing better than a super fat chick that is cool with it and isn't always trying to diet. Here's hoping you have a 500 pounder soon!

  • That is an oxymoron. Cause there are no gorgeous 400+ women. You freak.

  • Rofl
    I'm a ffa with a ssbhm bf but that was just plain funny. The quarantine has really got my chubby chasing side going. The bf was 410 lbs in march and is now over 450 lbs. He went from a 3x to 5x within 2 months. Lack of activity and stress eating is starting to snowball his weight gain.

  • Keep fattening him

  • My next store neighbor Gina is about 5 foot tall she 60 now and must weight 300.

    But I have been having s** with her for 10 years since I was 14. I would do yard work for her.

    One day after I finished, she had just showered and was wearing only her robe. She paid me and said I have a bonus for you come to my bedroom, I went in and she dropped her robe.

    She was fat and her t*** were gigantic. Gina said You can suck my b**** if you want, you can do anything to me you want.

    I said, can I kiss you I never kiss a girl. We started kissing and two minutes later she had me naked on the bed jerking me off.

    I said I'm going to c** then I felt her mouth on my d*** and she swallowed. She kept sucking after I came, and I stayed hard.

    She got on top and f***** me. Taking my virginity.

  • Yes I have to concur with others. She is not fat. She is a jumbo. A whale ass. An elephant or hippo. Fat would be like a few pounds to maybe 40 lbs but 400 is like super huge. Not fat. Sorry but you don't like fat. You like jumbos. I mean like she would have to buy two plane tickets. One for each ass cheek.

  • I'm hooked on fat chicks. My mother was 300 lbs, and bi polar.

    At 13 she started saying I was her husband and I had to sleep in her bed to keep her calm.

    Then when I was 14 she started jerking me at night and climbing on top of me for s**. She was so heavy, but I was a h**** 14 year old and was getting s** almost every day. Mom and I am still at it.

    Now I can only get hard with fat women. I have been also f****** a fat married woman who 55 at work. Her husband has not f***** her in years.

  • You need therapy and to get sterilized and mom needs to go to h*** .asap.

  • My mother was like that also. Mental issues and fat 350lb. From and early age we were always naked together. At 5 she taught me to eat her p****. I found her body was so beautiful.

    Even though I was only 5 my d*** would get hard when she sucked it. It was so small but she had me enter her, and rub against her, she came from that.

    At 12 I came for the first time, I was inside her. Once that happened, my life at home became f****** her. As she was unstable the only way she was calm was for s**. She blew me every morning before school. When I went to high school she blew me once when we woke up and then before I got on the bus. She said she want me to remember how good her mouth was on my c***. I truthfully had no interest in girls my age. I want only Mom's body.

    She got pregnant when I was 15 and had a boy. It 30 years later, mom is now 78, and still fat but only 250 lbs.

    Both my son and I have s** with her each day. She preforms oral on us at least 4 times a day and swallows. S** and c** are the only things that makes her calm.

  • That's some sick s***. Yall hillbillies should get sterilized asap.

  • That’s awesome! I have a fat 400+ pound wife too. Fat girl s** is the best.

  • I remember when my wife was 400lbs, now shes 520 & I love it.

  • 400 lbs? Holy crap she will need a set of tags and a couple cars to follow her. 400 lbs isn't fat man that is like ginormous. 50 lbs over weight would be fat. As a famous comedian once said, stick a line in her belly and write Goodyear on her ass. You have the Goodyear blimp for a wife. Fat f*****!

  • Dude that is way too fat. That is disgusting. I don't mind a few pounds. But not whale size. Yuck! I bet she stinks in places like all those big flappy folds of skin. Not sexy at all unless your Shamoo the killer whale, lol.

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