Flashing trucks

My wife and I had been married for eight years when my parents volunteered to watch our children for two weeks over the summer vacation. After dropping them off my wife asked what I wanted to do. I suggested a naughty date. My wife readily agreed. She wanted to wait a couple days so she could buy a new outfit.
The night of the date she locked the bedroom door and wouldn't let me in or see until she was 100 percent ready. My normally conservative wife walked out wearing a short loose fitting halter top that showed off her stomach. She also was wearing a micro mani skirt. It was obvious she was not wearing a bra and she also was going commando.
The drive to dinner was uneventful and we arrived at dinner early so we could party all night. When she was looking at the menu I noticed you could easily see down her shirt. I commented and she said she would be careful.
The waiter appeared with our drinks and I noticed she was leaning forward letting him see her perfect size B t***.
He eventually left and she immediately commented that we would have excellent service. She was correct! The waiter came by at least a dozen times, the bartender came by and checked on our drinks, the manager came by twice and the head chef came to check on our dinner. My wife made sure everyone got to see her t***.
We left the restaurant and she asked what was next? I said how about flashing a trucker on the interstate. She said absolutely.
The first trucker she flashed for about 10 seconds. The next truck was looking before we arrived (obviously they had been talking on c.b.) She gave him an even longer look. The next truck she completely took off her top and was on her knees. She was playing with, jiggling her t*** and licking her nipples.
I asked her if she wanted to show more and she said yes please. She took off her skirt and started masturbating. When she was getting to o*****, she asked if she looked sexy? I responded yes by you are covering the best part with your hand. She then spreads her lips and let the truck driver see everything. She exploded into a loud o*****.
We ended up going about 50 miles past our exit and she showed off for an additional 20 or so trucks. This was my favorite date ever.

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  • One afternoon I fingered my wife as we were driving down the highway. Whenever we passed a trucker I made sure to stay right beside him for awhile... give him a good look!

  • My wife has done that before. Usually when we go out of town.

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