I know my wife is cheating

My wife and I rarely have s**. When I ask if she wants to make love she says she isn't feeling very well or some other excuse. It's only on the rarest of occasions that we do. I figured that she had either just lost interest or that she has another man or person who takes care of her. I had to know which it was driving me absolutely mad. So I rigged up a recorder under the bed. I tested it out and it works just fine. It's triggered by sound. After 1.5 minutes if no sound it will turn back off. We have hard wood floors with a small area rug around the bed. The sound of one walking in the room turns it on.

I was going out of town for work and I had it all setup. It's powered off AC from the receptacle right below the headboard. Low enough I don't have to worry about the wife finding it. I opened up the cover on the bottom side of the box frame and hid the recorder in there. Then I ran the mic up the back side of the headboard. All nice and neatly tucked away. So I kissed her goodbye and off to the airport. The first night I called her and we talked for just a few minutes. The next night I called and I could tell she had other things on her mind. It was kind of obvious she wanted to get me off the phone.

I was gone for three days and two nights. Once back home I retrieved the tape and went to the den to listen in quiet. I heard not much but feet and some snoring. But the night she wanted to get me off the phone I got plenty. I heard them come in the bedroom laughing and her all giggly and happy. I could hear them kissing and the sounds of them undressing. I heard them get in bed and the sounds of sucking and slurping. Moaning lots of it from them both. I also heard the headboard bang against the wall from time to time followed by my wife crying out loudly. I heard it all. She enjoyed herself immensely and it was making my d*** so hard.

I unzipped my trousers and I pulled my c*** out and I began to stroke myself listening to them making love. It was so intense. My head was throbbing. My big head was aching and I was flush and felt warm. It was so good. I was so turned on by it all. Hearing my wife being pleasured by another man. I heard them climax. He came first and then she climaxed a few seconds later. I heard them kissing and talking about life and love. Not once did she mention me. Only that she was glad for the time that she and her lover spent together. She only called him by his first name. I have no clue who this man is. But he is giving my wife exactly what she wants. I have listened to the tape on several occasions each time masturbating to it. I have no plans on confronting my wife at this time. I don't see what good could come of that. Am I wrong for allowing this to continue? I know I must seem to be pathetic. But this is how it is.

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  • She needs to be ganged banged. Take her out for drinks .have it set up for a few guys to hit on her .

  • I would love to set that up. Like 6 well endowed h**** m************ to f*** her silly and c** all in her holes. Want to be one?

  • I want a woman that likes f****** other guys then coming home and sitting on my face and have me clean her out than use a strap-on on me

  • I love my wife so much. She knows how to turn me on and make me so happy. I'm a proud little cuckold and loving life. Hey some men have huge c**** and others have small ones. I'm proud to have a little c***. I told her just the other day that it's because of my little c*** she enjoys big ones so much. If that makes sense. It does to me. She agreed with me and we both laughed. Then she kissed me. She is so f****** awesome.

  • Well if you realize your a cuckold start dropping hints that the idea turns you on. It may take a while but she may let you in on her fun

  • You went to all that trouble for audio now you need to set up a tape so you can watch the whole thing. I would keep quit about what you heard, don't press her with questions, you don't want to spook her. Still, some day you will confront her with your evidence, remember the look on her face.

  • Congrats you are a cuckold now

  • Yes I realize that. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

  • Oh sure!

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