Sick and Tired!

I'm so tired of all the usual BS here on this website. The posters pretending to be a young boy or girl. Men pretending to be women or maybe a few the other way. Tired of all the men who are wearing women's clothes and the men who are married but really gay. All the women supposedly cheating on their hubby's. The men who say they caught their spouses in the act. The closet homos who are afraid to come out or are actually gay and cruising / testing the waters to see if they can find a hook up. All of this usual stuff being posted here. Yeah nice try with the recent wave of women having relations with the family pet or a horse. Try harder you losers. Did I forget anyone? Well how about all the people talking about killing themselves. Stop doing that please your trivializing suicide. If you are really suicidal get professional help. You won't find it here. Oh and you d I ck weeds who just come here and give these people fuel to continue. Find another website to get your rocks off on. There I think I covered it. One last thing. Lets be safe out there and have a nice day.

Jul 9, 2019

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  • Only an idiot would subject themselves to a condition that they can easily fix. You are dumber than any of the people you criticize. Ironic.

  • "you're" trivializing suicide, not "your".

  • You know the saying:

    “The Internet; where the men are men, the WOMEN are men, and the kids are cops!”

    Yeah ... i Hate reading a “confession” that I know could never possibly have happened.

  • Stfu femboi, I'm gonna have intercourse with your mom!

  • I am with you bro..

  • I guess if you complain then you are by implication sick of yourself

  • Translation: Waaah! Somebody called me on my stupid s*** and my fee-fees are hurrrrrt!!!!! Sit down.

  • So, why are you here then?

  • Funny how you whine and moan but still you are here

  • This site is obviously intended for free speech. I agree there are some posts that are questionable but confessions and fantasies should be allowed to expressed. I think it's interesting to see what is acceptable to society. Eg what's considered "normal" and what is not.

  • Confessions and fantasies are allowed. So is commentary on them. Don't like it? Too bad. Free speech, cupcake. :*

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