Trans Men Are NOT Biological Females

A man who buys a v***** is not a "biological female" since he was born/birthed as a male. The Y chromosome is passed only from FATHER to SON and surgery cannot change it. He also can not give birth to children but can adopt or hire a surrogate. He was born a male with a Y chromosome and has the DNA of a man even with his transexual bionic v***** but he can pretend to be sexy Jlo in a tight dress for the rest of his life as s-hemeat. ;) Real women are born with the X chromosome and surgery does not change that either.

20 days

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  • Trans men feel like a woman mentally and emotionally. Thats how bruce jenner felt, and theyre not interestedin girls so allowing them to use girls restroom really shouldnt matter

  • Trans men or whatever give such good head its worth it to date them. I'm not fan of a*** s** but I've done it and their butt holes are usually too loose for me.

  • That was a good read.
    However, I'll admit the best s** I've ever had was with a Trans Girl while stationed in Korea.
    We met at a club and I thought she was f**king gorgeous! We had a few drinks, danced some then went to my place to f**k.
    I was a little shocked at first but she gave me the best b******* I'd ever had and she rode my c*** like a champ!
    Before she left, I had to suck her tiny p****. That was f**king hot too!
    Since I've been back in the states, I use a hookup app specifically for trans girls.
    Don't judge until you've experienced it.
    Trans Girls are GOLD!

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