Is it just me?

Im a 21F. during the first half of my life I used to be blamed for not taking care of myself. in the second half of my life I am being blamed for taking care of myself primarily and only occasionally caring for my family. wtf does that mean?

I schedule my day according to my brother's classes. Im his ride for all of his classes. sometimes I forget to remind him do his homework. and guess who's fault is that?

I'm really proud of myself for achieving things inspite of being emotionally unstable. Im not clinically diagnosed but deep down I know that I'm not doing well mentally. yet I carry myself and do the best I could do for myself. its just that I hate it when I'm being given extra responsibilities. I didn't even sign up for it.

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  • Awh! You poor poor baby. Sorry your family is loading up on you. Yes that can be really a terrible place for anyone let alone a young woman. You should really seek out to find if you have some type of mental disorder or not. That's not good either. Anyway good luck to you and hope things work out for you.

  • Life is not easy, its filled with hard choices and people. Sounds like it's time to ask some hard questions. What I've always been told is you have to look out for #1 first. How can u care for others if you not working at your best. Another thing is you may have to learn to say no. It's hard but you can't be expected to do it all. We only have one life as far as we know. You want to be able to reflect back and be happy not regretful.

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