Mother in law

I will start this by saying do not send me hate. I’m confessing because this is what I feel. I will also say what has happened between us. My mother in law is a beautiful older woman dd t*** nice round ass. About 5’5. She’s very flirty and so am I. We have not had s**. This is what happened. One day she bent over in front of me and I never payed her any mind until I say her ass. She gave me an instant erection. She got on all fours and this is Christmas time and put water in the tree. I think she did it on purpose because there was a small mirror I wasn’t paying attention to that you could see my face and she watched me watch her on all fours I glanced up and she was watching me and then got up. Next time I came to her house she was at the microwave and the chair behind her was close so I bumped the chair but at the same time grabbed her wasted and rubbed my c*** on her ass as I passed by. She didn’t move or say anything. Next later that night she passed me except I was facing out and she rubbed her ass on my c***. Gave a little push to let me know she was there. Other times I’ve been alone with her but my wife in the other room she would rub my leg and back for a while. Other times she’ll act like nothing happened and be very cold other times she’s walked in on me peeing changing my pants and I know she knows I’m there she’s seen my c*** before I’m around 9 inches comments have been made by my MIL friends about my condom size so she is aware of my big guy. I’m not sure what it all means because she’s a heavy flirt then she’ll act like she never did any of that. Then I would ask to come over and she’s like no me. We have dinner plans just us two. I’m thinking of sneaking in a kiss and see if she’ll push me away or embrace. I need advice. I don’t know if she’s a tease or this is just how she is and I need to take whatever she gives me. The last part. She showered very early I was sleep on the couch and woke up. I slept over at that time my wife and me weren’t living together yet we were saving. My wife was once her old room. Her moms room is downstairs. So woke up bc I heard a door open (which was the bathroom) then I turned back over heard her come down and the footsteps stopped. She was watching me as she was naked dripping wet with a towel covering herself. I played like i was sleep and turned over she bolted to her room. I always wondered what she was doing when I had my back to her. All she has to do is let me know she’s really into me and I’m going in for the dive but I can’t tell. Any advice would be great just no bashing. I want to have s** with my mother in law and apart of me thinks she does too.

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  • Can we get another update please?

  • Update: I had dinner with my mother in law everything started out very quiet then we went back to her house alone and that’s when we drank together and talked she was wearing a skirt to show off her thick legs and thighs. We sat next to each other talking. At one point just testing the water I was being expressive with my hands and rested my hand on her thigh above the knee. Rubbed her leg softly and she never moved my hand. I then moved it. She got emotional because of the topic we discussed and was crying on my shoulder. I put my arms around her and kissed her cheek. My arms made there way to above her ass and I rested my hand on her ass. Didn’t squeeze. She got up got tissues and came back to tne couch we finished talking and then she leaned in to kiss me and i kissed her cheek. She moved her head. She said her heart was racing I think I got her. We planned to do this again very soon because she said I made her Feel alive. I hope included reaching my goal

  • Up date please!

  • There are so many of my friends and just either guys in general that want to f*** my hot attractive mother in law.
    I think it won’t be long before she wants a good deep pounding by something other than a d****.
    At 59 she could pretty much attract any hot attractive guy. I’ve been trying to encourage a friend I know who’s well endowed and I’ve known him since our college days. I think if he pushed her hard enough she would go for it. I’d do anything to watch her take his huge d***.
    She’s so perfect and classy and seeing her turn naughty would be the hottest

  • More than willing to help as I am with my mil now and her daughter, my wife is our cuck we are all very happy, but it takes skill.
    What do you want? Just s** or more?

  • I care about her a lot so the emotion is already there I want to go to the next level what should I do? A kiss is what I want to break the ice then move forward

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