Trans Men Are NOT Biological Females

A man who buys a ** is not a "biological female" since he was born/birthed as a male. The Y chromosome is passed only from FATHER to SON and surgery cannot change it. He also can not give birth to children but can adopt or hire a surrogate. He was born a male with a Y chromosome and has the DNA of a man even with his transexual bionic ** but he can pretend to be ** Jlo in a tight dress for the rest of his life as s-hemeat. ;) Real women are born with the X chromosome and surgery does not change that either.

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  • Enough with this confusion. So boring....thats why society ignores you people. You're lucky I'm giving you attention. Satisfied? Bad news, you'll never be.

  • I was taking about trans people.

  • You really think you're clever don't you? You clearly know nothing of what it means to be transgender or the torment these souls can feel. I'm not transgender but I can attempt empathy for their struggle to self-actualize. Your BS opinions are not needed or helpful

  • I know I'm clever. Its not rocket science to differentiate a man from a woman

  • Thats why they fight for nothing. Inequality? What Inequality? Love yourself, stop forcing society to accept you when you people can't. Love is love is an asinine "phrase" God is love. He can help cure you. You people struggle to accept yourselves with your depression, suicides, "transgender" and for what? Crying for attention. There are only 2 genders. They're tormented by their inner demons, thus they struggle in society and shout pride and love is love which is really hate. We're all tired of this. Be normal people and be straight. Its easy. Why choose to be gay and stuff and be discriminated? That's stupid.

  • Trans men feel like a woman mentally and emotionally. Thats how bruce jenner felt, and theyre not interestedin girls so allowing them to use girls restroom really shouldnt matter

  • You mean insane, playing dress up and make believe? So is your father, the devil. Father of confusion.

    There is only man and woman. Male and female. Nothing in between.

  • F - aggot is my preferred profession

    A - nal ** is a God-given exercise

    G - ulping down loads of sperm delights me.

    G - aping ** is what defines me

    O - rgies are great! More meat to eat and get ** by

    T - he guy in the mirror is the only bigger ** than me

    S - o email me Jerry bob 12 21 @ yahoo .com
    No spaces

    Can travel and trade pics of anything from 4 to 80 so email me.

  • Trans men or whatever give such good head its worth it to date them. I'm not fan of ** ** but I've done it and their ** holes are usually too loose for me.

  • Trannies are twice as nasty as natural whores. Every ** ** out a sewer every morning. Every **'s throat emits an odor foul enough to kill babies

  • Fucck you and fucck your lawyer. I could fit my whole fist in your rear end. I know where the male ** is, so I know which side of your recctum to tickle with my spindly **. You're gonna love it!!

  • That was a good read.
    However, I'll admit the best ** I've ever had was with a Trans Girl while stationed in Korea.
    We met at a club and I thought she was f**king gorgeous! We had a few drinks, danced some then went to my place to f**k.
    I was a little shocked at first but she gave me the best ** I'd ever had and she rode my ** like a champ!
    Before she left, I had to ** her tiny **. That was f**king hot too!
    Since I've been back in the states, I use a hookup app specifically for trans girls.
    Don't judge until you've experienced it.
    Trans Girls are GOLD!

  • You need Jesus sir or ma'am

  • As a straight man you might also realize how gold it can be if you let one of those trans girls shove her c*** in your a** and massage that prostate. You'll learn why many straight guys love to get f*****

  • You're not straight. Just confused. Call upon Christ now.

  • OK Marcel Shihadeh it sounds like you're gayy and you did perform ** on a girl-looking male sissy.

  • Fucck you and fucck your lawyer. I could fit my whole fist in your rear end. I know where the male ** is, so I know which side of your recctum to tickle with my spindly **. You're gonna love it!

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