My husband is getting fat

My husband is getting fat. He used to be slim and in shape, and now, he looks like a butterball. When we were dating, he was 170 pounds. He stepped on the scale the other day and he has gained 50 pounds!

The problem is I feel guilty watching him fatten up and liking it. I feed him well, he likes to snack and his fat belly and mushy chest are a turn on for me. I prefer it much more than the flat stomach he had years ago. He has a slight double chin now that I also think is sexy.

I hope he still gains in the coming years. I had to buy him size 40 pants (used to be a size 32), and I was so happy to watch him try them on. He complained about the new size, so I walked over to him, patted his bulging tummy, grabbed his love handles and told him how attractive he is to me. It’s not a lie, though, because I really do enjoy his new size and I love his fat belly!

Hopefully he gains another 50 pounds! I wouldn’t mind a chubby hubby! What’s better than eating what you want and getting your wife excited to be with you in the bedroom?

Jul 17, 2019

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  • In Covid I gained 51 pounds. I'm not that tall so it's a lot - I'm 5'7 and at the moment I weigh 234 pounds. I'm just too lazy to try and lose it! My wife says I look 8 months pregnant, lol...and I've got a new pair of b****.

  • Haha I assume the censored comment was "b-o-o-b-s." I don't know why but i think it's funny when guys get fat and they grow a pair, sorry LOL

  • I met my hubby at gym. He was toned, in a good shape, with his 6 pack, not so musculated. He was (and for me still is) like a God on Earth. By the way I'm also attractive for men, I'm a slim tonified girl with a nice ass.

    When we start dating we share gym sessions, but after the wedding he was getting lazy and said me so often that he must work at home or so on.

    Now, two years later, he has a really noticeable potbelly amb I look like two years ago. Last weekend we went to a BBQ with my family and my father and brother were surprised and also happy that he starts to look like a 'real man' (they have a really large bellies). They were'nt worried about how the partner's of his daughter/sister looks.

    By the way I should admit that I like how he looks and the security that he shows in himself. A few weeks ago he told me, joking, that it's good I go frequently to the gym to look nice at bikini season. I responded patting his belly and asking for his 'bikini season' and he smile and told me he looks now better than ever. And I should admit that he seems really attractive to me when he's at home just in underwear, with his belly sticking out, his tights tighter and his butt getting rounder.

  • So glad to read this. I'm 5'7 and in the quarantine, my weight went up to 258 from around 200. But I have a partner who adores fat men and she has absolutely no problem with me gaining weight. There is nothing better than being able to eat whatever you want and get as fat as you want and your partner adores the fat on you! I just went up to a size 48/30 jeans! In high school my jeans were 30/30. I know it's not good for your health.

  • Any idea on where you will stop? I starting gaining since I retired and there is something rewarding and comforting about not worrying over weight and appearance and growing yourself into a 300 to 350 pound tub of lard.

  • I suppose I will stop when i start to have negative health, like blood pressure going up or similar. Last week at the doc's I was 271, so I'm still growing.

  • I agree that there are a lot worse things than a husband who puts on some weight over the years. At 20 I loved my boyfriend’s hard body. But life happens and with work and kids and the house it is only natural that he got bigger. He always puts us first and works really hard. He loves to eat and at the end of a long day I love to see him happy. I don’t think a belly looks bad on a man and he has a strong frame and can carry the weight. It’s not like he’s unhealthy big but after 20 years together he is about 125 pounds bigger which sounds like a lot when I type it but really isn’t. It’s just part of life. I tease him about it sometimes so that he knows I love him no matter the size. To be honest while I would support him if he wanted to lose the weight I don’t think he would look good at his age back to his skinny old self.

  • How do you tease him?

  • I call him fatty and tubby, and sometimes when I text him, I call him Fat Boy. (I mean when we're not arguing about something.) And sometimes he will sign off on a return text with "T" for Tubby. I also say "Your b.o.o.b.s are bigger than mine!" and "You're shrinking down there!" (Which is true, he has lost about an inch." (Devil horns)

  • So glad to read this! As I am 5'7 and recently passed 250 pounds with a 47-inch waist. I know it's not good for you but I am having fun with it and figure I can lose if any health problems show up. I know a person my height and size isn't the ideal man for many women, but I'm not giving up hope...or ice cream. Be well ladies.

  • Outstanding! Ice cream and cheesecake are cocaine to us fat men. How much ice cream can you eat at one sitting?

  • I love my fat husband! Ladies, it’s not the worst thing to have a bigger guy in your life. They are wonderful in every way!

  • How so?



  • Grammar and punctuation are obviously not your strong suit. Also, you might consider not posting in all capitals.

  • You can be unhealthy when you are fat or skinny. “Fatness” isn’t the only measure of health.

  • No it's not the only one - but it's a pretty big one!

  • My hubby is gettin’ chubby during quarantine and mama is surprised with how hot his baby bump is!! 😘 😘

  • Haha! poke his belly! Tease him! Then snuggle him and let him crush you with his pounds while, you know...fat boy s**!

  • Haha, food baby!

  • So glad to hear other wives react that way. My wife can’t keep her hands off my new found rolls and I thought we were the only ones.

  • I was, too. I was surprised how attracted I was to my hubby as he started piling on some pounds. I loved his new body.

  • It’s not my hubby getting fat, it’s me!! Long story short, I’ve been in fairly good shape my entire life. I found out recently that many of his past girlfriends were plus-sized ladies from one of his friends - high school, college, etc. He had never mentioned being into bigger girls before we dated and married. We’ve been together three years. So I recently asked my husband that if he could choose what weight I could be, what would he choose (I’m 5’5” and WAS about 125 pounds). He said about 40-50 pounds heavier. I asked him if he wanted me to gain weight and he said he wouldn’t mind a few extra pounds. Fast forward a year and I’ve gained about 20 pounds, and he loves it. I’m pushing close to 150, and I’ve never been this big! Not sure if I want to keep gaining because it’s just so foreign to me to not be in good shape. But he has been super sweet about my weight gain, so I’m a little conflicted!!

  • Don’t worry about it, baby! I like my husband’s new size and weight and I’m sure that your husband does, too, especially if he’s already told you he wouldn’t mind you gaining some weight.

  • How much do you miss being slim and skinny?

  • Lucky man. I would really enjoy my wife gaining weight, but she’s a gym rat.

  • How big are you willing to get? I think you have to ask yourself what you are comfortable with and determine how you feel about it first. If it doesn’t mean as much to you, maybe you do it for him. If it bothers you, you will always be mad at
    Him for encouraging you to pack on some pounds.

  • The extra 20 pounds hasn’t been that bad. You can’t really notice when I’m wearing clothes, especially in the winter. And the gain has been all over, so it’s not like it looks odd to be 20 pounds heavier. I’m not mad at him encouraging me to gain weight. It’s actually been a lot of fun to just eat whatever I want whenever I want. We’ve talked about seeing how I feel after another 20 pounds, so I might keep going. In 2022, there is much less of a stigma about being overweight and bigger girls are celebrated now a lot more than even ten years ago.

  • How do you feel about your new body?

  • It hasn’t been bad. Working out is when I feel the difference the most. But I look good and curvier at this higher weight, so I feel fine about that. He loves it, which is refreshing. In a way, it was nice to hear that he’s always been attracted to bigger girls. Takes some pressure off of me to always be thin for him.

  • How have your friends and family reacted? What are you eating to gain?

  • Only a few people have noticed so far. I don’t see as many people because of the pandemic, so mainly just like my mom or sister. I wouldn’t say it’s a really noticeable gain so far unless I’m in a swimsuit. It’s only been 20 pounds. My face is a little chubbier, went up a cup size and a pants size. But unless you know me really well, it’s not super noticeable. I haven’t been a pig about it. Just not as much gym time. A few more indulgent calories when I feel like a snack or a special dessert. More TV. Eat late. Drink some more soda than before. Probably just living the life of an average American woman at this point and the pounds have just come on.

  • Funny how an “average american woman” life packs on the pounds ha

  • It does!!! We have two extremes in America, a diet culture and an obesity culture. I’ve always been on the diet side of the conversation, but now that I’ve put on some weight, I understand the obesity side much more. It’s fun to have great food and enjoy moments with delicious food! It’s not always bad to be heavier. There are some advantages to living life with a little extra weight.

  • At 5’5”, you are a very normal weight for a
    woman. If you’ve gained 20 pounds, you are likely still not in the obese category of BMI ranges, and maybe the overweight section. At that height, you have to be 180 pounds to be on the cusp of obesity. Nice try attempting to identify with the population of heavier women, but you aren’t there yet, babe. Keep up the snacks and you might be there someday! But we will love it when you join us!! #nothingbutlove 😉 🍰

  • So sweet! I’m the same way. Have a strong preference for bigger girls, but the one I married wasn’t. She’s thickening up a little now, and it’s a dream come true.

  • My kind of man! Just be honest and upfront and complementary of her new size and shape. That will make her feel confident and beautiful and want her to keep those extra pounds for her appreciative man! 😉

  • Yea, that’s so sweet. Let her know how you feel. Like I said, it took some pressure off to know how he felt. She might be happy if you tell her you don’t care if she’s skinny. How much weight has she put on?

  • I’d guess 30 pounds? She’s coming off hip surgery so is a lot less active. Her belly has really grown. It might be a temporary plumping but I’ll take what I can get.

  • How much weight has she gained so far? How does she feel about it?

  • She’s probably added 30 pounds in the last 2 years. I keep complimenting her every chance I get, and give every new inch of her lots of attention. She seems to finally be accepting that she’s just going to be a little more matronly.

  • He is most likely into it but cares more about your happiness.

  • Thank you!! So sweet. Being comfortable in a committed relationship is more important than any dress size or pants size to me. I’m realizing that as I put on some weight.

  • My wife has been more aggressive in her encouragement of me eating. She’ll order a big dish herself then casually slide her remaining portion my way. Or when I clean my plate, she’ll compliment me on doing a good job. I’m not into intentional gaining or stuffing. But subtly overindulging on a regular basis sure is taking an effect!

  • My wife loves to serve me a massive portion,
    casually mentioning that I do not have to eat it all. My ever-fattening belly is a testimony of how well I clean my plate and often get additional helpings so the food is not “wasted.” Later she will humiliate me for the pig I have become while loving the control she has over my feeding weakness.

  • It’s so weird, right? They say you don’t have to finish it all, which means we have to finish it all. My belly is sticking out right now from yet another demonstration of my lack of self control.

  • It’s a dream come true for you, isn’t it?

  • It’s working very well for both of us

  • I love that full, heavy feeling of over eating with a full fat growing gut hitting the table.

  • Is this something new she has been doing?

  • Honestly, I didn’t notice it before. I’m not sure if she’s stepped up her efforts, or if I’m just finally tuned in.

  • Have you been gaining any weight? Has she said anything about it yet?

  • Yeah, I gained during the pandemic, then added to that. Im up 65 pounds since the start of 2020. She hasn’t said too much. But her subtle encouragement has spoken volumes.

  • 65 pounds in 24 months is a lot. How do you feel about it?

  • I’m really liking it. Have been almost this heavy previously, and was really stressed about it. This time, if the subject comes up about weight, I just pat my belly and own the moment.

  • You've accepted that you're now a fat man. It's only bigger and rounder for the future!

  • With that attitude, you’re gonna get even porkier… looking forward to an update.

  • I think you should bring it up to her. She might not want to say something because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings (if she’s not into it). If she is into it, and you ask, and she’s honest with you, it could open up a whole new phase of your relationship that you both could mutually indulge in and enjoy, and it wouldn’t have to be this hush-hush secret anymore.

  • I’ve tried, but she’s just not comfortable talking about it. She’s definitely into me - been married 20 years! So it’s not a lack of honesty, it’s just that she’s not ready to talk about it and I’m respecting that. And truth be told, I sort of like the air of mystery about it.

  • Anyone getting fat for a new year’s resolution?

  • This 250 lb tub is already gaining. 2022 is the year of the real fat man for me. Hopefully, this time next January, I'll will be waddling at the 350 lb mark.

  • Almost 270 here, with massive gut which is a fat shaming target. Abuse increases my appetite, so further gaining is inevitable. Thanks for being a “roll” model 😀

  • I understand that. The name calling just makes me eat more. I can hardly wait until I hit 300.

  • Who is shaming you? What kinds of things are they saying?

  • Fat man, chubby, fat ass, lard ass, tub..I answer to all of them.

  • 100lbs in a year? That’s some dedicated stuffing. How’re you going to do it? And why?

  • I'm retired! No more worry over appearance and weight. I'm going to sit on my fat ass and eat until I can barely walk. My ball gut is going to hang halfway to my knees.

  • I don’t need to make it a resolution. It’s going to happen regardless…

  • Same here!

  • I told my wife I have to lose weight this year and she smiled and caressed my bulging love handle. I’m thinking maybe next year, I’ll lose weight.

  • There is always next year to shape up! Sounds like your wife doesn’t want you to lose any weight.

  • The way she’s been over serving me over the holidays, I definitely got that hint!

  • Sooooooo, why do people do this Again? I understand it's a "fetish" but what justifications would you give to particpating or encouraging it?

  • Fat is sexy to some people.

  • My wife has gained 30-40 pounds during this pandemic, and I love it! I don’t think it’s as much as a fetish as I’m just attracted to her new curvier body in a way I didn’t realize I would be. Same woman. Same personality. Different body type now and I find it extremely alluring and sexy. I wouldn’t say I want her to keep gaining weight, but my level of attraction to her is higher than it was before she gained the weight. I find the weight gain to be very sexy on her. I’ve tried to be very vocal and physical to show her how much I love her new size, and I think she is starting to believe me.

  • The same could be asked of thin people and some of the toxic culture and expectations around always being extremely in shape. What justification do people have for imposing that type of stress on someone?

  • I ’m not so sure it’s a fetish for everyone. Some people are just attracted to fat, overweight, plus-size, etc.
    Just like some people are attracted to a gym rat and that mentality, others are attracted to a soft body and that mentality.
    I’ve dated thin and fat, and there are good things about both. Fat isn’t always bad. In some ways, fat has a regulating effect on some people in that they are kinder, more empathetic, etc. than similar people who are thin.

  • I have found tremendous stress reduction from adopting a foodie/feeder lifestyle.
    Now that I am obviously obese, I am very humble and nonjudgmental around the growing numbers of similarly configured men and women I encounter. I feel free to indulge without need to justify anything, especially to strangers with dubious intentions.

  • Me too. I’m over 300 pounds now and feel an affinity to any fatty I see. It’s interesting to see how some people are comfortable in “the club” and others are fighting it.

  • It's a great sense of freedom and comfort when you realize you're a growing tub of lard with a massive ball gut.

  • I’m used to being in charge of things. But when it comes to weight and food, I feel so helpless.

  • The helpless surrendering to eating and gaining just makes it all the better. I love to eat until I'm stuffed, wait awhile and feed my gut more as I grow into a 300 lb fat slob.

  • I think our society is so focused on thinness that we haven’t asked ourselves the other side of the question - What’s wrong with a little fat?

  • It's never just "A Little". It always becomes insanely Unhealthy.

  • Not true in real life. I’d love to be big as a cow but have work and life demands that keep me in check.

  • Agreed

  • I’m just attracted to bigness. I like things round and big. Whether that’s me putting on weight and filling out or a romantic partner. It’s just attractive to me. A pregnant belly is so sexy. Watching someone gain weight and move from size to size is alluring. Feeling that my pants don’t fit anymore is a turn on. Can’t really explain it. It’s just how I feel about it.

  • Totally this. I just love seeing someone have little control of some aspect of their lives. I love how watching a successful business person grow wider and wider. And yeah I love it when it happens to me. Can’t explain it either.

  • Less explaining means more time for eating🐷

  • I also love seeing successful people grow wider and wider. Whether it is actresses blowing up after pregnancy or menopause or billionaires with bulging bellies inflating with fat. As they widen and bulge they advertise their greed and indulgence to the world. I fantasize about poking the bulging bellies of these privileged yet porcine princes and princesses, and calling them "piggy".

  • I am successful, greedy, indulgent, fatter than ever, and answer to “piggy”

  • Have you always been fat? Or was your success part of your reason for letting loose?

  • Sounds like someone has never been with a man “of substance.”

  • My husband is fattening up even without my help. It turns him on but I’m just tolerating it. Definitely not my choice.

  • Do you feel bad about how you feel about him fattening up? If you do, you shouldn’t. Just because he’s lazy and doesn’t care anymore doesn’t mean you still have to be attracted to a fat and lazy version of your husband. There are trade offs he needs to understand. The fatter he gets, the less you have to convince yourself.

  • How much weight has he gained? You aren’t happy about it?

  • He’s up nearing 90lbs from when we got married. He fought that belly for a while because most of his family is overweight. He lost that battle during lockdown and now he takes pride in being overgrown. He’s always trying to get me touching his belly or squeezing it. All I can think of when he does that is this is how it’s going to be from now on. Me married to a fat lazy guy. I love him and he still provides well. But that belly yuck

  • What exactly do you not like about his new belly? That you physically don’t appreciate it or that it represents or reminds you of him being lazy/unhealthy/unattractive?

  • I see it as lazy. From a purely physical standpoint, the softness feels nice. But he’s far less active than he used to be and he’s grown out of all his clothes while I’ve managed to stay in pretty good shape.

  • Well, if you don’t mind how he physically looks or feels (although part of you sounds jealous because you have stayed in shape for him), then I would suggest telling him that he is still attractive and you don’t mind his extra weight, but that you want him to start trying to be more active and healthy (not necessarily lose weight) and say you can work on it together.

  • So stuffed… too… much… turkey…

  • Awww, does someone need their bloated belly rubbed?

  • Please

  • I ate so much, I still feel full a week later!

  • Ooof, me too. I feel like Thanksgiving just ratcheted up my capacity, and my wife seems to have noticed. It’s been Thanksgiving almost every day since.

  • Bloated belly rubs are amazing, both for the person with the chubby belly and the person getting to love and rub on it.

  • Which side are you on? My wife has encouraged me to blimp up but no belly rubs for me yet.

  • My wife is plump, almost obese, I started to get a bit of a roll, as of late, she reached over, a few days ago, grabbed my baby bulge and said “ How cute, must be the mud pie and other deserts, I am proud of you.” Now, I am very fit, or was, in the last year, still workout hard, but the bulge is growing. With her encouragement, and I ADORE HER FAT, I foresee a large amount of belly rubs in my future both getting and giving

  • Nice! I’m a three hundred pounder and wish my gut would get more attention. I spent enough time growing it!

  • How big are you planning on going? I'm at 250 now and looking at 350.

  • I dont have a goal. Just a big appetite!

  • I'm at 250 now, heaviest I've ever been. Anxious to hit 300 and then on to 350.

  • How does she encourage you?

  • She’ll offer seconds or keep sweets around knowing I can’t help myself. And during s**, she’s gotten a lot more grabby and seems to be into my widening body.

  • I’m the bloated one. But she still seems to love it, too.

  • Nice. Same here. And glad I didn’t figure out she likes me big year ago. Can’t imagine how big I’d be now.

  • My wife’s been quietly adding bigger portions to my plate and offering dessert. Yesterday, I accused her of being a pusher and patted my fat belly and she just raised her eyebrows. Women who approach fattening their husbands up like that are really persuasive.

  • Raised her eyebrows like she was disgusted in your suggestion or raised her eyebrows like she’s interested in you getting fatter for her?

  • The latter. She never discouraged me from dieting before, but I never heard an encouraging word either. Now that I’ve become a bit porkier, she seems to be subtly but fully on board with where things are going.

  • Whenever I observe how fat I’ve gotten, my wife just raises her eyebrows and smiles seductively. We don’t talk about it, but I can tell she’s on a mission to make her chubby hubby even fatter.

  • How much have you gained? Solely because of your wife?

  • Is it all her fault? No I take partial responsibility. But I’ve gained almost 90 pounds in the last couple years. I go up and down now and again but I’ve always stopped before 300 and gotten motivated to lose again. But the fatter I’ve gotten the more she seems to like it. Now my motivation is gonebecause of her and I really hope to get it back.

  • What size were you when you met each other? Does she yo-to, too?

  • I was at 225 so never thin. She was maybe 120and has gained maybe 15 or so. She has slowly thickened but it’s nothing compared to me. I don’t think she wanted a portly husband. But once she had one, I think she was pleased with how I feel.

  • Does she ask you to lose the weight now?

  • No. She never asked before either. It was just me trying to neigh the my instincts of becoming a complete blob.

  • This post is fun! Fatties unite!!

  • We don’t need to unite here - we’re already everywhere!

  • You mean like metaphorically or like physically because we are bigger than skinny people? Ha!

  • My wife is the same way. I keep getting fatter and she keeps aggressively offering me desserts and seconds. She has no idea how turned on I get.

  • When did you first realize you liked what she did to you?

  • The moobs were first. One time, I was on top and she started sucking one and I moaned. They’re super sensitive and we had never talked about it because I pretty much try and cover them up. But once she realized how much it turned me on, the dam broke.

  • She probably also gets turned on by seeing your fat butt waddle around her house. Or she just loves you, wants you to be happy and doesn’t care about your marriage waddle.

  • Yeah maybe. And I’m waddling more now than ever. Can’t even fake it - I’m a tub o lard.

  • My wife has been gaining so much weight during Covid. She quit working out at her gym, and just binge eats at night. I would guess she’s out on forty pounds. Not sure because she won’t tell me how much she has gained, but she used to wear Small and Medium shirts and yoga pants and now I’m seeing Large and Extra Large shirts and yoga pants in the laundry.

  • How tall is your wife?

  • My wife is about 5’4” or 5’5”.

  • How do you feel about it? How is she handling it? You pack on any weight as well?

  • I’ve gained under ten pounds. I think I’ve been more mindful and careful than she has. She’s embarrassed about how much weight she has put on in such a short time, and it’s always a little awkward when we see someone for the first time in a long time (I wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to skip out on Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s gatherings this year). I don’t mind the extra weight. Sometimes the extra fluffiness she didn’t have before is pretty sexy, but I miss the attitude and disposition of my wife before she gained the weight. I feel like she’s a little different, mentally, and not happy with herself.

  • Have you let her know you like the extra fluffiness? Maybe it’ll help you get both - the sexiness and the confidence.

  • My wife as slowly been replacing my XL wardrobe with XXL and 3XL sizes and like a fish in a larger fishbowl, I’ve just grown right into my wider surroundings. I didn’t even realize how much wider I’d become until I tried on my tuxedo for a wedding recently. My arms barely fit, and I couldn’t extend them forward at all. I tried to pull the front closed, and it wasn’t even close. So what does my wife do? She makes me lie on the bed so she could button it. Then she has me try on the pants and again, they couldn’t close. Instead of laughing, she just smiles and admires her handiwork. She wanted me fatter all along, but knew I wouldn’t agree to it. So she didn’t ask..

  • What happened with the tuxedo then?

  • It hangs In my closet along with a growing number of clothes I don’t think I’ll ever fit into. There are new bigger sizes that fit well, then some that are snug but wearable, and then there are things like the tuxedo that can’t even be squeezed into because there’s not enough material to wrap around my midsection. I don’t know why I don’t just throw them out. I worry a little my wife will get mad.

  • You’re never going to fit in it again tubby. Might as well get rig of it. I’m sure she’d be happy to get you something in a larger size…

  • I agree. Donate the smaller clothes. I don't plan on going back to my old girth.

  • How much weight did you gain? More than 50 pounds?

  • I’m up about 80 pounds from a few years ago. Sometimes it’s a slow gain, or I’ll lose a little. Other times, after an overindulgent week or two, man… everything just gets really tight..

  • How do you feel about being fattened up?

  • In bed I love it. Feeling like a beached whale taking over more and more of the mattress and having soft curves everywhere and a sexy woman who appreciates every pound is amazing. Outside is different. I can’t believe what a tub of lard I’ve become. I hear people mocking me and I can’t even suck in my belly anymore. I’m really embarrassed.

  • You shouldn't be embarrassed. Show that fat gut tank off with pride and dignity! I do mine.

  • Soft curves?! You’re a man, right?

  • Yes. That’s the embarrassing part.

  • How has your body changed?

  • I didn’t used to have love handles but now they’re prominent. My belly has filled out and become more solid, like I just ate. My man b****** are almost womanly. I can’t find a camera angle that can hide my double chin.

  • Do you use a bra or shapewear to try and hide/support the extra weight?

  • I don’t but probably should. I definitely could fill ‘em out.

  • That’s kinda weird to put it that way. Like, you want to have moobs so big you can fill in the cups on a bra? I was just trying to be helpful with a few suggestions that might make you more comfortable.

  • Ha not the OP but I feel his struggle. My man b**** have gotten out of control and I love it. Haven’t worn a bra though. I like em bouncing free and getting attention.

  • A few months ago, my GF asked me to gain weight for her. She was somewhat kidding, but somewhat serious. I’ve seen some of her former boyfriends on social media, and they weren’t skinny dudes. We passed one of those “big and tall” stores for large men and she said I would look good like that. I told her I could put on a little weight on if she really wanted. It’s been about 15 pounds so far, and she’s very attentive to my bigger body, which I’m not complaining about. It’s also been nice just to eat whatever I want.

  • There’s nothing like letting loose at the dinner table. I really like having a constant feeling of being full. You?

  • Yep and followed by a good fatman's bloat on the sofa.

  • It starts with a “cute” 15. Then she’s going to kick it into overdrive on your fat butt. Don’t be surprised when you’re sporting a big, chubby gut and double chin.

  • Yea, exactly. She wants to get you real fat!

  • If she mentioned the Big and Tall store she's imagining you gaining at least 50 pounds, not 15. How big were her exes?

  • Three guys she seriously dated between high school and college. Each one was probably more than 225-250 pounds when they broke up. Some of them were already not skinny. Some of them were skinny until she came along.

  • This chick has a fat fetish. Likes em large and fat!

  • And then leaves Em!

  • How does she encourage you? What are you open to gaining for her?

  • Sounds like she's looking to pack 100+ pounds on you.

  • It’s true. You’ll be a f***** before you know it

  • My wife’s exes were all rail thin and in good shape. I’m not sure when she decided she’d rather cuddle up with an ever growing chubster but she has. Can’t get enough of my fat rolls

  • Do you like being fat? Does your wife like it?

  • Same here. My Wife always went for skinny guys until me. I’ve never been thin but wasn’t as fat as I am now. It’s like she looks at my belly and man b****** as her work and she seems to like her work a lot.

  • How big are your moobs?

  • I haven’t measured but they’re well beyond a handful.

  • I highly doubt 15 pounds on you is that noticeable.

  • Everyday during the week, my wife lifts up my shirt and says, “Yep! Still fat” with a smile. She then lovingly rubs or pats my belly, kisses me and leaves for work. I look forward to it everyday.
    When we first were together, I was probably fifty pounds lighter and had a flat stomach. Those days are long gone thanks in part to her, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

  • Sounds amazing!

  • What a dream scenario. Does it make you want to get fatter?

  • It’s good to get that reminder you’re fat, like that shirt that rides up your belly or those jeans that won’t close isn’t already reminding you

  • She's saying hello to your belly in the morning, like she's looking to see if you're still wearing your wedding ring. That belly (which she built on you) is a sign of your commitment. While your belly is obviously a part of you, she owns it and if she wants it bigger, it is going to get bigger. You're not just a fatty, you're *her* fatty.

  • I never thought of my fat belly as hers. But maybe you’re right. Maybe I don’t have any control after all.

  • Growing a big belly is the way a wife claims a man. It’s a sign to other women that “he’s taken”. She decides how big your belly will get, and arranges the food and portion sizes to make it happen. You indicate your submission by eating the food and fattening up to her desired size. Typically, 50-100 pounds will do the trick - you’ll be nice and chubby, taking you off the market, but still mobile. But if your wife really loves fat men, prepare to get HUGE.

  • You describe my submissive situation to a tee.
    I am her helpless feedee doll to do whatever she wants with.

  • How successful has your feeder been?

  • You sound like you’ve done this a time or two…

  • She definitely seems to love fat men. I just don’t know how big I’m going to end up. But the bigger I get, the better it feels. I’m also not so sure that I’m off the market. A few times since I’ve grown, I’ll be hugging a friend and their hands will linger on my love handles a while. Seems my wife isn’t the only one who likes us big boys.

  • Some women are very attracted to large and handsome men! They love a man who looks flabby and strong at the same time, like a giant (teddy) bear.

  • I’m trying to figure that out. On one hand, bigger size means strong and masculine. On the other hand, a chubby body means weak and feminine. What’s the teddy bear appeal?

  • I think the teddy bear appeal is both of those together - big and strong and soft and cuddly - all in one.

  • My chubby hubby is trying to have me think of his inflated body as cute and teddy-bear. I’m just seeing a fattening belly and b****** that are almost bigger than mine.

  • So…you’re basically just jealous that he will look better in a bra than you then? 😂

  • I wouldn't advertise that too loudly, because there's a simple solution for it. She can just grow you too big to leave the house. Problem solved.

  • I don’t think she wants that. But if I knew she was into me getting increasingly fat, what would stop me from continuing to grow?

  • That would be very difficult to get that fat.

  • I’ve gained weight in every long term relationship I’ve been in. I essentially have “dating clothes” and “committed relationship” clothes. My coworker teases me because she knows when I have a boyfriend because I start gaining weight (15-25 pounds) and wear different outfits. I’ve lost it every time after we break up by eating better and going to the gym. My increasing chubbiness always is an indication that I’m in an enjoyable relationship. 😂🥰

  • I would love to have a girlfriend whose love for me I could measure on a bathroom scale.

  • That would great. You could see the gain daily.

  • Sounds like love makes you happy and fat!!

  • Sounds like she need to hit the gym and get off that fat ass of hers! 🏃‍♀️

  • Sounds like he needs to join another thread.

  • I'm glad to read this story, I'm not the unic girl who wants her bf fatter!

    I met my bf at firts at late 2016, I was (and still) working in a bakery and he came every afternoon. I fixed in him from the first time, he was really a handsome and kind boy and one day I started to talk him a little bit more. A couple of weeks later, he invites me dinner and we started our dates.

    The first months togheter we share plenty of meals and I saw he really enjoys eating. By the way he is tall and then, he didn't practice sports but he walked aorund 10 km every day going and returning from his office. He was in a good shape, not tonified, but in a slim way. At the mid of 2017 I moved to my bf flat and every afternoon, when I finished work, I took some sweets from the bakery and give to my bf. I also cooked for his dinner. Sometimes he ordered pizza, japanese or so.


  • Do you like how big he’s become? How big do you want him to be?

  • I love how big he's become!! For me it's OK like he's now, he looks really big but still healthy. I love him and I don't want heart diseases or so for him.

    May be 320-350 lb can be his definetely weight!

  • That’s pretty fat! What do you like about being with a guy that big?

  • ...

    It was early 2018 when I noticed for first time a little pudgy belly, and also his buttocks has grown and getting a little bit greasy. He never said to join gym with me or do athletic activities togheter, but it was OK because he walked a lot and work for a couple of hours. At first it was not a big difference, but at the end of summer of 2018, his beer belly was really noticiable. And I was surprised when I realized that his new body makes me more h**** than before; I also saw him very active in the sexual way.

    Then, I ask him about his weight gain and what he wants to do and he told me he noticed but he was very selfconfidence in this way and he liked more his chubby body than his skinny one. I was agree at all and we decided to keep it on, but naturally, not forcefeeding or so. He put me a condition: he wants I mantain my weight. I'm a quite athletic girl, I'm not musculated or so, but I have a slim tonified body. May be I'm not extremately tall and I'm not the kind of girl than men tourn around to check, but I belive I'm quite attractive and I've a nice tonified gym ass. My bf check my ass from the first day and it makes him crazy ;)


  • ...

    We spend all 2019 and early 2020 as a normal couple: an extremately handsome tall guy who let's go himself because is happy with a normal girlfriend who keeps her body in shape to be able to be the gf of this god on Earth!!

    And finally... pandemic came!! My bf starts teleworking and then... from 2016 to 2020 he pass from 185lb from 230lb, now, September 2021, he's 290lb!! He spends a lot of time in sofa, his belly is enormous and he has a nice double chin now. He's all the day wearing underpants amd sometimes a T-Shirt with his sexy belly hanging. Obviously, he became lazy, but his d*** is more active than ever! When he check me in leggins or dressing, he became really really excited. I keep my promise with him, my body is the same than 5 years ago!

    Girls, don't be scared about your partner's weight gain!! It means he'll choose you like the definitive one and he is really happy with!! And sexually... it's your time to take the iniciative (sexy dancing, b*******, doggy style with his belly resting on your ass...). Enjoy it!!

  • I have a friend who’s in great shape and her husband has porked up big time. He is a very nice guy but must weigh almost 300 pounds. Every time they go out, she gets hit on because all the guys assume she isn’t happy with such a pig of a partner. It’s pretty funny to watch. Those guys have no idea…

  • So glad to hear you're happy and love your growing boyfriend. He seems destined to continue putting on weight and so you shouldn't be surprised if he eventually grows to 350 pounds or larger. At that weight you'll need to be on top much of the time, leveraging his enormous belly. Enjoy the ride!

  • I love be on top of him since he's round!! It's a pleasure for me to work hard to achieve his (and also my) hapiness ;-)

  • Sounds like you have some experience with fattening up a boyfriend. Am I right? 🍰

  • You got me. When we met, my boyfriend was very skinny, only 145 pounds. He slowly gained over five years, to reach 180 pounds when the pandemic hit. He was always a big eater but would workout 6 times a week. With no exercise and that big appetite, he blew up, putting on 60 pounds in the first six months. Last week he weighed in at 327 pounds. At first I was shocked and didn't know how I felt, but I realized that I really loved how soft he has gotten and his big beach belly in particular. I don't nag him about his weight or even encourage him to go back to the gym any more. He's gotten so fat, he doesn't even try and I know he is only going to get fatter. I've been very careful during the pandemic so I've only gained 10 pounds, so he's almost 200 pounds bigger than me now. I *love* being the tall slender girlfriend of a big bear of a man!

  • It's seems really similar to my case!! It's nice in the intimity, but it's also fantastic when you feel the sights of a lot of people at the street, and more at pool or at beach.

    Love the reaction when people see a fat guy grabbing the fitness ass of his slim girlfriend!

    By the way you should be careful!! You have gained 10 lbs and that's a lot of weight for me! At first pandemic with the lookdown I gained just 3 or 4 lbs and my bf told me I shoud be careful because I was a little bit tighter hahaha

  • Yes, I am working hard now to slim down to my "fighting weight" of 120. It is helpful that the gym is open again; I've already lost 4 pounds. I have told my boyfriend that for every pound I lose I want him to gain 3 pounds. His belly is sooo big now, and he puts on weight very easily, so it is easy to imagine him being 3 times my size.

  • I would totally be up for that challenge.

  • Nice to hear this!! For me one of the most h**** moments is when I come back from my hard spinning class and I see my boyfriend laying at the couch, just in underpants with his enormous belly, watching football and eating snacks

  • Sounds like you have a strong s e x u a l bond with your boyfriend. Being turned on by a partner gaining weight is a big plus; feeders often have as strong a s** drive 20 years into a relationship as they did initially, or even stronger due to their partner growing bigger. Slim woman/fat man couples are happier than average. I wish you and your boyfriend a bright future!

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