Can't stop spying on son

Hi there,

God I can't believe I'm even writing this but I am going absolutely crazy and just have to get it out. Long story short, one night about a month ago I saw my son j**********, and now I can't stop spying on him every chance I get. I feel so guilty and honestly kind of sick but I just can't help myself; nothing has made me this h**** in years.
My son Zach is 16 and a total "hunk". He's about 6'4"-ish with a slender athletic build, dark brown hair, and gorgeous brown eyes. From seeing him hanging out with friends there appear to be quite a few girls at his school that drool over him. He doesn't seem to have a steady girlfriend but I can tell that he dates many of them, and I'm assuming they fool around or have s**. In the past I definitely admired what an attractive young man my son is, but didn't really think beyond that. I HAVE had the occasional s** dream about him (which I know is fairly normal for anyone with their other family members), and I don't think I could admit to myself until very recently just how h**** they made me. I remember one I had like 6 months ago that was very blurry and dreamy and confusing but I dreamed he was on top of me just sliding in and out, grinding his hips into me. It was a short dream but when I woke up my p**** was absolutely soaking wet. I felt kinda guilty but I immediately slide my hand down to my c*** and rubbed myself to a shuddering o***** in about 10 seconds.
Anyways, all of this started one night about a month ago. We have a big finished basement/family room with a huge couch and flat panel TV. It seems to be the favorite hangout place for my son and 2 daughters. I woke up somewhere around midnight and was really thirsty, so I quietly got up and went downstairs to get a glass of water. I didn't turn any lights on and was trying to be really quiet so I wouldn't wake up my husband (who had to work the next morning). When I got down into the kitchen I could see that the door to the basement was open and dim light was visible down the stairs. I didn't give it a second thought; the kids are always staying up light down there watching TV or doing Xbox or whatever, which is fine. But this night, I heard a soft noise coming up from the basement. In my sleepy state I couldn't tell for the life of me what it was; it was a kind of "shluuuck shluck shluck" noise, soft and sounding like something wet. I was kind of functioning on auto pilot and I walked over to the stairs and stepped down the first few steps, around the corner, and peered into the basement. The stairs kind of wrap around to the right and you can see the whole basement, couch, etc. In the dim light I could see my son sitting on the couch with some movie on; He had a white t-shirt on and what looked to be a pair of athletic shorts. His shorts were pulled down just past his hips and I could plainly see that he was gripping his erect p****, slowly sliding his hand up and down the full length hof his shaft. As he stroked up and down, his hand would slide up to the head of his d***, and he would slowly twist his hand left and right, which was the source of the soft "shlucking" sound. The light was dim enough that it was hard to see for sure, but I could tell by the sound and motion of his hand that he was masturbating with a good amount of lube.
All of this went through my head in about 5 seconds, and I totally froze up on the stairs, totally silent. I was absolutely transfixed by watching him and didn't even try to look away. He has one of the nicest looking d**** I've ever seen, and it's very big for his age (from what I can remember of my high school boyfriends). His shaft is quite thick, probably as big around as one of those Redbull soda cans, with a thick juicy head. It's probably like 6.5 or 7" long, which is still pretty big, but his girth is what just drove me crazy; I'm certain I was probably standing there wide eyed and practically drooling. After maybe a minute of watching him stroking it my mind suddenly realized what I was doing and my whole body tensed up, struck with confusion (and guilt). I knew that I should leave right now and silently go back upstairs, but I just couldn't stop watching. Brought out of my trance I realied that my p**** was absolutely soaking wet, and my thong was completely drenched. At this point I pushed all of the thoughts out of my head and just stared at him, my eyes glued to his d***. He was sliding his hand up and down at a medium slow pace, occasionally running his fingers gently over the head and hole at the top of his stroke. I could tell when he was edging towards climaxing as he'd slow down his speed, but he never stopped completely. Occasionally the TV would shine brighter when a really light scene was on the screen, and when that happened I'd momentarily get a much better view of his d***. I could see that it was indeed all lubed up, and that a HUGE amount of precum kept leaking out of the tip. Something about seeing his precum drip out all over his thick head made my p**** almost buzz with electricity, which subsided into a sweet achiness as the screen went dark again.
I have no idea exactly how much time passed but he had to have been j********** for at least 45 minutes, with me watching all the while. Towards the end his stroking quickened a little bit and I could tell that he was going to finally let himself c**. Suddenly he took his hand away and squeezed his legs together, slightly thrusting his hips up and down but not touching his d*** at all; after about 5 seconds of this I saw him start to e********. A thick stream of s**** squirted out of the tip, rising about a foot in the air and landing on his exposed stomach. He then bucked his hips down, and I could see him tensing his entire body, letting out a very soft groan. I could see his hips twitch a little bit, and then he thrust forward; once again a thick stream of s**** squirted out of his throbbing hard d*** onto his stomach. I'm not joking or exageratting when I say this continued over and over, probably 10 times, over the course of maybe 3 minutes. I have NEVER seen a man squirt so much c**, or have such a drawn out o***** (I'm guessing he had more than one). By the end of it his stomach, hips, p****, and b**** were all soaked with c**, and he was squirming around to keep it from dripping all over the couch. Every time he squirted I could feel my p**** and c*** twitch, and I noticed that I was squeezing my legs together too. As he finished I could see him reach over for a roll of paper towels to clean himself up, and he looked quite exhausted by how relaxed his posture was now.
As he cleaned up, my heart suddenly dropped as I realized I was very likely going to get caught, so I quickly turned my gaze away and crept back up the stairs, my head completely spinning. I crept back upstairs into bed where my husband was snoring loudly. After sliding into bed my hand instantly slide down my stomach, under the waist of my thong to my c***. Even the first touch was almost a complete o***** by itself, and I felt like I was seeing stars. Within seconds I had my other hand under my thong, with 2 fingers deeply slid up my dripping wet p****. After about 10 seconds of rubbing and fingering I came almost violently, having to bite the pillow to keep from moaning loudly. My God. After recovering from what was maybe the best o***** of my life, I was suddenly wracked with guilt; I was completely exhausted though, so I quickly fell into a deep sleep.
Waking up the next day, I was once again feeling sooo guilty and disgusting, but I couldn't shake what I'd seen the night before. All day I'd blink and flashing through my head was the sight of Zach's gorgeous d***, him emptying hisbig b**** all over his stomach. I probably ran to the bathroom 10 times to furiously rub my c*** over the course of the day, c****** more quickly then I ever have before.
Over the last month, despite my guilt, I've crept downstairs literally every night to try to spy on him again; I've probably seen him j********** maybe 8 times over the last few weeks, each time shooting the biggest loads I've ever seen. I am still alternating between feeling super guilty, and being overcome with the most powerful horniness I've ever felt. I know I shouldn't be doing what I'm doing, but I can't seem to stop (and honestly I don't want to). Lately my thoughts have turned to thinking about those lucky girls my son fools around with, and honestly I'm kind of jealous. They probably don't even know how to handle him or his thick p****, let alone the seemingly endless geyser of c** he lets loose from his b****.
Anyways, just wanted to get this off my chest. I'm probably a pretty twisted Mom, but honestly if I could have one crazy wish granted today it would be for me to be able to walk down the stairs the next time he's j**********, and (with no consequences), silently slide my thong off, climb on top of him, and ride his big d*** until he squirts every drop of c** deep inside me. Well, that's it, I'm going to go rub my once again soaking wet p****. Thanks and bye.


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  • Be sure your sin will find you out.....sin hurts everyone not just those involved

  • What an awesome confession.

  • I would have totally loved having my mom walk in naked on my jerking off. Unused to spy on her while she got dressed, still makes me hard thinking about it to this day.

  • He's YOUR son, he's for you to have s** with.

  • Hunny honestly just walk into the room completely naked while he is j**********. Stand there touching yourself. Tell him the thoughts you have had and you know there wrong but your p**** aches and you soak your panties. That when you give in and touch yourself you c** faster and,harder than ever before. Tell him you want to drop to your knees and suck and lick his shaft and b**** teasing him and you would swallow every drop if he wanted but you really want to climb ontop slide his hard c*** inside your p**** and ride him till your p**** is filled and dripping his hot thick cumshots. Tell him he can,have ass p**** and mouth bareback cause you want every drop inside you. And if nothing else you want to m********* watching him j*** off watching you play with your p****. Tell him you need it bad its on your mind all day. You can't stop touching yourself thinking of him. Andif he does this with you likes it and wants more you would love to become his secret sextoy buttslut cumslut . that you will do any dirty sexual thing he wants at anytime. That he can can f*** you anyway he wants whenever he wants. Pin you down take you in your sleep j******* and,bust nuts on face body whatever when our awake or sleep. Day or night. Walk up behind me lift my skirt or slide my pants down shove our c*** in me till u c** then leave me standing there dripping j*** zz as you go do something else. Tell me to g

  • You know this problem is not going away don't you? Start by showing him more affection and dressing to let him see your t*** a little better, let your robe open a bit and bend over innocently. He will get the message soon enough and will be j********** thinking about you! That's right, his own mother will be on his mind when he c*** and he will be filled with l*** for you and love too! You may have to sit on the edge of his bed and caress him. Tell him you have had nasty bad sexual thoughts about him and can't stop thinking about him that way.... that's a start!

  • Definitely start slowly flirting with him, dress sexy just for him, ask for daily hugs and body contact. Before long you will be riding his huge c***. Please post an update aswell?

  • hot yet so conflicted.

  • Do you want to talk about it?

  • You clearly need to act on this, next time you watch him m********* listen to him he is probably saying your name I garuntee

  • You should definitely flirt with him a little bit and let him know you would be interested in a more intimate relationship. if you have never been with a family member you'll be amazed by how hot and fulfilling it can be. just a thought. hope you get opportunity sometime soon.

  • I second this. Having s** with my cousin was my best memory ever and I recall is all the time. It will be his best as well. Shoot me an update if you can at

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