The psychology of losing an argument

I was watching a program on TV that was about human interactions and basic psychology. In the show, it had two people arguing one apparently winning with the loser avoiding eye contact. The winner was obviously enjoying himself.

I decided to try it on my friend,
's sister's five-year-old daughter.

Don't worry I'm not a pervert.

I was visiting my friend while his sister and niece were there. The little girl was next to her mother and she didn't know me that well.

I looked at the child and said softly come here. The little girl shook her head and got close to her mother. I looked away and avoided eye contact and gestured with my finger into empty space and said softly. Yes.

Again the child shook her head but with interest this time. I again said come here. This time the child didn't seem frightened and again said no. I looked into empty space again, gestured with my finger at nothing and softly said yes.

The child was intrigued and interested. This time when I asked her to come here she shook her head looking at my finger and again I gestured with my finger saying yes in a soft voice.

This time she gestured with her finger and said no. I then said yes looking away and the child gestured again and said no. In a pitiful voice, I said yes again and then the child gesturing with her finger firmly said no.

By now her mother had noticed and started laughing.

This stopped my experiment but the child hung around me the rest of the day and I was able to keep her entertained with a children's book she had brought over.

Apparently deliberately losing an argument can get you a friend.

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  • I never see anything as losing your only ever winning, it just depends were you focus on. even if you lose or fail you still win and win. all depends were you focus.

  • I only want to go to the high tea with my aunties friends and cousins wife to get some gossip on what we don't know about my aunty and cousins. I fear we are all going to get left behind and ros and leeny are lesbian lovers or chasing some c*** tease show they are on and a fight will start between them over the cockold. but also I would prefer them all to cancel out of the high tea and I can get a refund.

  • Quote " This event happened in 1974 and perverts hurting children were not as common as they are today."
    I'd say the opposite. In 1974 people got away with abuse because no one investigated. These days the hint of abuse or a claim by a child and an investigation starts.

  • While it was as bad then as it is today it in addition to not being investigated it was underreported. This horrible crime has been happening since the world began and if the free world continues to allow Muslims to immigrate into their countries it will get much much worse.

  • Wait what?

  • I'm the OP and I am a Muslim but I only put the tip inthis child . I had known the child and mother too long to get to involved in them.

  • I'm the OP and just to put your fears about me to rest I had known the child,s mother for over fifteen years. Not once was this child ever touched.

  • It is not about you doing anything, it is about putting ideas in the heads of others....

  • A pervert already knows what to do. I'm sorry I posted this. This event happened in 1974 and perverts hurting children were not as common as they are today.

  • I'm the Op and had the child been alone I would not have made this experiment.

  • If someone was doing this with my child I would put a stop to it pretty quickly. Weirdo.

  • The other way to make friends is to make them work hard for you.

  • Thank you for putting this out here, making it even easyer for perverts to acces childrens trust... why do you even want to share this?? Think before you speak.

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