Grandpa masturbates openly

Our grandpa has got mentally retarded. I don't know how it's called in english. We say, he's dement. He does not recognize his family and he does things he never did before. What I want to say, my parents did not give him in a nursing home, they took him to us and gave him the room of my oldest sister (went to study in another town). He lives now with us. Sometimes he needs to be feed and he often talks bullshit but that's ok.
Then he startes jerking of his old c*** and leavin the door to his room open. I caught my little sis (11) standing in his doorway and watching him. He did that all the time when our parents were not home. Then he started doing it in the open. he came into the livingroom took his pants down and started jerking off. He did that in front of us, even when my sister hat friends visiting. I found it highly emberassing but the girls thought it was funny. they even started teasing him and shouting at him what he should do.
I told our mom but our parents did not like if we tell tales about others especially not someone in our own family. So she did not listen to what I wanted to say and nothing changed. In between the girls had grandpa so far that he let them touch his d***.
Then one day mom came home early and caught him in the livingroom, pants down and jerking off in front of us. she did not get loud but she took his arm and led him into his room. she did not come out for a long time. I think she tried to talk to him, but what use should that be. He did not understand what you tell him. and he does not remember it some minutes after you said it to him.
She came out of his room and told us, he would not do it anymore in the open. only in his room. she was right. he did not come out to m*********, he only did it in his room but he left the door open. At least something!
I learned some weeks later which price my mom paid for that. I came home early and as ever his door was wird open. Normally I did not look because I knew what I got to see. but this time the noises were special. And I saw why.
Our Mom (his Daughter) kneeled in front of him and sucked his c***. Something, I have to confess, I've wished for me since I started masturbating 4 years ago at 11. But for sure, she never did. I understood, what agreement she and her dad had. if he don't do it in the open, she would such his c***. Seemed to be something even his broken mind had understood.
I all the time think about if doing that is something kids have to do to their parents, when they get sick in their mind?


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  • Men are just a thought away from involving their d**** in every single facet of life anyway. With dementia, that mental roadblock is removed.

    Maybe now you have a little more respect for those who take care of abandoned elders because "Grandpa's just too much for us now." See what they have to deal with every day? I'd go full Nurse Ratched in under two years in that environment.

  • I too have seen a grown up man flash he c***. While coming out of the School gate at the opposite side one man was on his bicycle, standing on one leg on the ground and other over the cycle seat and his shorts was too loose and his steady c*** was protruding out of raised leg side out in the sunshine his pink head was throbbing. He was an exhibitionist. I was around 11 years old and reaching home I had to m*********. But i had no pre-c** or full c**. But could stroke the p**** to a climax thinking of that big erect p****.

  • I j*** off for my 3 yr old niece

  • Found another "mentally retarded" old man

  • That is nice. She must just smile and watch

  • Lucky grandpa!

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