My husband is getting fat

My husband is getting fat. He used to be slim and in shape, and now, he looks like a butterball. When we were dating, he was 170 pounds. He stepped on the scale the other day and he has gained 50 pounds!

The problem is I feel guilty watching him fatten up and liking it. I feed him well, he likes to snack and his fat belly and mushy chest are a turn on for me. I prefer it much more than the flat stomach he had years ago. He has a slight double chin now that I also think is sexy.

I hope he still gains in the coming years. I had to buy him size 40 pants (used to be a size 32), and I was so happy to watch him try them on. He complained about the new size, so I walked over to him, patted his bulging tummy, grabbed his love handles and told him how attractive he is to me. It’s not a lie, though, because I really do enjoy his new size and I love his fat belly!

Hopefully he gains another 50 pounds! I wouldn’t mind a chubby hubby! What’s better than eating what you want and getting your wife excited to be with you in the bedroom?


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  • My girlfriend is getting fat on me. She complains about it, but I think she looks better now. How do I convince her to quit worrying about her weight gain?

  • I love my boyfriend’s fat belly!! 😍

  • My bf got fat on me with a big belly. I love jiggling his belly fat now as punishment for letting himself go.

  • I would never intentionally help my husband get fat. Never.

  • I would intentionally do whatever my husband needed me to do for him, including getting him fat if he wants.

  • I think a lot of men subconsciously want to get fat in a marriage. A lot of are a bit restless and wild. We're torn between two worlds. There's this dating world we just left where an athletic body makes it easy to score a quick fling. But we also want to be faithful, good dads, and frankly enjoy some home cooking. There's a reason "dad bod" implies squishy. It's a physical manifestation of a change in priorities and goals.

    I suppose staying athletic would be healthier in theory, but if in reality, it means staying in shape to chase other chicks, that's maybe not so healthy, all things considered. Sure we should have enough willpower, but we're still human. Sometimes, we do need a little roundness, and maybe even want it, to be the man we want to be. And some of us need a little more than others to make the switch.

  • This person is probably right. It’s comforting to know you have a woman that wants you, wants to fatten you up and then wants to keep you still.

  • One day a few years ago my wife and I were talking about gaining weight during pregnancy and your body changing, getting bigger, etc. I made a comment that I wondered what it was like to get fat like that, and she said I could find out if I wanted to because she could help me gain weight. My wife said that she had always wondered how I looked at a heavier weight anyway and she wanted to see. I said that I wouldn’t mind gaining a little weight, so we decided to put some pounds on my frame. She said she wanted to go slowly so I didn’t get stretch marks, so she said she would shoot for 1-2 pounds a month and rub my stomach with belly butter to keep stretch marks off.
    The first year, I gained about 20 pounds. We both decided we wanted a little more.
    The second year, I gained another 15-20 pounds. I was ready to stop, but she wanted a little more belly on me.
    The third year, I gained another 15 pounds and told her I was ready to be done.
    By the end, I had gained 55 pounds and we both like it more. She likes how I look and feel as a fatter version of me. She is more affectionate with me now. I like my belly and having less pressure to stay in good shape. She’s a wonderful wife and takes great care of me and my appetite. It was worth it.

  • Why do you like being 55 lbs. heavier?

  • What does she actually like about you being fat now?

  • Well done, man. Do what works for your marriage. That’s the most important thing to consider.

  • I can’t believe you got FAT because your wife was curious about how you would look!!! You’re crazy! 🤪

  • My girlfriend has been gaining weight and she looks amazing! She was probably 110 pounds when we started dating and she’s now probably 140-150 pounds. She looks so good in yoga pants now that she has filled out more and the weight she has gained looks really good on her.

  • 30-40 pounds is a lot to gain during a relationship. How long have you been dating?

  • We’ve been dating for two years. Right before we started dating she had a bad breakup and worked out constantly to get over it. She lost about 20 pounds then and that was right before I met her. She said that was the skinniest she had been in 15 years. So she slowly gained back those 20 pounds while we were first dating. I told her I thought she looked better at the heavier weight, and she said she did miss her curvy body when she got down to 110. So I said maybe she should put on another 20 and see how she feels. And that’s exactly what she did, and I think she looks the best she has ever looked.

  • How does she feel about being fatter?

  • She’s not really fatter, so she doesn’t mind at all. I love the way she looks, and that’s all she really cares about. How can you be mad about being bigger than 110 pounds if your boyfriend loves how you look?

  • I don’t mind a little belly on my man. It can be cute and fun to cuddle with!! 🥰

  • My wife has been fattening me up for years. When we first met, I was a lean runner. Now, I’m a chubby couch potato, mostly thanks to her good cooking and desire to watch TV together. I’ve gained probably 50 lbs. since being with her.

  • How much did you gain?

  • Good luck on the couch, McFatty!

  • Uber Eats here, sir. Mr. Chubby Couch Potato McFatty, your food is here! Ha ha! 🍔 🍟 🥤

  • That’s not very nice. 😢

  • LMAO! Wow! 😂

  • I came home from a work trip recently and my wife patted my stomach and said, “The work trip looks good on you.” I looked at her with a confused look on my face and she said, “I like you a little fatter. It’s OK.” I didn’t really know what she was talking about until I stepped on the scale and noticed I had gained 20 pounds over the last year. That night I asked her about how I should lose weight and she told me she liked my new tummy and didn’t want me to lose the weight. She said she would me rather gain 20 more pounds than lose the 20 pounds I had recently gained. I said that she must be kidding, and then she sauntered over to me, said she wasn’t kidding and shoved a cookie in my mouth. Game over.

  • Ha ha! At least you realize you don’t have a chance against her! 😏

  • What did you think when she did that?

  • How much do you weigh?

  • I was about 210 lbs. Not super lean, but a BMI on the higher part of overweight. But I carry my weight well so 210 didn’t look fat. But 230 kind of does look fat. If I gained 20 more then I would be 250, and would probably look considerably different.

  • Are you going to let her keep shoving cookies in your moth until you are 250 lbs.? 🍪

  • I’ve fattened up a few men during my dating. They love my cooking and I love all their compliments and watching their bellies get nice and fat. They are cuter like that!! 😋

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  • I’m seeing someone right now.

  • There is some satisfaction at looking at his belly getting bigger and softer and knowing you had something to do with that!!

  • There is a lot of satisfaction in fattening up your man!

  • My husband has grown into quite a big boy at this point. He has a big, round tummy these days. He looks a lot different that when I first met him, but I love him like crazy. And I’ve learned to love his chubby body. 😍

  • How much weight did he gain? Why?

  • My bf has gotten pretty chubby on me the last year. But he’s so sweet and nice to me, so I can live with a little extra belly on him.

  • Be careful with that. They get even chubbier on you when they go from boyfriend to fiancé to husband. If he has some belly on him now, it’s only getting bigger the more serious your relationship gets.

  • I love my fat husband. I wouldn’t want him any other way. He’s fat and he’s mine.

  • My hubby started putting on the pounds, especially in his tummy, and it started to bother me until one week a few years ago. That week, I was going to say something about his weight gain, but I noticed that he never had time for himself. He was always at work, helping me with a project or doing something with or for the kids. And that changed my perspective. I realized his weight gain was more about the available time he had, and I started to appreciate him more. He’s gained even more weight since then, but I now look at it differently and I’m happy that he works so hard for our family. I don’t mind his belly anymore.

  • That’s sweet! 💕

  • Yes, some of the best men (and women) spend so much time on others that their health starts slipping. Don’t hold that against him.

  • My husband started putting on weight early in our marriage. We went out one night with a few couples, and the conversation eventually turned to s** because we were all newly weds at the time. One of my husband’s friends asked me if I liked having s** more now that my husband had gained weight, and my face turned bright red because I was so embarrassed. I quickly made a joke to get the attention off of me, but it wasn’t nice or thoughtful. I said something like, “the s** is good when he doesn’t crush me with his belly and take my breath away in the wrong way.” Everyone started laughing except my husband, and I immediately felt horrible.
    Since then, I’ve tried to be more caring and thoughtful in my comments as he has continued to gain weight. He’s probably 70-80 pounds heavier than when we married. His belly is even bigger, but I make every effort to be supportive and continue to have intimate s** with him. I never want to feel again like I felt that night.

  • You’ll let him gain 80 lbs. just so he doesn’t feel bad about getting fat on you?!

  • I get this lady. I got my boyfriend fat because I want to be with him and I don’t want any other woman wanting him. He was skinny, and now he’s fat and he’s all mine all the time.

  • Besides possible long-term health issues, the biggest problem with gaining weight like that is your energy and your ability to move and work with your body. In other words, s** can become a real chore.
    I’m a personal trainer now, but before that me and my husband had gained more than 120 pounds together. He put on 70 pounds and I put on 50 pounds, and it was much more difficult to be intimate. We had to be creative with positioning (which can be fun in and of itself), but some positions weren’t even possible because of our belly fat, strength and/or stamina. We fell into a sexual rut just because we physically were limited to mainly a couple positions, which neither of us loved. So just be mindful that significant weight gain might not be emotionally difficult for you, but can be a physical challenge.

  • I posted above this, but I can relate to what you said. I’ve tried to maintain my s** drive while my husband has gained 70-80 pounds. We are a little limited in what we can do now with his size, but we still have a very satisfying s** life. I don’t mind how he looks now, so it’s more important to me to connect emotionally, rather than just physically. You can connect emotionally regardless of how heavy someone has become, and that might help you overcome any issues you have with their bigger body.

  • S** can be a physical challenge at a heavier weight, but I like it. I like rubbing my man’s fat belly and holding onto it while we are being intimate. I like when his belly weight is on me. Makes me feel really close to him.

  • My wife has gained about 30-35 pounds over the last three years. She used to always go shopping with her mom growing up, so her mom is used to shopping certain sizes for my wife. For example, my wife used to buy yoga pants in a small size, now she buys large.
    It’s always awkward when she gets a present from her mom now because it’s usually clothes and it’s usually two sizes too small and it’s always a reminder that she has gained weight. Personally, I don’t mind. I think she looks fine. But I don’t like dealing with the emotional baggage that comes after the inconsiderate present.

  • When did you realize you liked him fat?

  • When he marries a fat girl who can cook ...

  • Yep, that’s it. She’s not even hiding her plan.

  • This reminds me of my husband. He sabotages all of my diets and doesn’t help me lose any weight. He said he likes me heavier, and I’ve already gained 40 lbs. since our wedding day!

  • 40 lbs. isn’t bad during marriage. How long have you been married?

  • We’ve been married for a year and a half.

  • Ok, so 40 lbs. in 18 months is probably too much to gain and too quickly (depending on your body weight before the weight gain). But assuming you are an average woman, that’s a lot of weight in a short amount of time. How are you feeling about it?

  • I’m not proud of it. It was embarrassing to see people I hadn’t seen in awhile and see the look in their eyes of trying to figure out what happened to me. Some people asked if my health was OK. But all that is basically over.
    Sometimes I like the extra weight on me. Sometimes I don’t.

  • Oh, honey, you need to slow down. With age and babies, you’re only going to get bigger, sweetie. How long have you been married?

  • We’ve been married for a year and a half. I’ve gained the weight pretty evenly around my body and my husband says he doesn’t mind.

  • Does he say “he doesn’t mind” or does he say he likes it?

  • He says he likes it. He touches me a lot more all over my body now, especially where I gained weight. I don’t mind that extra attention at all!!

  • When do you think you will slow down on the gain?

  • I’ve already started. I’m not thrilled with my size, but I’m OK with it and can be content at this heavier weight if my husbands prefers that. But I don’t really want to gain more than I already have.

  • When my husband and I got pregnant the first time, I asked him to gain weight with me and just enjoy the pregnancy experience together for the nine months. He said he would gain as many pounds as I did, which ended up being 40 pounds. It was so sexy to see him get bigger and heavier each month. I liked it so much I asked him to keep on all of his baby weight!! He’s adorable with a tummy!

  • Oh, wow! I would never do that...

  • What do you like about his belly so much that you asked him to keep it?

  • It was just cute to me. I think it reminded me of that special experience of being pregnant with our baby together and how close we got. I didn’t think I would like it, but once the belly was there, it really started growing on me (well, growing on him but you get the point).

  • My hubby did this too, but I don’t think it was on purpose...🤨

  • Ha ha! Did he look as pregnant as you? 🤰🏻

  • Was he hesitant about gaining the weight?

  • He thought about it for a few weeks. He always been in really good shape, so he knew it would definitely be a change to his body. But he wanted to be super supportive and he thought it would be fun to gain weight together. He thought he would just start working it all off after the delivery and he didn’t anticipate that I would gain as much as 40 pounds. I know he didn’t think I was going to ask him to stay that way and keep his new belly.

  • Do you want him bigger?

  • I haven’t that about that much. Maybe gain or lose 10-15 pounds would be fine. I like his new dad bod, though, so I wouldn’t want him to lose too much of his new belly. I would be fine with a fatter belly if he did gain more weight. It’s super cute on him!!

  • Did he like getting fat?

  • He said gaining weight was fun at first, and then he overate bad things and it was too much. It would give him upset stomachs. So gradually he fell into a routine of just a few more sweets or sodas a day and just eating more at meals and snacking when he wanted to. He would try and match me pound for pound each week.

  • How did he feel about keeping his baby weight on?

  • He was excited and having fun while gaining the weight. He got to pretty much eat whenever he wanted and however much he wanted. And it wasn’t that bad because we were both gaining weight at the same time, so month to month you could notice the slight changes in our bodies. I think he was looking forward to the end of the nine months and the end of the mutual weight gain, and he was genuinely surprised when I asked him to keep all the weight on. But when I told him I thought he was sexier with a belly, he was OK with keeping it.

  • Fat and tubby hubby tummies are the best!! 💗

  • I’ve gained about 65 lbs. during our marriage. Used to have a flat stomach, now it’s more of a big belly, hanging belly thing. But my wife seems to like it.
    She always wants to cuddle now when we are going to sleep, and she just rests her body on the side of my belly and sleeps on my shoulder, almost like I’m one of those maternity support pillows. She didn’t do that when I was skinny.

  • Ha ha! Your chubbiness must be comfy!!

  • A husband with some extra fluff can be quite comfortable to cuddle on. I cuddle on mine more now that he’s just a little bit fatter.

  • 65 pounds is more than “some extra fluff.” Good luck with belly, dude!

  • Lol! A man maternity pillow! 🤣

  • I saw old Facebook picture of my girlfriend/fiancé when she was in high school on the swim team.
    I mentioned to her that she looked a little bigger back then. She was a size 4 when we started dating, but in high school she was a 14, she told me. I told her I thought she looked great at a heavier weight and much curvier.
    One night I kind of jokingly said I wish she was a size 14 again. We were getting pretty serious at this point. She then said that she would gain back some of the weight if I was serious about the relationship, serious about her being heavier and I wouldn’t dump her “if she got fat again.” I told her that I loved her and would love her no matter her size, but I really liked that size 14 version of her n the pictures I saw.
    That was about eight months ago. She’s gained back all of the weight (she said her swimming statistics in high school were swimming at 165-170 pounds, although some of that was muscle back then) and is about a size 14/16 again. She’s put on about 45-50 pounds.
    She looks so sexy at her bigger weight. Very curvy. Very voluptuous. She holds the weight on her body extremely well and she looks very feminine now.
    In those eight months, as she was gaining weight, our relationship was skyrocketing and we were really falling for each other. I love her so much now and I plan on asking her to marry me next year. We are going ring shopping soon.
    She’s a beautiful, smart, wonderful, curvy and sexy woman, and I’m a very lucky man. And I’m lucky I saw those Facebook pictures!

  • What did she say when you asked her to gain the weight back?

  • She didn’t think I was serious at first. It was kind of an off-handed, spur-of-the-moment, fleeting comment. But then a few weeks later she brought it up and asked if I was serious about her being bigger. I said I think I was. And she told me that she had been thinking about it, and she really liked me and wanted to make me happy in our relationship. She said she had thought a lot about putting the weight back on to make me happy and she was willing to do that if I was really committed to our relationships. Her words, “I’m not going to gain weight just for you to dump me when I’m at my heaviest, so you better be incredibly serious about our relationship if I’m going to do this.” So we talked more about it and then she started gaining the weight back. And I loved it.

  • Did you feel bad for asking her to get fat?

  • I didn’t ask her to get fat. I wouldn’t say a size 14 is fat. That’s smaller than the average American woman, unless you’re saying that the average American woman is fat.
    My girlfriend is very womanly, curvy and sexy. She looks incredibly good at a heavier weight. I don’t feel bad for being attracted to her more at a heavier weight. She was beautiful before and she’s beautiful now, but I prefer her on the heavier side. I just do. I don’t feel bad for that.

  • She went from a dress size 4 to a 14 for you? You better keep her around.

  • I am definitely keeping her around and a round. 😉

  • I see what you did there. #pun

  • How did she feel gaining all that weight back?

  • At first, she was hesitant. She didn’t like to see the number on the scale going up week after week. But we were growing closer and each week I just felt she was getting sexier and more attractive to me. I think once she realized that I was serious about being really attracted to a heavier version of her, she was no longer hesitant and started to enjoy the process more. She felt like she could eat what she wanted more, and not count calories. She still had all her old clothes through her old sizes, and she got to start wearing some cute clothes she missed because she became too skinny for them. She still exercises and does active things, but she looks even better in those tight yoga pants now that there is more thigh and butt to enjoy.

  • Oh, that’s fun then. I wouldn’t mind getting chubby with a guy like that. Thanks for sharing!!

  • That’s a sweet post! Good luck! 😉

  • Fun, fun, fun! Happy for you both!! 💗

  • She sounds really pretty.

  • I had a coworker who got married and went on a month-long cruise for their honeymoon. He came back to work a month later with a little gut he didn’t have before. I asked him how the cruise was and he said it was great, tons of relaxing and entertainment and awesome sight seeing, and they ate way too much for that month. He said he had gained about 25 pounds on the honeymoon and his wife had gained 20 pounds. He said they had to wear sweats off the cruise because their jeans didn’t fit anymore.

  • My wife and I over indulged in our first six months of marriage on food and just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. We both gained about 25-30 pounds, about a pound a week.
    The weight gain on my wife was so noticeable that her mother thought my wife was pregnant when she came to visit us. My wife went up two cup sizes and started developing a belly bulge. So she bought my wife a pregnancy test that was negative, of course. And my wife had to explain that we just had been lazy since the wedding and she had a chubby belly now that made her look a little pregnant. My mother-in-law couldn’t believe it because my wife had always been so skinny.

  • Did she look pregnant to you?

  • That happened to my wife. She started taking some prescribed medication and a side effect was weight gain. She didn’t want to worry her mother about her condition, so she didn’t tell her about the condition, the medication or the weight gain. We showed up for Christmas and my wife’s body is obviously much bigger than she was at Mother’s Day, probably by 30 lbs. When we walked through the front door, my mother-in-law thought it was a surprise pregnancy announcement and that we showed up for Christmas to reveal a pregnancy. My wife had to take a pregnancy test in front of her mother to prove she was not pregnant, and then my wife ended up telling her about the medication anyway.

  • Well, did she actually look pregnant when you showed up?

  • Yes, most cruises are crazy with the food. There's usually all-you-can eat for every meal plus a midnight buffet, all included. My wife and I both gained about a pound a day, but it was only a 7 day cruise. A month would be life changing :) especially on a honeymoon where you felt like you could eat with abandon for the first time in your life.

  • I haven’t been on a cruise yet. Sounds like a fun and fatty time! 🚢

  • Why did they gain so much weight?!

  • My wife and I had a similar experience, just not as much. We could wear our old clothes off the boat still.

  • Marriage makes you fat, man. It’s that simple.

  • He said they both lost a little weight before the wedding, so they gained that weight back and then a little more. He said the food was just so good, and they were married and both were gaining weight so they didn’t really care.

  • I don’t think I would want to be with a woman whose goals include making me fat and making me undesirable to other women because I’m fat.

  • It works in a marriage that really is meant for life. I don't mind becoming undesirable, because I don't plan on desiring other women anymore. Actually both of us gained quite a bit. She has a temper and she sometimes blurts stuff out like "another man would do _blank_ for me". When she was skinnier, I remember really feeling like she might leave. But now I can joke back "not with that fat a s s!". And she can do the same to me. We're stuck with each other and it makes it easier to work things out. We have to, and we grow closer for it.

  • It’s been OK for me. It’s exchanging love for looks. Although, some people look better with some extra weight. I was about 160 pounds and looked really skinny. I’m almost 200 pounds now thanks to my beautiful wife, and the extra 40 pounds makes me look older and more solid and manly. I’m OK with it. And she likes it better.

  • It’s not that bad. My fiancé told me she wanted to fatten me up once she had a ring on her finger. I’ve gained thirty pounds so far, and she seems to like it a lot more. She pokes my belly fat if I don’t have seconds and she teases me about trying to get skinny on her. She said she is very attracted to my soft tummy and wants me to keep it.

  • When I started getting serious with my girlfriend, she told me I would probably put on some pounds. She works at a bakery and bakes a lot. She’s not big, but probably about 160, with a plump figure. She is beautiful. And she was right. I’ve already gained 20 pounds while dating her.

  • As long as I'm still desirable to her, it's all good to me. Besides her pursuit of her goals means more home cooking for me, which happens to be one of my goals.

  • As a fatter guy, it’s nice to hear that some women are Ok with a guy being heavier. Society constantly dumps on fat people, so it’s nice to see some positive comments here. 👍🏻

  • #oldnews
    Women have been fattening up men for centuries. This is nothing new.

  • My girlfriend has put on a lot of weight since we have been dating. I would guess between 30-40 pounds. I’ve always dated skinny women before her, so being with her at this size is new. My brothers made fun of me at first because they said I was with a fat girl, but then they got to know her more and they are now super jealous because she is incredibly awesome. Even though I’ve only dated skinny women before, I really like my girlfriend at her heavier weight. She looks really sexy and I like how she feels now with some extra fat on her. I didn’t think I would, but I really do. I don’t want her to lose any of the weight now.

  • I worked out with another lady almost on a daily basis. We did yoga next to each other for about two years, and usually she would do some cardio or weights before or after our yoga class. She was in decent shape, and I thought she looked good.
    About every 3-4 months, I would notice an extra 5 pounds or so that she had gained. I thought that was odd because I had an idea of how much she worked out.
    Then one day we were talking about eating right, health goals and our target weight and stuff like that just after our class ended. I told her that I had been able to stay around the same weight thanks to the yoga and workouts at the gym. (At this point, she had probably gained about 20-25 pounds since we first met.) She smiled and asked if I noticed she had not maintained her weight over the last year. I told her I noticed she was a little bigger, but nothing too crazy.
    She told me that when I first met her, she had recently started dating a guy she really liked. He was really handsome, super sweet and professionally successful. She said she Facebook stalked him as they went on a couple dates and saw that a lot of his past girlfriends were heavier women, not skinny women.
    She told me that because she liked him so much and that he was such a good catch, she started trying to look more like his past girlfriends and their sizes. She said she was a 6 when we started doing yoga, and she was probably a 12 now. And most of his girlfriends were sizes 14-18.
    She said she had been slowly gaining weight to get up to the size he seemed to prefer, never mentioning to him that she was purposefully putting on weight to look more attractive to him.
    Well, the plan must have worked because about six months later she had an engagement ring from him. And he was handsome. And she still looked beautiful, even as a plus-size woman.
    She was probably about 170-180 lbs., and had gained probably 40 lbs. to snag her man. 💍

  • 40 lbs. for a wedding ring is a good deal.

  • I would totally gain 40-50 pounds if it meant landing my dream man. That wouldn’t bother me at all.

  • Sounds like a sexy and smart woman!

  • Ahhh, that’s a happy story! ❤️

  • She got so chubby on him that he couldn’t let her go! #relationshipgoals #reallove

  • Oh, happy! Beautiful for her!! 💗

  • Awesome story! Happy for her! 💕

  • I’ve had a couple women plump up on me. It’s been nice every time. No regrets. Love it!

  • What happened?

  • Welcome to the world of plus-size women! They are everything a woman is plus more. It’s amazing!!

  • Plus-size women get a bad reputation. They are the same women, just with a little extra chubbiness to them. Most men have some extra weight, too, but our society views that differently for men. I’ve dated several very accomplished, smart and sexy plus-size women. No complaints at all. A woman’s size has nothing to do with the great person she can be.

  • No offense if skinny is your thing, but plus-size women are incredibly sexy. Most men are embarrassed what other guys think so they don’t ask bigger girls out, but once you’ve dated a few bigger girls, you’ll probably only want that.

  • Plus-size women are A+ in my book! 😍

  • A fat husband is a sign of a good cooking wife. Nothing is wrong with a little extra lovin’ with food and a tummy to show for it.

  • When my husband and I married, he was probably 160 pounds and I was 120 pounds. Both of us were very slim and we look great in our wedding photos. That was more than ten years ago. We’ve now had a few kids and other time pressures that make it difficult to be healthier and we both have put on a significant amount of weight. He’s probably 240 pounds now and I’m about 210 pounds. Every time we try to commit to losing weight, it seems something big comes up (like a job change, pregnancy, illness, etc.) and it derails our progress. We both want to do it, we just haven’t been successful yet.

  • You both kinda got fat.

  • How do you both feel about being heavier?

  • We’ve been this big for probably three years now. It’s not normal for us, but it’s become our new normal. We had to buy all new clothes to fit our bodies better. We bought a King bed so we can fit in it better. We both can’t fit in the shower at the same time anymore, and we get more tired sooner than we did before. It’s not horrible being a little fat, but we are a little past that now. I think if we both could lose 20-30 pounds this year, we could sustain that.
    He says he still finds me attractive. He is also still attractive to me, so that hasn’t changed much. Even though we are both bigger, we both still make a good effort to look good for each other and dress well.

  • That’s good that you both are still attracted to each other.

  • My wife has gleefully and slowly been fattening me up over the years. She always jokes that she wanted me to have a dad bod, or that she made my favorite foods to make me too fat to run away. But after about ten years, I’m definitely too big to run for exercise and my body has fully transformed to dad bod status. I’m about 60 lbs. heavier than when we met, and my pants size has gone from a 32 to a 40. The other day we were cuddling on the couch and she mentioned how sexy she finds my big belly and that she wants me to keep it. I don’t know what to think about all this...

  • How fat is she going to make you?!

  • Should I ask her?

  • I would if I were you. You probably need to know when enough will be enough and she will be satisfied.

  • We talked about it tonight. I told her I was thinking of starting a diet to lose some weight, and she asked me why. I told her that I was too big and didn’t want to be that big for her.
    She told me that she really enjoys my size and said I could gain to 280 lbs. if I wanted to. I’m at 240 lbs. right now. I asked her if it was up to just her, how heavy would I be. She said she would want me 280 lbs. I said that is probably too much for me, but she encouraged me to just think about it for a little and let her know.
    She said she will support me if I want to lose weight, but she will also make me some delicious food if I want to be 280 lbs. Not sure yet what I want to do. 280 lbs. seems really big to me. That would be 100 more lbs. than when we first met.

  • I’d say go for it.

  • Why do you think so?

  • 40 more pounds isn’t too much considering being at 240. If my wife was into bigger guys promised me gourmet meals for some bedroom satisfaction for her I’d plump right up, maybe even a little bigger than her goal. I’m be trying to look good for her after all. Being fat wouldn’t be all that bad with someone taking literal pleasure in making it enjoyable for you.

  • Some decent points here. If she’s the only one for you, looking like how she wants you to look makes some sense. Especially if she’s going to make it worth your while.

  • 280 lbs. is big. Think about it first, dude.

  • 60 lbs. seems nice. Wait until you hit 100 lbs. more, then 60 won’t seem so bad. 180 lbs. when we started dating. 280 lbs. today. She went to culinary school...

  • She went to culinary school and you should have gone to a gym.

  • Sounds like me. I’ve gained forty pounds since being with my wife and she is always touching my belly now and tells me to never lose it. She says it’s her belly to love on.

  • It’s not that bad. My girlfriend’s men in her family are all heavier, like her dad, brothers, uncles, cousins, etc. Their grandma is such an amazing cook, and she’s taught all the women how to cook well for their husbands, even the daughters-in-law who married into the family. I was much smaller when we started dating, and we’ve been together for two years and I’m probably 50 lbs. heavier now. At Christmas, all the women were telling her how proud they are of her for learning to cook so well and take care of me. It was embarrassing because they obviously were talking about how much fatter I was since the last time they saw me, but it is was it is. I ate the food, she didn’t force me to. As long as your woman can still love you at your fatter size, life isn’t that bad.

  • Sounds like she’s into the new you. And sounds like you need to decide if you are Ok with that.

  • It’s not rocket science, your wife loves you and loves the fatter version of you. End of story. Stay fat for her.

  • I love my tubby hubby and all his chubbiness!! ❤️ ❤️

  • I definitely prefer a man with some fluffiness around his midsection. Not beer belly fat, but some squishiness to cuddle on.

  • Any tips on how to get that softness? I've got the beginnings of a belly but it seems a little firmer than i'd like, and not sagging yet

  • It’s pretty simple. Bring in more calories than you expend, and do that day after day. If you want to gain weight fast, bring in even more calories.

  • Eat more. Less exercise. The pounds will start slowly coming on. Don’t go too fast or you can get stretch marks from your belly expanding too fast.

  • You probably aren’t chubby enough yet for a belly hang. Men will get a soft belly sooner because they store fat in their stomachs faster than women. Most women tend to gain weight all over their bodies, but more in their thighs and hips. Men tend to gain weight first in their stomach area. So if you don’t have a belly hang yet, it means your fat is more evenly distributed throughout your body or you just don’t have enough fat yet.

  • Fat boys are the best and sweetest boys!!!

  • Yea for chubby hubbies!!

  • That makes me happy to hear that! 🙂

  • You are seriously OK with how fat he has become?!

  • Yes. I fell in love with him as a person, not his body. I want him to be happy, and if he is OK with being a heavier weight, then I’m OK with it.

  • How big did your husband get? How much does he weigh now, and how do you feel about it?

  • Someone else asked earlier down in another comment.
    He was 170 when we started dating and slowly gained 50 pounds to become 220 pounds. Probably over a five-year span. Three of those years we were married, one year engaged and one year we were dating. He plateaued at 220 pounds for a few years and didn’t go up or down in weight by more than five pounds.
    He then got a new job, more commute time, less exercise time and more meals out with new coworkers. He’s been at that employer for six months now and that’s where the next twenty pounds have come from, mostly. So we bought him some size 38/40 dress slacks for this new position, and with the extra twenty pounds, he now thinks he needs a size 40/42. He was a size 32 when we started dating.
    I have mixed feelings about it. I think he was sexy and attractive at 170 pounds, 220 pounds and now 240 pounds. That is no problem. But I feel he used to be more confident as a slimmer person, so I feel the extra weight has changed his personality a bit. So that breaks my heart that he feels like he can’t be himself, even though no one cares that he’s a bigger guy now than he was before. I try to make every effort to help him feel loved, appreciated and sexy. He’s definitely getting the most s** of his life now, which he isn’t complaining about!

  • It’s hard to complain about more s**!

  • I make my tubby hubby walk around without his shirt on after his shower so I can see his belly bouncing. I love it!

  • Ha ha ha ha!!! Love it!

  • You like that he is fat now?

  • I don’t mind that he is fat. It’s just how his body has changed since we’ve been together. But I do try to look at the positives, and I do like his belly. Sooo, might as well have fun with it.

  • I tease my husband all the time about his new, growing tummy. It’s starting to hang out a little past his chest. It’s not a full, round belly, but it’s on its way! But I think it’s super cute on him!! 💕

  • What is cute about being obese?

  • It just is cute! I can’t help it that a little extra tummy looks good on him.

  • Become obese and maybe you will see.

  • Remove the spaces:
    https :// 6791247200300190982

  • Hmm, I wonder how many of these guys go into the relationship *knowing* they are going to be fattened up vs. not having a clue until they see themselves in a mirror 2 years later. I bet it's obvious pretty early on in most cases.

  • My guess is most men don’t think it will happen to them, then years down the road they realize they aren’t the same size as they used to be.

  • I’ve read the post and some of the comments below. I don’t think this confession would have ever been OK to say if it was a wife getting fatter. You wouldn’t hear all this support for the husband and encouragement for him to “keep her in line” with weight gain. Just sayin’.

  • I think that is true. Women would be jumping down men’s throats if this was reversed and the wife was gaining weight.

  • Maybe that's because house husbands, stay-at-home dads, and dependent men are statistically a little less common than among women. But there are plenty of partners to choose from. A modern male jock can easily find a girl who's going to encourage him to workout every day if that's what he wants.

    But many couples want a traditional, old-fashioned relationship. I don't think it's particularly forced on either end. You don't see that many guys complaining below.

    Instead when such a guy finds a girl who cooks dinner every night and offers him too many cookies, I suspect he knows what he's signing up for. And she knows the advantages and disadvantages of feeding him a little extra. I doubt it's an unwelcome surprise on either end.

    Perhaps the main surprise is that so many couples, at least on this site, seem to go for such a traditional relationship. But hey, that's cool with me, live and let live.

  • All good points here. I think as much as we want to say we are progressive and different, men still want to go to work and provide for the family financially and women still want to work in the home and provide a wonderful life for their family. And it’s OK if women want to work and men want to stay at home, but 90% of the world will have the wife stay home to care for the family over the husband. Which means that a lot of women show love by cooking great meals for their families, especially with their husbands in mind. They find a lot of value and pride in being able to do that for him. And a lot of women like to see the round spare tire as evidence of their gifts in the kitchen.

  • How did the trip go?

  • Like, the fat journey? What do you mean?

  • Sorry. Commented on the wrong comment. Meant to comment on the Christmas guy and Jennifer.

  • I hope my husband feels the same way about me. I’m trying to keep in better shape now that I have a little more time on my hands, but I’ve definitely put on weight since we started dating. My body is much fuller looking and my bottom has rounded out and fills in my jeans now. Thighs and belly are bigger and cup size increased (I know he likes the bigger b******, 😊). But I’ve tried to shed some of the extra 40 pounds and it’s been so hard for me. I’ve only lost five pounds in three months.

  • Just be confident in your new shape and size and he will quickly start liking it if he doesn’t already. I think men are naturally attracted to curvy women.

  • Sounds like to me that you only became sexier. What’s the problem again?

  • I just read your whole post. I’m a dude. No problem with anything you just wrote. I bet your husband loves your new body.

  • Thank you for sharing! I’m not the OP, but your kind and honest words make me feel better about my recent weight gain. Thank you!

  • Don’t sweat it. Don’t go overboard with the gain, but there are plenty of men who are attracted to full-figured women.

  • I like this post! I’ve been watching my hubby’s tummy grow for years with glee. I love it!! 💗

  • My husband is entering the fat zone. He was skinny, then slightly chubby, then actually chubby, then starting to develop a belly over his belt, and now he is going full speed into the fat zone. He asked me to buy him size 42 pants and a new belt last week, and said he was sorry for how big he is. I don’t mind, though. He’s a wonderful person and the same guy I fell in love with. Now he’s just a much fatter version than the guy I fell in love with years ago.

  • More to love!

  • How much is too much, though?

  • How big was he when you started dating compared to how he is now?

  • Oh, he was about as skinny as he could be with great metabolism. That was 15 years ago. My guess is he was probably 170-180. He’s almost six feet tall. He’s still the same height now, but probably is about 100 pounds heavier. He’s a little stronger, but it’s mostly a gain of fat weight and not muscle weight. So he looks and moves much differently today than 15 years ago. It’s all been a gradual increase over that time.

  • My boyfriend is starting to develop a belly. I call it his “love belly” because he just wants to be with me because he is in love and isn’t trying to impress any other ladies now. 💕

  • Are you worried that he’s just gonna get super fat on you?

  • No. He normally eats really well and exercises. He just hasn’t been able to with the pandemic lockdown, and he’s started to be lazier in his eating and gaining weight each week. But his weight gain goes straight to his stomach, so it’s showing that he’s gained 10-15 pounds already.

  • The formation of a fat belly is a positive sign he is ready to settle down with you!

  • I’ve also been watching my man’s belly grow and round out. It’s so cute now! I wouldn’t trade it for a six pack in a million years. 😘

  • Me, too!!! 😋

  • Why?!! I don’t get it...

  • I don’t understand this at all. If my husband even gains ten pounds, he’s jumping on the treadmill for an hour a day until he gets back down to his marriage weight. I didn’t say “I do” to a marriage belly!

  • I applaud your determination, but just remember that people are the most important. Your husband’s feelings and self worth are more important than ten extra pounds on his stomach.

  • I understand where you are coming from, but don’t forget that we will all age and not be in the same physical shape. It’s natural to not be in the same shape in your 60s that you were in your 20s.

  • I get it. I’ve been sitting here each day during this quarantine time watching my once-skinny husband work on his computer and do his conference calls. His bloated belly just rests on his lap now as he types away, his XL shirt pulled tight over his belly button. It’s not attractive. Sometimes I just daydream about how his body used to look...

  • That’s definitely some pressure to stay thin. I hope you hold yourself to the same standard.

  • So much for “in sickness and in health” for this couple...

  • Ha ha! This is totally my brother. He started dating this bigger girl, Jennifer, about six months before Christmas. He brought Jennifer to Christmas and she had fattened him up by 30 pounds in six months with all her bad eating habits. And we grew up very health-conscious as both of my parents routinely run marathons and made us eat like we were serious athletes, so imagine my parents faces when he waddled through the front door with his fluffy arm candy when they arrived for Christmas.

  • I'm married to a bigger girl and I actually like that I got bigger with her. I feel a little more substantial, like I'm not a stick anymore, like Kermit the Frog, next to her stunning curves that I love. I'm more like Seth Rogen, perhaps not as cool as Vin Diesel, but better than Kermit, and she's certainly happy.

  • How much weight did you put on?

  • How did the Christmas visit go?

  • It went fine. She is a really nice person, so Jennifer fit in well with our family for the week she was here. My parents struggled a little bit with accepting my brother’s weight gain, though. My mom asked him about wanting any healthy recipes and my dad grilled him about his exercise regimen. But it’s pretty clear that Jennifer doesn’t enjoy exercising based on what she said she does in her free time, so I doubt he is going to exercise more while he dates her. My brother told me that Jennifer is a size 18-20, depending on the clothes brand, and that his jeans have gone from a 32 to a 36/38 while dating her. But he also said she is super awesome and an amazing girlfriend and that he is really happy.

  • I think weight gain in a boyfriend is cute and a sign that she is really fulfilling him and making him happy. Your parents should be happy for him! 🙂

  • I too have found dating a big girl is awesome. I'm sure everyone is different but the relationship is definitely more laid back, enjoy the day. She didn't tell me to gain weight. I gained it myself because through her I realized life was a little more fun this way. Call me a risk-taker I suppose. Of course, with getting fat, the reward comes before the risk. But love and life is never risk-free anyway.

  • Do you feel happy today?

  • Hey, I will trade a weight gain for a happy relationship any day. What’s the point of being skinny if you have no one to be skinny with?!

  • As a woman who has fattened up her own husband, I can assure you that it’s better. He treats you better if you cook well, s** is better when he’s fat and he is much nicer as a person at heavier weights. I highly recommend it. 👍🏻 👍🏻 😘

  • My wife and I have yo-yoed in weight up and down during our marriage. +/- 40-50 pounds for both of us throughout the marriage, usually within the same timing. We both get lazy. Then we both exercise together and get in better shape. Then get lazy again and watch Netflix instead, etc. It’s like a constant cycle. Right now we are skinnier, dropping a combined 100 lbs. over the last year. But we both agree that we enjoy each other’s bodies more sexually when we are at our heaviest. I’ve told my wife I love the extra cushion when she’s overweight and how her body looks. And she’s told me the same thing. And we both mean it. We both joke about it when we are skinny and say that we aren’t living our best s** lives! So take it from someone who has been there and done that both ways, fat s** is better s**.

  • Yea, this guy gets it. My wife has been a size 2/4 and up to a size 12/14. The 12/14 is much sexier in the bedroom! I’ve never encouraged her to lose weight because it feels so good, sexually.

  • I agree. In the bedroom, a woman with plump curves is so sexy compared to a 5% body fat triathlete woman.

  • Yes. Having a bigger woman in bed is much more pleasurable, especially if she is confident in her size.

  • Very true. Fat s** is great s**. Feels much more soft and sexy!

  • This post resonates with me because my wife was 170 lbs when we married and had gained 50 more lbs. over the last couple years. I’ve really enjoyed watching her body fatten up and I’m extremely attracted to her new size. I don’t really want her to gain much more, but I like how she looks and feels now.

  • What areas on her have fattened up that you like the most?

  • She gained a lot of weight in her hips and thighs. Her belly is now a bulge with a flatter belly button crease. And obviously her breaths filled out. And I’m not complaining about any of it! All the extra fat is very well placed on her body. She carries it well.

  • I think you meant to type b******. But sounds like it all worked out well for you.

  • My husband plays on a soccer rec team with many of his old teammates that stayed in town or have eventually moved back home after being away for college and careers. It’s like a league for older guys who still love to play. Except the difference is now they can’t run for 90 minutes straight and their athleticism has been replaced with some extra lbs.
    The wives just sit on the sidelines and laugh and gossip about how chubby their men have become and how their husbands will dissect the game on the way home like they can still play like when they were in their teens and early 20s. Newsflash tubs! You can’t play that same way with a bowling ball belly. This isn’t 20 years ago!
    It’s still fun to watch them play and have a good time, and even funnier to watch those butterballs chase after a soccer ball all night with their bellies bouncing. ⚽️

  • This sounds exactly like my husband and his friends, except it’s basketball. 🏀

  • Ha ha! Butterballs! I think a lot of wives can relate.

  • My now fiancé started working at a small family-owned Italian restaurant in college to help pay for his apartment and tuition. The owner and his wife were on the heavy side and encouraged my then boyfriend to take home extra food. That was 50 pounds ago! I do enjoy his new body, though! It’s more fun to cuddle with. And his employers are going to cater our wedding for free! 🍝

  • Italy has one of the lowest divorce rates in Europe and one of the lowest among developed countries. Italian women know how to keep a man and Italian food can take a new hubby off the dating market and out of the nightclub scene -- presto! Guess, his employers were just trying to help you get an early start.

  • Americans are actually much fatter than Italians. 75%/80% of American adults are overweight, women and men. That number is 40%/55% for Italian women and men. But the divorce rate in Italy is also almost half of the US divorce rate. So they are skinnier and more of their marriages last. Maybe we should all eat more pasta and pizza. 🇮🇹

  • It's not necessarily the fat that matters, but how the fattening happens. A lot of American men are fat from fast food and junk food.

    There's an old saying: "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach." But if it's McDonald's that put a belly on him, there's no connection to a relationship. It's fast food just like a quick marriage.

    But if you see a traditional relationship in some cultures -- a fattening up with BOTH calories and love, that's different. It becomes a sensual experience. She's spoiled you, she's made you fat, she's claimed you now. Your new waistline is an announcement of that. It's convenient that fat is such a visible and generally permanent change, because that's the intent of the marriage, too.

  • Yes, I think this poster is correct. There is something about a woman getting her man chubby with her love and care. It’s not about neglect at that point And him giving up on trying to be in shape. It’s about her demonstrating her love for him with things he likes and him adding the weight on throughout their lives together.

  • Mexico is even lower! Spanish has several words for fat depending on whether you're talking about actual fat, getting fat, etc. But when a Latina feeds her hubby into a fat man, with love, she'll usually call him her "gordito". It's actually a term of endearment in Spanish.

    Oh, and if you hear your Latina girlfriend saying you are "tan flaco" (so skinny), be aware that she's implying you won't stay that way for long. Mexican food can fix that real fast.

  • Take out the spaces ...
    https :// @jason_lucius/ video/6702504648877542662

  • This one too (remove spaces):
    https ://

  • Ha ha! Funny video! 🌯

  • Yep! That video explains it perfectly! 🌮

  • It's a perfect example. She's basically telling him to get so FAT (gordo) that other women won't be interested in him. Even shoving food in his mouth :)

  • A lot of the comments on here remind me of the girls who date the nerds in college. Sure, a meathead might be nice to parade by your friends, but that nerd will likely make you happier in the long run being able to take care of a family and smart enough to pay the bills.

    In the same way, Mr. Six Pack will turn heads at the beach, but it won't be so fun if he harasses you about your post-baby pudge or is gone at the gym three nights a week turning heads there. Mr. Tubby will feel a whole lot cozier on a cold stormy night.

    Makes that boy in the Computer Science lab with a pizza grease stain a little more interesting. Especially if you like pizza too.

  • Amen to that! Look at the long term, not just the here and now. There are a lot of great guys who don’t look like 10s on the outside but are 10s on the inside!

  • If you want him big and fat for yourself then you better always treat him right!

  • I think that is true. Don’t make him fat and then dump him. That’s not cool.

  • I’m glad some people don’t desire a rock hard set of abs and slim physique. That’s unattainable for some of us and a ton of work to maintain. I’m into being healthy, and not sure how I feel about a belly, but I like that a lot of the comments are accepting of body changes and some weight gain. That seems like a more realistic perspective.

  • I have to admit I was a bit surprised when this popped up as the second most commented post in relationship confessions!

    But then again, I've personally seen the wonders a belly can achieve.

    I have a coworker who's a gentle giant, friendly, patient, family man, great relationship with his wife. I was shocked recently to hear that he was a frat boy j erk in college. But like many guys, as holes included, the way to his heart was through his stomach, and his girlfriend, later wife, proceeded to stuff him like a turkey. Trading in abs for a full belly and a big gut seems to have mellowed him out. It's weird to think about how awesome he is now compared to how he might have been if he was still a meat head.

    I guess what I'm saying is some of you fattening women might be doing this just to a have a little padding in the bedroom or a little more security in a relationship. But a lot of times, you're doing future friends, coworkers, employees, and many others a favor too. So thanks!

  • I’ve enjoyed the security, definitely enjoyed the extra padding in the bedroom, and he is definitely sweeter. Not sure if the extra sweetness is because he’s gotten older or fatter, but I will take it!!

  • Yea, I agree. Most men who gain some weight become less confident. That less confidence translates to less jerkiness. And everyone, including the wife/gf, benefit from less of a j***.

  • I don't mind confidence. But downright arrogance has to go. Sometimes a little dad bod helps with that. Other times it takes a triple chin, man b****, chafing thighs, and a swaying gut!

  • Usually, the bigger the belly, the bigger the teddy bear. They get emotionally softer as their tummies get softer. 🧸

  • Yep, keep em growing till they're as sweet as you want em

  • True. Just can’t overdo it. He can’t look like a teddy bear that is overstuffed!!

  • Fat, overstuffed teddy boys are the best! I love dating a chubby guy. No complaints at all!!

  • The quarantine has wrecked my boyfriend’s workout schedule. He was starting to get some belly fat collecting on his taunt tummy before we were put on lockdown, and he’s now full blown on a belly formation. He was trying to manscape last night and had to literally grab his new belly and lift it up to see down where we wanted to trim up. I just laughed and asked him if he wanted me to do it instead thanks to his new belly friend! Ha ha!

  • Yep, that’s a true sign that you are trending fat. If you have to lift part of your stomach to see below it, you just might be a fatty.

  • Yep, it’s a sure sign that you are trending fat if you have to lifer part of your tummy to look under it!

  • Oh, for sure. His abs are gone, covered with a soft layer of belly.

  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Him and his new best friend, his belly!! 💕

  • Hmm, if you two are getting serious, he maybe should think about putting a ring on it before he gets too fat for anyone else to love! Just a thought he might be having about now :)

  • He’s a good kind of fat right now. Not too big, but not as skinny as he was. The extra weight actually looks good on him. Makes him look more manly and less of that teenager-type body he had before. Besides that, I love him and would gladly accept a ring, so a little belly won’t deter the level of commitment I already have. 💍

  • Good point about the higher weight for some people. Some people lose too much weight and it doesn’t look good. Or they try so hard to be a size 2 or 4, and really they look better at a size 8 or 10. Might as well live life a little and enjoy food more if you are going to fill out and look a little better, too.

  • Some men (and women) look better at a heavier weight, especially when they carry their weight well. Some men look better with that stocky or husky look. Some women look better with that big curve look.

  • Love it when a woman has a sexy belly bulge. I can pinch and play with that soft belly fat all day!

  • Yea. Don’t knock it until you try it. You get your hands on a plump belly and nice love handles during s**, it’s another world!

  • Yep, totally into that. Belly bulge is just fine with this man! Don’t hide it from me. Just let me appreciate it.

  • Yea, this guy is telling the truth. Don’t worry about your belly fat, ladies. Only a j*** will hold that against you. But a gentleman will appreciate how sexy your body is because you are a beautiful woman, even if you have a belly roll.

  • Gotta find me a girl like this. It's so tough staying in shape year after year. To polish off a big steak, stay the night in, and just hang out and get fat together. So in love that you're inFATuated with each other.

    Next serious relationship, I'm going to ask early on if she cares if I get fat. If she hesitates, I'm going to have to think about it. If she says she doesn't care, that could work. But if she proceeds to shove a doughnut in my mouth, I'm going to put a ring on it on the spot.

  • I like dating girls that don’t try to hide their appetite. Like if we go out, I know you eat more food than a pigeon. And I bought that, so don’t just pick at it to act like you aren’t hungry and leave 3/4 of it on your plate. To me, her size doesn’t matter (within reason), but don’t lie and act like you don’t eat food.

  • Yeah, I suppose girls like that would be more cool with their guy cleaning his plate too and maybe wearing some squishy proof that he likes to eat.

  • OK, a little insight here from a girl. We don’t want to look like a pig in front of you. We will starve on a date and pig out at home with our girlfriends as we rate the date! Sorry, it’s just a think we do. It’s embarrassing to eat in front of a date that you don’t really know well. We are just trying to put our best foot forward and be impressive, and worrying about food gets in the way of that. 🐷

  • I think most couples do get inFATuated with each other which is why we are all the sizes that we are. I’m not complaining, though, because I will take love over a small dress size everyday.

  • Ha ha! 🥩 🍩 💍

  • My husband was having a hard time buckling his pants the other day. Size 34 pants. He asked me if I have noticed that he has gained any weight, and I just looked at him like that was a dumb question.
    I said, “When’s the last time you stepped on a scale and what did it say?” He replied that it was probably six months ago and he was 200 pounds. I said, “Well, that new belly of yours says you aren’t 200 pounds anymore.”
    I bet him a chore around the house that the scale would say at least a 20-pound weight gain past 200 lbs. He didn’t believe he gained that much and took the bet. Now he’s doing all the laundry for a month because that scale ticked up to 223 when he stepped on it!
    Don’t mess with mama! She knows when her husband has gained 23 pounds!! Ha ha!

  • I’ve gained 20 lbs. in six months before. It comes on so quickly that you hardly realize it unless you weigh yourself everyday. But one day you’ll see yourself in a Facebook picture or something and realize you look different. And that’s when it hits you.

  • Wow! He gained up quick. Did his body change and did you help him with his new, flabby physique?

  • Yes, his belly is definitely rounder and sticks out further. Like if you look at him from a profile, his chest used to be the part that stuck out the furthest. It’s now probably his stomach.

  • Ummmm. I don’t know. I guess I’m a little guilty. We’ve been married for two years and I’m a really good cook. But I’ve only put on about five pounds since our wedding day to his 23 pounds...

  • Wowsers. 23 pounds in just 6 months! .. mama has him riding on the gain train! That's the kind of ride you best forget bucking up for!

  • Mama don’t mess around!! 🍕 🐷

  • It was all him. I didn’t do anything differently. Just lazy and overeating.

  • My boyfriend loves my little belly pooch. I can’t exercise it off no matter how hard I try. I’m just glad he doesn’t mind it.

  • I would recommend Spanxing up your pooch during the day and letting it out at night. My BF loves the extra tummy, but I don’t. So, when I’m out no one can really tell. When I’m home, Spanx are off and I let him enjoy it.

  • A sexy belly bulge is nice. Don’t try and work that off! Just work it and be confident. Most men love that.

  • I’m a proud, plus-size woman whose man is crazy about her curves. I don’t apologize for them and he loves it all! It’s not all bad being big, remember that ladies!!

  • That’s happy that you found someone who appreciates your body type. Thanks for the kind words about being a bigger girl! ❤️

  • My hubby has put on so much weight now that he has a slight waddle and his thighs have gotten so big that he chafes if he doesn’t waddle.

  • Does that bother you that he waddles like he’s a pregnant woman? 🤰🏻

  • No! I just tease him that now he has a better appreciation for my pregnancies!

  • What did he say?

  • He said he was sorry for not being more understanding and supportive throughout my pregnancies, especially when I was really big. He said he didn’t realize how hard it can be physically to have so much extra weight that you aren’t used to.

  • It is hard being that big and pregnant. Men don’t understand that. If they added 20%-30% more weight on their bodies in nine months, they would have a better understanding for us women!

  • I girl I liked in high school used to joke that when she got married she was going to be one of those "now I can get fat" types. Turns out she did, but I noticed she fattened up her skinny boyfriend first. Waited till he a pot belly going on then let herself go. I thought that was quite clever. Best way to not look too fat is to make your partner even fatter. Probably less complaints from them too.

  • Unfortunately, we are old going to get old and likely not be as physically fit as we age. It’s just life. Embrace the pounds and don’t over do it.

  • Absolutely. As a woman, I know I’m not going to be able to keep up this slim physique forever, so I’ve already started fattening my man up so it won’t look so odd when I start plumbing up myself.

  • Smart of you to think ahead!

  • Seems like a lot of girls plan to become fat women as they get older. I’m not complaining. They still are super sexy to me.

  • I’m glad you are happy!! 😁

  • I’m pregnant right now with our first baby and I’ve gained more than 50 pounds. I was fairly slim and in shape before we got pregnant, but now my husband said he doesn’t want me to lose any baby weight. He said he loves how my body looks and feels at a higher weight. Is he just trying to make me feel good about my pregnancy weight gain so far? (I know it’s been too much, so please no lectures on that.) Or is he serious?

  • My last pregnancy, my husband gained 40 pounds and looked six months pregnant with his shirt off. So I told him that until he loses the extra belly, I want him to shave his tummy and chest so he looks pregnant like me. The baby is here now but his belly is also still here, so that tubby tummy still gets shaved each week. 🪒

  • LOL! Does he still look six months pregnant? 🤰🏻

  • Yes!! Definitely!! He’s probably gained another inch or two on his belly since I was last pregnant. It totally looks like a smooth, pregnant, man belly. He even has some moobs for me to enjoy!! Ha ha! 💕

  • Do you like it?

  • Yes. It’s very sensual to me somehow. I really like the look and feel of his smooth tummy now.

  • Does his belly make him look pregnant?

  • Yes!! But I like it like that now. He shaves it once a week and it looks like a pregnant belly with A-cup moobs! Ha ha! He’s so sweet!

  • Get him a bra for those moobs!

  • He doesn’t need a bra. Yet. If they get bigger, he might need one.

  • Every time I’m preggie, my husband loves it. He enjoys my size and shape and loves everything about how my body changes. I don’t love that he loves my fat, but he’s sweet about it.

  • My husband loves when I’m pregnant! He can’t keep his hands off of me!!

  • My husband loves my preggo weight gain. He looks forward to seeing the scale go up each week. It’s embarrassing, but it makes me feel better that he likes it.

  • My husband loves my pregnancy weight gain and hates when my body starts slimming down. He wants me to keep all the bag weight on each time. 🙅🏼‍♀️

  • *baby weight, not bag weight. Although I kinda look like a big bag of fat when I’m pregnant.

  • My hubby practically did cartwheels in the doctor’s office when he saw the scale go up each month. He love love loved my pregnancy curves and extra stuffing! I enjoyed the attention and the feelings of security, and he enjoyed the extra roundness.

  • I’m assuming he is telling you the truth if he said that, and he’s serious. Does he seem like he likes it, like physically? I mean, does he physically touch you more or offer physical affection more than he did before? That might be your answer.

  • He does touch me more, especially in the areas where I gained weight like my belly, b****, butt and thighs. And he likes to see me get dressed and asks for lingerie nights more often.

  • Well, sounds like he likes it then.

  • I love to just jiggle my hubby’s fat belly. It’s so much fun!! 🥰

  • Me, too!! 😊

  • I've always wondered what it would feel like to have a belly that jiggles. It seems weird to imagine, but also intriguing. I guess I'll have to grow one to find out!

  • Having a big belly isn’t as bad as people make it sound. I kinda like feeling the weight of it and feeling it jiggle when I move.

  • I’ve spent the last year intentionally gaining weight because I wanted to see how it felt to be a fatter version of myself. Almost six feet tall and started at 180 lbs. I’m up to 220-225 lbs. right now. I just tell people it’s medication I’m on. It’s not. I’m just enjoying the process of fattening up. My girlfriend knows and doesn’t mind. Sometimes I think she likes the fatter version of me more based on looks, comments and how much she touches me now. Haven’t asked her yet, though.

  • Incredible! So was it how you expected it would be? Does it feel physically like you imagined it would? Or any surprises?

  • I didn’t spend a lot of time exercising and pushing my body to the physical limit, so I can’t really speak to how it affected my endurance. Obviously my clothes had to get bigger. But, besides that, not a ton has changed. I do notice I get more tired quicker, like if I’m walking far or something. And when I’m sitting at my desk, my stomach now is a little more spatially present and noticeable. I will probably have to gain another 20-30 pounds to really know the difference. But I’m not sure I want to take it that far.

  • I used to be super athletic and slim. I played sports all the time and am very aware of how my body can function as an athlete. Well, I got fat because of life. I’ve tried to get back into sport, but I can now feel my belly bounce and I have slight moobs that jiggle a little when I run. I can feel that extra fat move around as I’m exercising. It doesn’t look great, but I kinda like how it feels sometimes.

  • My husband has put on some weight since his more athletic days. He’s trying to get back in the gym and run some of the weight off. I just had to buy him an XXXL sports bra to secure his moobs because he said it was embarrassing to run and have his chest bouncing up and down on the treadmill. Now he knows how I feel! LOL! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Hehe, it seems like it could make you more bonded as a couple, being better able to relate to each other like that.

  • Ha ha! Yep, totally! My b**** are bigger than average and I have to wear two sports bras when I exercise. He always made fun of me for needing two (although, he didn’t complain in the bedroom...). So now he knows a little bit more about why I needed them! The jiggle is real!

  • My boyfriend has to wear a bra now to work out because his chest is so flabby (and also a lot of days, normally). He has put on probably 30-40 pounds since we’ve been together and he had Gynecomastia before that. That’s the medical condition that creates man b**** in the first place. So he already had extra fat tissue to form smallish man b****** and then he gained weight which made his moobs even more pronounced. It was a little difficult for me at first, but I’ve just gotten use to making out with a man with moobs as big as my b****, but the bra has helped him to feel better.

  • What are his man b**** like?

  • My husband has to wear a bra, too. He started wearing it because his back always hurt because of how much weight he gained in his chest.

  • LOL! The jiggle struggle is real! How did he look in his sports bra?!!

  • My husband has put on a lot of weight over the last five years and his moobs are now about as big as my b****. I’m a D and he’s a C. He wears a sports bra everyday under his shirts now.

  • Does that bother him?

  • It did at first, but I’ve tried to be as sensitive as I can and as loving as I can. I tease him a lot about how much I love how they look and feel, and that I like to squeeze them. If we are cuddling, I will cup or caress his moob. I’ve tried to make it a fun part of our physical relationship, rather than something to be embarrassed about. But he does need the bra for support, so I don’t want him to get so embarrassed that he stops wearing it. He is still very hairy on his chest, so the hair kind of hides how booby his moobs really are.

  • It looked funny at first, but now I am used to it. I mean a bra is a bra, it’s just a piece of clothing, really. It just happens to be associated with a woman’s figure. But fatter men can benefit from using one. My husband says it helps him during his workout, and it definitely smooths out his chest and makes him look less flabby in that area when he’s walking around in it with his shirt on. I’ve bought him two more.

  • Were you less attracted to him while he was wearing his bra?

  • Not really. It’s a sports bra, not a lace, feminine bra. Sometimes, it actually looks kinda cute on him!! 👀

  • I’ve been skinny and fat, so no belly and a pudgy belly. No belly looks better in clothes. Pudgy belly is more cute and fun for my boyfriend. So, depends on what you want. It does feel different to feel your belly fat wobble when you move, but I don’t mind it.

  • My wife has a belly jiggle now after gaining a little weight. And her belly jiggle is soooo sexy. No complaints at all from me. I wish she had more jiggle.

  • A jiggly belly can be fun. I have a slight belly jiggle and my bf says he likes it and thinks it’s sexy. You can feel it when you exercise or move quickly - the little wobble of your belly fat. I normally Spanx it flatter for work and nights out, but when I’m home it’s just out and free, and that’s what my bf seems to like. He will always come and massage it or put his hand on it when we cuddle.

  • Me, too! It’s so fun and sexy watching that belly wobble!! 😛

  • I love poking my boyfriend’s chubby belly and feeling his fattiness!! ❤️

  • BF fattiness is the best!!

  • Poking a fat belly is fun, especially if the owner of the belly likes it. My husband likes the attention and “after party” of me playfully teasing him about his weight gain.

  • My wife is pregnant now, which has been very sensual to watch her get bigger. But the problem is I’m gaining just as much weight as her with all these cravings she has. I’ve already put on 25 pounds...

  • You need to slow down, fatty. She will lose a lot of that baby weight naturally as her body recovers. You won’t.

  • Calling him a “fatty” is not nice. It’s only nice when Justin Timberlake sings it.

  • You sound like you’re as pregnant as she is!!

  • My new hubby has been plumbing up since he said, “I do!” We went to see his family and his brothers poked his new tummy and made fun of him for, “gaining a bride and 20 pounds.” But I think it’s super cute!! 🥰

  • Sounds like a good trade off - a wife for a gut! 😂

  • My bf and I are going through a similar situation right now. I used to be really slim and in shape, especially when we started dating. I’ve had to take some medication over the last year and it has drastically changed my size and shape. I’ve gained 40 pounds and become bigger all over, but especially in my tummy. I have a little pot belly now where I used to be flat and tight. I know I’m more than just a number on a scale to him, but I worry that the change is too drastic. He says he doesn’t mind, but I wish I believed him. The good news is the medication has stabilized my condition and my weight gain has plateaued, but I’m still left as a fatter version of myself.

  • My wife has recently gained about 40 pounds over the last year due to pregnancy and then some medication. The medication made it very difficult to lose any of her baby weight. So we just had to buy her new clothes and she still is an amazing person. Don’t let an extra 40 pounds take over your life. I still love her, I’m still incredibly excited to be intimate with her and her body is still very sexy to me.

  • You could have bigger problems than being a fatter version of yourself.

  • I wouldn’t worry about him leaving, especially if you have plateaued and you aren’t still gaining weight. If he would have left over weight gain, he would have already left twenty pounds ago. Plus, a pot belly on a woman is incredibly sexy. 🙂

  • Do you really think that? I’m still super-conscious about how I look and feel. I’ve never been big before. This is all so new territory for me, physically and emotionally. 💔

  • The average American woman is about 170 pounds, so it sounds like you are more like the average woman now and before you were very slim. So, I know you are worried about it, but I don’t know if you need to be self-conscious about it since you are average sized now.

  • Being a plus size woman isn’t bad. I was skinny before and now I’m not. Life is different as a plus size woman, but I would say it’s not bad and it’s getting better every year as society becomes more accepting (thank you Ashley Graham!!). It’s more about loving the life and body you have.

  • I feel like Kelly Brook has helped, too. She’s a British TV personality that was chosen as having the most scientifically attractive female body by the University of Texas. But she’s very curvy and busty and not entirely skinny.

  • Yea....just looked her up and those scientists know what they are talking about! 😉

  • Https://

    That’s the article about how Kelly Brook’s body is perfect, according to science.

  • Ok, just googled Kelly Brook. You could get any man with a figure like that! And she has a pretty face. Very beautiful!! I’m jelly of her!!

  • And she has a nice British accent! She’s a 10!

  • Kelly Brook has a very sensual body. Very curvy. Big, natural b******. Smallish waist. Bigger hips. She has a very hourglass shape. No wonder the researchers picked her!

  • I feel like Kim Kardashian made it more fashionable to be curvy and Ashley Graham took it even further and made it more fashionable to be plus-size and curvy. We owe them both for that!! 👙

  • Yes, although I think Ashley weighs quite a bit more than Kim.

  • Kim is about 5’3 and 135-140 at her biggest. That’s still considered a healthy BMI for a woman. Ashley is 5’9 and more than 200 lbs. at her biggest, and that is borderline overweight to obese on the BMI scale. So Ashley does weigh more, is taller, but has a more unhealthy BMI and a higher body fat percentage than Kim. But, I personally think that both women are amazingly sexy and make it easier on us girls who are not stick skinny!

  • Oh, yea. Ashley is taller, but she’s probably 70-80 pounds heavier than Kim. She’s an hourglass shape with a big bottom and thighs. Kim’s lower body and tummy are way smaller than Ashley’s.

  • Ashley Graham is just straight up sexy, whether she is skinnier or fatter. She can go both ways and still look amazing.

  • Ashley Graham has given me so much confidence in myself. I’m definitely not the beauty she is, but I don’t have to hide my body like I felt I had to before. She’s made curvy girls less stigmatized.

  • I’m a guy and I’m not typically into bigger women from an attraction standpoint, but Ashley Graham is a beautiful bigger women with a fun personality and a sexy vibe. And I’m really attracted to her whole package, which I’m a little surprised about just knowing what I normally find attractive - skinnier, blonde, Swedish-looking women. Not a heavier, brunette, Hispanic-looking woman.

  • Yes, Ashley Graham’s personality makes her size much more attractive. Kim doesn’t have the personality that Ashley does.

  • Ashley Graham has helped all us bigger girls! So thankful for her.

  • Love Ashley Graham! She’s so confident and sexy as a big woman.

  • I definitely think that and I’m sure he does too if he is still with you and he hasn’t said he doesn’t like it. He might be too embarrassed to tell you that he actually likes it. A lot. Does he touch your belly or does he keep his hands away from it?

  • He’s been very sweet about it and never talks about it unless I bring it up. And then all he says is that he thinks I’m very attractive. He does seem to touch my tummy more often when we are cuddling or spooning than he did when I was skinnier.

  • Then I think you have your answer. He’s serious. He’s telling the truth. He likes it.

  • As a man who has dated women big and small, I would say being sexy is about owning your body and being confident and not about a number on a scale each week. I’ve dated super slim and fit girls who were so self-conscious and guarded that it was annoying. I’ve dated plus size girls with some weight who were so proud and out there with their body and personality that it was so alluring. It’s about the confidence you portray in yourself and not about pounds. My advice would be either lose the weight if you really want, or learn to be confident at your new size. If he hasn’t bailed yet, he probably doesn’t mind that you gained forty pounds, so just start owning your body and being sexy for him. You will see that both of you will like that better.

  • Don’t worry too much about it. It’s definitely not as bad as you think it is right now. I gained weight in college and had to learn how to deal with it. You just have to work with what you have now and dress for your body type. There are advantages to being slim, but there are also advantages to being plus size. You can still be bigger than you were and wonderfully sexy!! 😉

  • I think “being big” is all in your perspective. But if you have always been really slim, it’s probably hard to mentally grasp your new body size and shape. I had a similar situation, although mine wasn’t medical. I gained 30 pounds in a year due to a job change, not being able to exercise and stress eating. It was really hard for me at first until I realized there were parts of my new body I really appreciated. My hips and butt were round and shapely. My b**** went up three cup sizes and I had some really sexy cleavage. My thighs looked bigger and stronger. I had a smallish belly gain that I could hide with Spanx. I definitely looked different, but not bad. And I still got plenty of attention from men when I went out, so my 30-pound weight gain didn’t affect my opportunities to date at all. Just learn how to dress your new body and come to peace with it. You’ll probably find out that it’s not as bad as you think.

  • Honey, it sounds like you have a good man if he hasn’t left you so far. That’s a big weight gain, but look at the positives. Your doctors probably have your medical situation in check and you still have your man. All things considered, that’s really good. I would embrace your new size and see how things are for you as a bigger woman. It might not be as bad as you think it is.

  • This is simple, old relationship economics. A woman wants stability and security. They don’t want surprises and they don’t want to be left high and dry. They want to know they have a home and a relationship. So, the best way to do that is A) take care of the man and B) make him less attractive to lessen the likelihood that another woman will become interested in him and lure him away. That would threaten her stability and security. So, she puts weight on him to make him physically less attractive to other women because she has the emotional connection (and is willing to sacrifice his looks for her stability), which she cares about more than how he looks physically. Fattening him up is her best option to keep her stability and security.

  • My wife got fat. She used to be skinny. We had two kids and she lost none of the baby weight. I think when we married she was a size 4/6. Somewhere in that range. She’s almost a size 20 now. I miss her smaller size.

  • What do you like and not like about her new size?

  • Not like: embarrassed when people who know her see her now and they don’t know what to say, sad for my kids because she can’t be as active, sad for her because her personality has changed a little with her size, concerned because it’s harder for her to sleep.

    Like: s** is amazing with her at this size, she doesn’t care as much about dieting, she’s less judgmental.

  • That doesn’t sound all bad then.

  • Do you really like being with him in the bedroom now? Seems like he’s gained a significant amount of weight.

  • My wife has gained 35-45 pounds in the last couple years and she looks so curvy, womanly and amazing in her lingerie. No complaints here! I hope she never loses the weight. I really enjoy feeling her new size and having her weight on me during s**. It’s very sexy.

  • I’ve been with my boyfriend for four years and he has gained some belly fat in that time. And I absolutely adore his little tummy!! I asked him to keep it for me when he started complaining about it. Intimacy with a tummy can be very sensual, so a little weight gain isn’t horrible. 😋

  • Yes! I absolutely love being intimate with him at his heavier weight. His extra body weight on top of me feels good and I like that his belly is so big that it’s always touching me now. Makes me feel closer to him. And I like rubbing up and down his new belly. I find it sexy.

  • I've heard of dominant women making their men fat so they're easier to control. The fat softens them up, makes them more docile, more willing to please knowing they're probably too fat for anyone else. Plus they can't just unlock it and run away like other devices. At a certain weight, there's practically a point of no return.

  • I think it’s both women who want to control their man and women who want to please their man. Either way, they end up packing the pounds on these boys, and the hope is that they are too fat for another woman to be attracted to him.

  • An effective method for chastity too, eventually! Many men think they can't be tricked into submission, but when it starts with beer and ice cream .. haha :)

  • My husband has definitely entered the “belly line” zone, where the amount of fat on his tummy is protruding out enough that you can see a distinct line on the bottom of his stomach area where his belly hang starts. It’s starting to get round.

  • LOL! A belly line?! Is that a real thing?! 🤔

  • It is totally a true thing. Have you ever seen a fat belly forming? Like, a little extra fat, some fat, more fat and then too much fat in the end. At least on a man’s body because they gain abdominal fat, you can clearly see where the belly starts (which is where the belly fat starts to store up around their belly button). Since a woman usually gains in her thighs, hips and belly, it’s less noticeable on women.

  • I love that belly line! I will just run my hand up and down that pudgy slope. It’s sexy to feel that belly fat area.

  • Ha ha! Pudgy slope?! You’re too much! 😉

  • Yep, I know what you mean. When a big belly is starting to form, you get that area right above his crotch where the fat belly starts. And it’s just round and sticking out. The fat goes over to his sides. His belt will sit right under that paunch.

  • I love that area. I will straddle my man and just rub that belly line and knead his belly fat while we talk. It’s a big turn on for me to see how big his belly has become.

  • A fat belly is incredibly sensual in bed. 💕

  • I agree with that. I didn’t think I would like a belly until I was dating a man with one. Now, it’s a prerequisite to dating me. I’m not attracted to those skinny boys!

  • Does it have to be a prerequisite? Some of us skinny boys can pile it on pretty fast around a good encourager!

  • The preference is a belly first, but I guess if he goes into the relationship knowing I would prefer him bigger then that would work. As long as he knows he’s going to gain some weight while he’s with me and keep it on then we can make it work.

  • As a man seeing this, I didn’t realize there was this whole satisfaction in women making their men a little fatter. I guess it makes sense because it’s extra security that some other women won’t hit on him. Or at least the likelihood is smaller. Unless his tummy is a sign that he’s already been “trained” by a woman, and maybe that is appealing. Don’t know. Just thinking out loud.

  • Women aren’t as visual as men, so typically, they care less about looks. They want the emotional connection and the security of a loving relationship. So, as they fatten up a man, it usually doesn’t affect their level of love and affection. And some women find it more endearing that he’s gained weight since being in a relationship with her because that extra fat symbolizes the security of their relationship.

  • A fat belly on a man is an indication to women that he is already taken. It’s our stamp on him, and it signals to stay away from him. 🤪

  • Abs on your man is nice for the beach to make all your girlfriends jealous of what you have, but a belly in bed is what is actually comfy and sexy.

  • My hubby has a healthy layer of fat on him now and I love his big belly! 😍

  • Is it more fun knowing that you put it there? That you marked him as yours :)

  • I have helped a few men get fat bellies as I have dated them. It’s always fun and so cute!

  • Aw, leave them with a little (or big!) something to remember you by. Plus that belly probably leads them to be a little sweeter and less arrogant. Doing their next date a favor :)

  • Ha ha! Yes, exactly! Nice guys and I wish them well in their next relationships. And I hope their new girlfriends can look past the paunch belly!

  • I've seen enough members of the huge hubby's club to know there's someone for everyone. If he's sweet, he'll win over nearly anyone with his personality.

    Better yet, maybe he'll catch the attention of woman who loves to cook and appreciates a big eater. His new belly will let her know he's one with a hearty appetite.

    And worst case, if he turns out to be a j***, well ... serves the pig right!

  • Most overweight men are really nice. Something about getting fat makes them less arrogant and jerky. And since most women value love and companionship over outwardly looks, then an overweight man has less to worry about attracting and keeping a mate if he is taking care of her emotionally.

  • Oh, Yes! Part of why it is so rewarding is knowing you’ve made him fat! You take care of him, he loves you and he doesn’t plan on leaving so he lets himself gain more weight than he should. That’s beautiful in a relationship.

  • I haven’t had a big weight increase over a short timespan, but I have gained over time. I was about 180 pounds when my wife and I started dating. About each year, I’ve gained 4-6 pounds, so now I’m like 225-230 lbs. She says she loves me no water what I look like. I appreciate that, but it’s not helping me to stay motivated to stop the weight gain.

  • I’m sure she still loves your fat butt!

  • Getting fat isn’t much fun. 😞

  • I don’t necessarily agree with that. I’ve always been really skinny. Probably too skinny. All the way up to college. My sophomore year I started my program, which is similar to home economics from the 1950s. Anyway, part of the academic program involved learning to cook and bake, so me and my roommates all put on 10-20 pounds that semester. My body changed and I was curvier than ever before, and I really liked it. So I added another 20 pounds before I graduated, and I look more womanly now.

  • For someone who was teased about being skinny her entire life, putting on weight and being more on the fat side has felt good. So, getting fat has been fun for me.

  • That all depends on perspective. If you except to be the same weight you were when you were a teenager, then you will be disappointed. If you expect your body is going to slow down and fatten up, then it’s just a part of life. If you accept that, getting fat can be quite tasty.

  • Yes, that’s me. As I’ve gotten older and my metabolism has slowed, my eating habits haven’t changed and I’m starting to grow a basketball-size tummy. I look like I have a pregnant belly now. 🙁

  • My wife and I have been together for 13 years (10 in marriage). When we first started dating and living together she loved serving me extra portions at meals and making sure her man was full. I was really skinny at the time and gained about 30 pounds in 6 months to 185. She would rub and grab my little belly in bed and tell me how cute it is. I kept this weight on for years and when friends would come over that we hadn’t seen in a while she’d brag about how she put the weight on me and said she liked me better thick. I noticed as the years went on that if I lost some weight, the intimacy would go down: no more belly rubs, less cuddling. Weight back up, cuddling sessions were back. About 3 years ago I gained 30 more pounds and hit 215 keeping it on for around 2 years. S** was great; there were lots of belly rubs and pats and teasing. And she loved the way my belly would rub her during s**. But then she started complaining about my moobs being too big and snoring and it all just stopped. Over the last year, I’ve lost 35 pounds and she tells me I look handsome, but I think I’m actually missing the belly. I got used to it being there and now I don’t know how to address it.

  • How big were your moobs?

  • Moobs are OK as long as they aren’t bigger than my b****!! 🤣

  • You could always try to gain a little more back and see what she says.

  • I can relate to this. My wife was always more interested in my body when I was more out of shape. The fatter I was, the more touching and kissing and grabbing. It’s like she actually wanted me fat instead of in shape.

  • I’ve been stuck at home since this quarantine and not able to go to the gym like I normally do. Last night, my wife said she could tell I was fattening up and poked my stomach when she walked past. She giggled and said she liked it, though. Not sure how I feel about that.

  • Sounds like she adores your new tummy!! 😋

  • Poke + Giggle + I like it = Nothing to worry about. She’s OK with that new tummy.

  • If she giggled about it, she probably likes it.

  • I would consider yourself lucky that you have a wife that loves you enough to tease you about your weight gain. Seriously, women are super sensitive to stuff about weight. So the fact that she is joking with you about it means that she likes how you look.

  • With American men, you get 3 options:
    - Marry a fat one
    - Marry a skinny one who gets himself fat by letting himself go in a couple years
    - Marry a skinny one and make him fat yourself
    All good options if you love a chubby hubby!

  • Lol! That’s funny! 😋

  • Seems like you got it good if you like a man fat.
    A full head of hair will fall out over time.
    Muscles will go flabby in a few years.
    But that belly will be sure to stay.

  • A big man can be very sexy! Not humongous, but some cute fat can look really good.

  • Agreed. A super sensitive guy with a pot belly on him is the best! 😘

  • My bf is an awesome cook. He went to culinary school and everything he makes is amazing. I’ve gone from a size six to a size twelve since dating him... 😂

  • Six dress sizes is significant. How quickly did that happen?

  • A littler more than a year. Basically up a dress size every three months. 😬

  • Are you going to try and slow down on the gain or it doesn’t really matter to you?

  • I was a size ten when we first started dating, lost twenty pounds and went down to a size six and then gained thirty pounds and am now a size twelve after letting him do the cooking. I’ve been a yo-yo with him so far, but he seems to like me no matter my size. I am trying to be more diligent about my portions and exercise more to help curb the gain.

  • Wow! 😬

  • I’m just going to gain whatever weight I want when I get pregnant and blame it on the baby if I’m fatter afterwards.

  • Ha ha! I told my husband the same thing. I told him that he’s likely going to have a fatter wife once this baby is out and he didn’t seem to mind. I’m not trying to bounce back from this pregnancy like I’m in Hollywood. If I’m fat when all this is over, it won’t be the end of the world.

  • Some women look better with more weight. I’m sure you will be stunning!

  • I’m with you, sister! If I’m fatter when it’s all over, I’m fatter. End of story. I’m not going to worry myself to death about it. 🧁

  • I’m definitely gaining more weight than all the pregnancy charts say I should, but I’ve been trying to stay in shape my entire life and I’m tired of it. I’m ready to just gain weight and look like the average American woman (size 16). So when I’m done with this pregnancy, I plan on being in the 160-170-pound range (as opposed to the 120 lbs. I was when I got pregnant). I have my man and my baby and don’t need to try so hard anymore.

  • Just make sure hubby's waistline keeps up with yours so he doesn't go complaining!

  • Oh, I’m not worried about that at all. I’ve seen Facebook pictures of old his old girlfriends and I’m the skinniest woman he’s ever dated. He always tells me I’m too skinny. So now, I’m just going to gain weight on him and see how sincere he really was about me being too skinny.

  • My wife is pregnant and has gained 54 pounds since being pregnant. She’s in week 30. She has just been eating whatever she wants whenever she wants and her weight gain has been so sexy.

  • I did that. It’s easier than trying to keep your body in top shape. Everyone understands a woman will gain weight when she’s pregnant. So I just used it as an opportunity to gain weight and have no one ask me why I got fat. Being bigger is way easier than hitting the gym five times a week. And my husband doesn’t seem to mind.

  • My wife and I have both gained weight. We used to shower together each night, but now we both don’t fit in the shower space at the same time.

  • We had that problem, too. It’s a smaller, enclosed shower. She got pregnant. I got fat. And then we couldn’t fit in the shower together without someone’s belly hitting into the other person.

  • Men are pretty simple to live with:
    1. Keep him well fed. This might result in him getting fat but it’s a risk you have to take.
    2. Keep a tidy house. No one wants to come home to filth. (If you both work, do your best to keep things tidy in conjunction with him.)
    3. Surprise him with a lingerie night every couple weeks when you feel good and sexy.
    4. Complain to your girlfriends about stuff and don’t nag him with stuff he doesn’t want to listen to.

    You do good food, nice house, surprise s** and nagging correctly, you will have a happy man and, likely, a happy and good marriage.

  • That’s a pretty good list.

  • My man has definitely plumped up a lot. But I love my chubby hubby!

  • Moobs and a fat belly are nice. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

  • A chubby hubby is awesome. I made him that way and I’m keeping him that way! 🤣

  • Isn't great how easy it is to *keep* them that way. You gotta slave away in the kitchen to grow that new chub, but once you've plumped them to your preference, it's easy as pie to keep 'em soft.

  • “Plumped them to your preference.” Ha ha! That’s funny. 😅

  • Agreed. Once you get that fat on him, it won’t come off! 😂

  • We are having our first baby and it turns out that we are having twins!! I’m having one and my husband is apparently also pregnant. He’s gaining a ton of weight and looks more pregnant than I do! 👶🏻 👶🏻

  • Welcome to my life!! 😔
    My husband’s belly is bigger than mine now and I’m the one who is pregnant.

  • Sounds like you aren’t happy about his new weight. Good luck!

  • Lol! But you will lose your tummy. He probably won’t...

  • Ha ha! That is totally common for men to do. Enjoy your baby bellies!!

  • I’ve totally encouraged my boyfriend to pack on the pounds, and he has obliged. On nights out, my girlfriends and I laugh about how he’s fat and mine now! I love him and his tummy! 🍔🍟🍕🥓🥧🍩🍪

  • Sweet ... did you make it easy for him, like putting big meals on his plate for him and baking? Or did he have to put in the effort himself? Either way, sounds like you have a man who plans to stay. He doesn't need his dating body anymore, he knows it, and it shows!

  • Yes!! 😘 Big, fatty meals. Seconds. Baked his favorite desserts. Baked desserts he doesn’t know and asked him to try them. Asked him to watch TV with me instead of going to the gym. All sorts of little tricks to watch the scale tick up week after week. He has the woman he needs and I will keep it that way! ;)

  • How much weight has he gained?

  • 40 lbs.! His face is round with a double chin now!!

  • Wow! That’s a big boy gain!! 😛

  • Reading the comments below makes me think my wife is trying to fatten me up. She makes big meals and always has my favorite treats around. I’ve already put on 15 pounds in our first year of marriage. I didn’t realize she was probably intentionally fattening me up.

  • It's easy to tell:
    - If she asks if you'd rather have broccoli than a brownie, then she's not into it.
    - If she offers you a single brownie, she's just showing love and doesn't mind if you gain a bit.
    - If she puts a plate of brownies out and pouts that you only ate one, she's likes seeing you get a little bigger
    - If she pouts that you didn't finish the whole plate, she wants you a lot bigger
    - If she ties you up and shoves all the brownies into your mouth, then you got a bonafide feeder on your hands.

  • Yea, I think that is a pretty good brownie scale to use. This person must know from experience.

  • My girlfriend straight up said one day that she is more attracted to bigger guys and encouraged me to gain weight. I guess I have to think of how committed I am to a relationship with her because I’m in good shape and want to stay that way.

  • I guess you have to decide if you want to be with a woman who is going to encourage you to stay fit and trim your whole life or a woman who is willing to let you plump up a bit over the duration of the relationship. You have to ask yourself which one is more stressful to you. Only you know the answer to that!

  • I need to show my sis-in-law the comments about cheating. She's the boss in her house, makes the bank, pays the bill, big talk about her man doing what she says. She even sends him to the gym cause she likes him tight. He just need to sit around and be good baby daddy.

    Problem is he cant handle being so fine. He's a little pig round the ho's. They tell him he looks all fine and he turns to putty. Two times she caught him hookin up.

    She needs to cut pay to his gym and make him pig out on burgers and KFC. Turn that little pig into a hog so he dont have to deal with the ho's no more. Yeah she like him all tight all right but what good is that if shes locking him out of the house agin for hookin up.

  • Keep us updated on if she starts making him pork out into a real kept hog!

  • Sounds like he gets too much attention from the ladies! Not good. 🙅🏾‍♀️

  • Yeh, his minds to week to handle having a fine body llike that. shes the boss she can fix it i gonna tell her

  • Why do you think you have enjoyed watching your husband get fat?

  • I’m not sure. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I didn’t really plan to have him gain weight. It just kinda started happening over time. But as I watched it happening, I liked it. Maybe, at first, it made me feel secure and loved, like he was not interested in attracting other women because he was slowly putting on weight. Now, I find it physically attractive on him. I’ve now seen him as a thin version and a fat version of himself, and I physically am more attracted to his fat version. I just am. Not sure why.

  • That’s so sweet!! 💕

  • Why would you want your husband fat?!

  • I’m attracted to fat guys. I just am. I always have been. Skinny guys can be cute and attractive, but I’m not usually attracted to them. I like my boys big!!

  • I'm a skinny guy, but I love food so much, I'd be happy to get fat if a girl enjoyed it and helped a bit. I always wonder whether I should put on my dating profile "skinny but ready to get fat". Like if it would make practically every girl freak out or if enough are into it, that a good match was sure to come along. I know about feabie, but that seems super focused on feeding. I want a connection that comes along with food, not the other way around!

  • I think dating bigger girls would be a good start. Then you know they won’t be judgmental about a weight gain. Although, I would say bigger girls are just more fun to date anyway, usually. They seem to have less things they worry about and are less uptight than skinny girls. And bigger girls seem more appreciative of efforts by their boyfriends. If she has a pretty face and a thick body, you would be in heaven.

  • Yes I like bigger girls, but not all like bigger guys, while of course some absolutely love a fat guy. It's difficult to know who's who upfront, when you're still skinny in your profile pics. I suppose I could gain a bit, but that would be more fun in a relationship. Maybe I should stuff pillows under my shirt in profile pics! Some sort of reverse catfish :) But I don't actually want to go down that route.

  • You could just make a profile where you are wearing a fat suit to make it look like you are bigger and just see what type of response you get from bigger girls.

  • I’ve dated guys of all different shapes and sizes. If I can snag a chubby guy and settle down with him, I wouldn’t think twice about it. My bigger boyfriends have always been sweeter, kinder, more caring and affectionate and more thoughtful. I think it’s that they feel they have to try harder because they are a little embarrassed about their weight. But I want an emotional partner more than a gym partner.

  • Be careful with getting fat. Being fat will literally change every aspect of your life - from exercise and dating to long-term health, overall energy levels and s**. Nothing is the same with extra weight on your body.

  • I haven’t been fat, but I’ve dated fat guys. Life is a little different for them. We do different activities (less park strolls or hikes and more “let’s go check out this new restaurant” type of activities) and our time is spent differently. Intimacy is different. It’s still very possible and can be very sensual, but s** is different with a belly. More discussions about doctor visits, etc. I don’t mind having a fat guy as my partner, but it is different.

  • My wife is a BBW (Big Beautiful Woman) who loves to cook. I always figured I could enjoy her irresistible cooking and still stay in shape by going to the gym a couple times a week. Then quarantine hit and now the gym is closed, she's discovered online grocery shopping with some Instacart app, and she's got me here 24/7 to fill up with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and some late night snack. She's always loved cooking, but now she basically treats it like her fulltime job.

    Oh well, I had a good couple years staying thin. She hasn't said anything, but I don't think she ever much cared what my weight was anyway.

  • She’s going to be Tess Holliday size before you know it!

  • That sounds nice! How big is she?
    Portion control unless you want to blow up like a balloon! 🎈

  • A nice 250 lbs. Heavier than me ... for now :/

  • Was she 250 when you got with her?

  • No, she's gained about 50 pounds in the last couple years. That's the scary thing. Her gain is proof that the food is fattening and now I'm not working it off anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love her plump. Just didn't imagine I'd be joining in so soon. In hindsight though, I sure am glad I married a BBW. She won't give me a hard time if my spare tire gets to the point where I get too winded to work it off. I also take solace that probably half the other guys I know are similarly going to pot while in lockdown. We'll emerge as some Fellowship of the Fatties!

  • One piece of cake to rule them all! 🍰

  • Haha!! 🤣

  • Oh, yea, she’s a bigger lady. You stand no chance to stay thin.

  • Yeah, realizing that now. Funny how the world plays tricks on you. Who would have imagined a global pandemic and being locked up with a 24/7 baking machine. Being with her is worth it though.

  • She sound amazing!

  • My wife always says she doesn’t care if I gain weight. I was 180 when we started dating and weigh 225 now, all just fat gain. Maybe she isn’t shallow and just loves me. Or maybe it’s security for her?

  • She probably just loves you, dude. Just don’t get too fat on her.

  • That sounds like me and my wife, except the opposite. She’s gone from 180 (already chubby) to 215. I am shallow and I love her new size! 😛

  • That is refreshing that you find her attractive at a heavier weight! 👍🏻

  • It’s probably love and security. The chubbier you are the less likely other women will show interest in you.

  • I love to go up to my man, take his belly in both of my hands and just move it around. It’s so cute!

  • In the morning on weekends, my wife will come snuggle up behind me, lift up my shirt and touch my belly for ten minutes or so while we morning pillow talk. She will stroke it, rub it, grab it, jiggle it and do whatever else she can think of while we wake up. The other morning she commented on how she’s glad my six pack is gone because a belly is more fun.

  • That sounds nice!! 😘

  • My favorite is when a guy marries a fat woman who cooks. I have a friend who was always sharing links to her friend's amazing food posts. I clicked once, and this friend-of-a-friend was a wannabe chef and super foodie who had an endless stream of Instagram posts of lasagnas, elaborate pastas, decadent cakes, you name it. And of course she was very chubby, at least a size 24. Never trust a skinny cook!

    But my jaw dropped when I scrolled down and saw she had married a smiling skinny dude a couple years earlier, even though she was still at least a size 18 back then. Cute, opposites attract I supposed. Then it dawned on me he was the same guy laughing with her in the profile pic at the top! Except, he was now even FATTER than her, despite her own gain, laughing with his huge belly hanging over his belt and the same goofy smile!

    She had completely erased every trace that he had once been a thin man. Every part of him was plumped from a thick double chin down to those fat man calves.

    I can't help thinking about what a journey is must have been for him. Falling for this super-thick beautiful woman who welcomes you with laughter and lavish feasts. He experienced himself being converted, becoming more like her, joining her, and then leading the way further. And there they were now. Yet another fat couple you might pass by. But you'd never know what a wild, lavish, ride he must have enjoyed along the way.

    If I ever marry again, I think I might go so far as to seek out someone like her, an unashamed fatty constantly showing off her delicious creations. If I ever find her, I'm going to buckle up, have my seat-belt extender ready, and provide for her in every way so she can cook and bake all she wants.

  • Life is too short to always worry what people think. If you want to be with a fat woman, you should be. You shouldn’t worry what others think. Big girls are sexy, too! 🍰

  • Life with a good woman who can cook is the best!

  • Sounds like a wonderful life! ;)

  • I have some background knowledge in online dating algorithms. I don't have stats, but I believe "cooking" is one of the most common things men search for in female profiles. Many sites will have an easy way to search for it, such as in interest search or a tag.
    In fact, years ago there was a huge scam with fake online dating personas. Hundreds had a common template with variations of "love to cook", "make you fat", and then they'd all repeat again with "You will get fat". POF discovered it and later stopped allowing Google to access profiles. Bing has also almost entirely removed the bogus profile links too, but you can still find two by searching on Bing for exactly "will get fat" (look at the cached version) . Of course, those will probably be removed soon too.
    What shocked me though was these profiles, and there were hundreds, were so successful because, among other man hooks, it was women claiming they'd cook so much that their guys were sure to get fat.

    That means there's this sizable world of guys out there falling for women doubling saying they were going to fatten them up. Basically, scam artists experimented around to find the ideal, yet believable, profile to lure guys and the solution including saying "you will get fat".

    So I would not be surprised if many husbands are happy when their wife starts them on a tasty journey through dad bod and beyond.

  • Not only is it tasty, but it’s a sign she is committed and wants to make you happy. Those are two parts of a strong foundation for a relationship. I think that is why a lot of men and drawn to it.

  • If I have a woman who takes care of me and makes my life great, I’m willing to get as fat as she wants me!

  • I have a husband that does the same thing, so much so that I now weigh 470lbs and getting fatter.

  • My wife and I have three kids (and one on the way). She was very slim when we started dating, were married and through her first two pregnancies. Her third pregnancy she relaxed a little (I did, too), gained a little more weight than before and she didn’t lose any of the baby weight after the delivery. She kept it on for years and even got a little bigger. And then we got pregnant with No. 4, and then she weighed more when we got pregnant than she did at 9 months of pregnancy with the first or second baby. We had to buy all new maternity clothes for No. 4 because she went from a size small to a size large, and none of the old clothes fit her anymore. I don’t really mind because I’ve gained weight, too, and I didn’t even have any kids. And she is still incredibly beautiful and extremely sexy to me!

  • How much more does she weigh now than when you married?

  • She was 115 lbs. when we married. Gained 30 lbs. with our first two kids. She was probably 125 lbs. when we got pregnant for the third time, and in that pregnancy she gained 40 lbs. By the time we got pregnant with our fourth baby, my wife was between 180-190 lbs. since she didn’t lose any baby weight. She’s in her third trimester now, and she weighed 217 lbs. last doctor’s appointment. So she has gained more than 100 pounds during our marriage.

  • I wish my wife would gain weight like that!

  • 217 pounds with a cute pregnant belly sounds incredibly sexy!!

  • You sound like a very lucky and blessed man. Four kids. Attractive, plump wife. Enjoy! 👍🏻

  • My bf has grown a little paunch belly and it’s so cute!

  • My boyfriend has a paunch belly now, too!! He didn’t have that until he started dating me. Last time we were with his parents his mom was teasing him about his new tummy. :)

  • Paunch Burger!!! 🍔

  • That's the kind of girl you take home to mom. The one that is starting to make you fat. You get a little teasing, but mom and dad know you're happy now, and that way their jaws won't drop too hard when they see their son showing up again a few months later looking even rounder.

  • It can be awkward when you show up 20-30 pounds heavier. That was my last Christmas...

  • How did that go?

  • Exactly! I hope he wants to keep me around. His mom and dad are really sweet to me. Last time we saw them, his mom poked his belly and said a serious girlfriend looked good on him.

  • My wife made no secret about her planning on growing my man belly. She told me early on in dating that, “I’m going to take such good care of you. You will love my cooking and have a dad bod in a couple years.” She was right.

  • As long as she kept her promise and took care of you, I don’t see any problem with her being honest! 😋

  • Hehe, she took it easy on you. I've seen a few guys already busting out of their tux on their wedding day! The craziest is when they're dating a girl who loves to bake! They pass by dad bod at 65 miles an hour, or should I say 65 lbs a year!

  • A woman who bakes and bakes well is a sure sign you will eventually need bigger pants!! 🤪

  • Sounds like she had plans to make you hers! ;)

  • My hubby has always been lean and in shape. He had abs when we got married. I told him that I was impressed by all his hard work, but I wouldn’t mind him having a little paunch belly instead of abs. I told him to work on his arms, back and shoulders for him, but leave the tummy for me. And he did! :)
    He’s strong and cut on top with a little belly for me! It’s so cute on him.

  • Why did he agree to do that?!!

  • Because he loves me!! 😍

  • My wife said she had to go to Target to buy a bigger bikini for the summer. She said her one from last year was too small.

  • Are you happy about it or sad about it?

  • Yes!! I can’t wait to see her little pot belly in a bikini this summer. 👙

  • Some soft belly sticking out of a bathing suit is beautiful!

  • Oh, yea! Women with that soft layer of belly fat that just sticks out a little are super sexy!!

  • I feel there is a double standard here. If this read “My wife is getting fat” instead, you wouldn’t see such supportive comments throughout this post. You would just see women attacking that husband. Change it to husband, and everyone seems to think it’s cute and caring of his wife/girlfriend to get him fat.

  • I think there is some self-conscious that equates heavier men with strength and heavier women with fertility. I don’t mean overly obese, but a plump man or woman triggers some security in our self-conscious.

  • Meh, there's probably many reasons. There's likely deeply rooted biology at work.

    In the animal world, the alpha male eats first and the beta waits for scraps. The paragons of masculinity in the animal kingdom like the grizzly bear, the gorilla, or the bull are impressive both for their strength AND their bulk. The male lion seems to defy the image, but upon close observation, even he mostly lays around while the lioness brings food and has him eat first.

    On a different note, women are forced to gain as a natural part of pregnancy. Maybe there's a fitting justice in seeing a man carry a belly too. Plus, women are statistically more likely to be in vulnerable circumstances. Using her culinary talents to discourage a husband from straying is kind of a gentle show of strength.

    So yeah, there's a double standard. But there's a double standard in the world too. And from the male point-of-view, I'm sure it balances out. That hanging gut helps keep him from chasing after other chicks, but it also shows he's being treated like a king.

  • Good points about the pregnant belly for women/ gut for men and women using it as a little leverage to keep an unstable situation more stable (men can have wandering eyes...). But I wonder if the big gut is a turnoff for women or if it’s just a sign that he’s off the market?

  • I don't know about all that, but I know I'd love for a girl to want me fat. It's tough maintaining a gym bod. I'd trade in my six pack of abs for a six pack of beer if I knew she'd love a fatty all the same. So yeah, fatty lovers are hot. Wish I could find one!

  • I think deep down, any woman wants a loving and caring man first, and then be physically attracted to him second. I’ve seen a lot of guys with beautiful women way out of their leagues, but those men are typically incredibly good partners. And I’ve seen men who were absolute pigs and their relationships were horrible, even though they were gorgeous men. Plus, the better partner and person you are, the more naturally attractive you become.

  • How quickly did he go from a size 32 to a size 40?

  • About three or four years.

  • My husband keeps saying his body and back ache a little when he gets up. Wake up, Sherlock! You’ve put on 30 pounds in one year. Your body isn’t used to it. Hit the gym or quit complaining.

  • Tell that fatty to start running and doing strength exercises for his back! 🏋🏽🏃🏽

  • There might be other things he can do to help. A firm bed with a thin layer of memory foam has worked wonders. Natural supplements like Turmeric can help with joints too.

  • Ha ha! Yes, not being used to your new body and how it feels and moves can be hard with weight gain.

  • Lots of references to making them "too fat to cheat" below. It reminds me of this cute couple I knew a couple years ago. Pretty wife and handsome man. She was a great Southern cook, but kept the portions in control so they could both stay in shape.

    One day, he admitted that he had an online affair with another woman. Apparently it never got physical, so he felt like it was safe to admit even to friends. But I'm guessing, despite her continuing pleasant smile, she didn't take it too well. Suddenly, month after month, he kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger.

    At this point, she's more than ensured he won't be thinking about taking anything to a physical level. I half wonder if she intends to keep going until he's too fat to even j*** off.

  • My husband and I both made a pact that weight gain is not a reason to divorce, only infidelity. So far, we’ve avoided a gain by supporting each other and exercising!

  • Definitely wouldn't work with her :) It's a like a special pact. She's a college-educated stay-at-home-mom that is intelligent enough to climb a career ladder, but chose to forgo that and be a full-time wife and mother. He clearly wanted that too, since she quit for him. She treats him well, dotes on him, takes care of the babies, and did initially support him with lean portions and exercising together. But he needed to be trustworthy for her.

    Again, I think she made him fat because *he needed it*. It was basically an act of love. He went into marriage wanting a stay at home wife that was all gushy for him and full of romance and other frills, but he couldn't control his urges and live up to his end of the bargain. So for him to maintain the kind of relationship he wants, she has to help him out, do him a favor like the good wife she is.

    He gets to enjoy all the amazing food he wants, and he carries around a helpful reminder that he's a married man now.

  • A lot of guys can't handle staying in great shape in an old fashioned relationship. They can't resist the onslaught of continued interest from other women or the temptation to flirt.

    If their in a D*** (Dual Income, No Kids) relationship, maybe it's not a big deal if they hang out and then part ways. But if he's really desiring an old school, 1950s-style thing where wifey stays home and takes care of the house and kids, and if he finds a woman willing to drop everything else and take on that vulnerable role...

    Well, wifey might just need to fatten up hubby to make fidelity a little easier for him. Relieve the poor guy of parading around that restless dating-site-ready body.

    Sometimes a dad bod is good. But some guys need a little more help than that, and if she's serving up his plate, she's got just the tool to make life a little easier -- old-fashioned style just like he likes it. He'll be so loud bragging to his buddies that he's living like a king that he won't even here the hot chicks giggling now when he goes jiggling by.

  • That makes a lot of sense, actually. With more men working outside of the home and more women in the workplace, there is some natural friction and opportunities if a dirt bag wants to pursue them. I think it makes a lot of sense to keep him happy at the table and in the bedroom and keep the prowling women off that porker.

  • I heard a very true monologue about the challenge of indulging temptation in the 50s. Good luck sneaking in a subscription to play boy every month. Drive down to x,x,x store where everyone will recognize your car? Flirt with the one girl in the office who's probably already seeing the boss? S-ex-ting over snail mail? You have a 2 week business trip to Tokyo and can't take phone calls? -- yeah right.

    Ward had eyes only for Ms. Cleaver back then, because he hardly had opportunity for anyone else.

    Relationships have of course changed for many people nowadays, so it might be irrelevant or even repulsive to most. But quite a few couples still yearn for some aspect of that time-honored love. And in the spirit of letting people live as they please, they have every right to purse that. But it shouldn't be surprising if it takes a little more creativity and even "planning" to make it work nowadays.

    I for one know if some special woman told me that my beach body was vestigial, obsolete and risky baggage leftover from my dating days, which we intended to never let return, I'd be all too accepting of her plans to help me trade up to a settled man's fat and happy body.

  • If I have a loving wife who take care of me and makes my life wonderful, that’s worth 50 extra lbs., a dad bod, and less attention from random women.

  • How much would you estimate he weighs now?

  • Sorry, no idea. We talk, but I could never ask that :) I can say he was a little thin guy before. They're both pretty short. Now he looks almost as wide as he is tall. I think of Humpty Dumpty when I see him now.

  • LOL! 🥚

  • Ha ha! Very succinct points! :)

  • Was it noticeable how much weight she helped him gain?

  • Yeah, very much. Have you had American Southern cooking before? Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, cornbread, meat loaf, chess pie. That deliciousness can easily be weaponized. It looked like a bomb had gone off in his belly the way he was exploding out of his clothes.

  • Did she gain weight too with all that cooking or just him?

  • All on him! Now he looks like an over-stuffed sausage waddling next to his hot trophy wife. She probably saved his life too. Around here, fathers look after their daughters and she had brothers too. Better to be the faithful son or brother in law who loves her cooking so much that it shows from a mile away, than to get caught in an affair that ends up going too far!

  • Affairs are definitely no bueno. She did the right thing. He deserves it.

  • My wife has definitely packed some weight on me since we got married. I’m a little self-conscious about it, but she seems to like it. I’ve gotten a little bigger in my tummy over the last six months (had to buy new slacks for work) and she suggested that she should start rubbing Palmer’s Cocoa Butter on my stomach each night to prevent stretch marks.

  • Are you sure she's not pregnant or researching it? That would explain knowing about cocoa butter. A lot of pregnant women like their man to get a tummy too. That way he can relate to changes in body shape, outgrowing clothes, the need to take things a little more slowly, and maybe even indulging cravings. She also perhaps feels a little less self-conscious. And afterward, she either has a workout buddy or a matching partner depending on whether her body bounces back or not.

  • Have you noticed that she is heavier lately? I think she knows she has gained weight and she wants you to gain as well. It’s harder to face family and friends when just one of you is bigger. Early in our marriage, I noticed I had gained 15 pounds and so I started giving my husband seconds at meals and making his favorite treats until I could look at his tummy and tell it was bigger.

  • Yea, she is in a relationship and almost all women start gaining weight once they are in a committed relationship. She probably knows she’s going to start looking bigger and wants you to beat her to it so all the fat focus isn’t on her.

  • My guess is she knows she is putting on weight now and doesn’t want to be alone in that process. She wants her man to match her so you still look relatively the same compared to each other. It’s less embarrassing for her if you both look bigger. Trust me, I know. I did it to my husband! ;)

  • Good point. She might be thinking she wants a baby soon and wants you to experience life with a belly, too.

  • No, we don’t have kids yet. But she is starting to think about it (asked me for a dog last year, and that’s always a subtle sign). She wanted our first years to be just us. For now, it’s just me, her and my new belly. I’ve put on 40 lbs. since our wedding day... 😔

  • No better way to get ready to get pregnant than to have your man gain some sympathy weight ahead of time! 😁

  • Having my wife rub my belly with cocoa butter sounds sexy!

  • Yea, sign me up!

  • Sounds like she’s been planning on making you fat for awhile now and she wants to keep you that way!

  • Yes, I can guarantee you that you will not be losing any weight soon if she intends on rubbing your belly with pregnancy cream each night!

  • You realize Cocoa Butter is for pregnant women, right?

  • My guess is she is planning on getting you even bigger for her if she’s trying to keep stretch marks off you. How much weight have you gained?

  • Probably between 40-50 lbs. in the last two years. She’s a really good cook and I don’t go to the gym as much as I did before we were married. I’ve had to buy new clothes for work a few times and a couple new belts. It’s a little depressing.

  • Don’t de depressed, but you do need to take control. That’s a lot of weight in a short period of time. Don’t go overboard!

  • Oh, wow! She is definitely into your belly then!

  • Is this serious? People actually want their significant other to gain weight??

  • My wife definitely feeds me like she wants me to gain weight...

  • I briefly was with a girl who I'd previously seen dating bigger guys, much fatter than me. I remember the first time I went to her house and she made chicken and dumplings. She gave me a HUGE bowl like three times what I would normally eat. I commented that it was a quite the serving and she said "well, you ARE a MAN aren't you?". The pressure was intense! Not wanting to wound my pride, I stuffed it down until I was practically bursting. Then she immediately grabbed the empty bowl and refilled it!

    It suddenly dawned on me that I was assuming she was just open to all body types. But maybe she was just open to me, because she knew I was adjustable to her liking.

    We didn't work out for other reasons, but I both shudder and marvel with curiosity about how quickly she would have fattened me up with her level of determination.

  • Maybe that’s her way of shoring love and care.

  • *showing

  • I wouldn’t mind if my wife gained some weight. She looks better when her body is full and curvy. She’s more womanly to me at a higher body weight.

  • Kind of obvious isn't it? Something like 40% of people are obese. There's no way that's all by accident. Even if it's 95% accident, which I find hard to believe, that still means millions and millions of deliberate weight gainers. It's basically the huge white elephant of a secret that no one talks about publicly. But the evidence clearly speaks for itself!

    If you really want evidence, consider that NutriSystem was the most popular mens' weight loss until they got bought out. Their new company Tivity health has been losing, practically an emaciated, since early 2018. Meanwhile obesity rates are blowing up. So, weight loss companies are thinning and people are gaining. Correlation does not equal causation, but when it's this extreme, something is up!

  • Maybe there is a difference, though, between deliberate weight gain and weight gain for reasons of just life and your life changing. For instance, purposely overeating to add weight to your body in a conscious way is different than maybe having less time to work on yourself because you have a toddler or a demanding job or you fight traffic each day for hours and you just don’t have the time to exercise like you once did (and you haven’t modified your eating habits well enough).

  • Hmm, but if it was about demanding jobs, traffic, and young families, then you'd expect New York City, LA, and Silicon Valley to be full of fatties. You'd expect more relaxed, laid back cities like Boise and many cities of the Southern US to be full of people dieting and exercising with all their free time. It seems almost the opposite. I agree it may not be fully intentional, but it seems like people aren't using free time to fuss about it either. There's a lot more acceptance and seizing the moment.

  • Yea. Good point. But NYC is all walkable. SoCal has a healthier vibe. Both places are fairly vain relative to other parts of the country, and therefore, stay in shape to keep up appearances. The South has a history of fatty meals, lower wages and it’s really hot and muggy there which means it’s not fun to exercise in. That’s why folks out West are usually in really fit shape - the weather is great for getting outdoors and getting exercise.

  • Sure, but again correlation does not equal causation. Is someone in SoCal auto-magically thinner? Or instead, perhaps the couple that says "hey honey, let's chill out and get fat AF together" wouldn't dream of moving to downtown New York and stuffing themselves into subways. Instead they move to Alabama to be near her mother-in-law, who proclaims "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" and doesn't let her daughter rest until her new hubby's tummy displays some undeniable proof that he's in love.

    Or the slightly odd SoCal girl who tells her friends "I just dream of making someone fat and happy". She feels like she doesn't quite fit in, but she comes across someone online, who says he loves home cooking in Georgia, and they're now a featured couple on OkCupid.

    People find each other more easily nowadays. Even international dating is taking off. I've heard one of the most common qualities western men look for internationally is "can she cook". So the Filipina who loves to cook chats with a guy in Florida who wants to get fat off of lumpia. She's happy, he's happy, and he's definitely going to get fat.

    Whatever the reason, the obesity rate is 40% and growing. That's just too high to all be accidents.

  • Yea, maybe you are onto something. But I think it’s probably less self-conscious than some of those scenarios. Or maybe conscious, but don’t care enough to stop it. Then, I guess, someone “purposefully gaining weight” makes sense and you saying it’s not an accident makes sense.

  • I admit when we got married, my wife and I both agreed we would absolutely NOT be one of those typical couples that gets fat. But, then she gained a few pounds almost overnight with the craziness of first semester grad school finals. I was kind of annoyed at first, but then pleasantly surprised, and almost shocked, that she felt a little nicer in bed. There was this softer, fuller, more substantial feeling. I couldn't admit to it though, and I'm ashamed to say, even teased her some.

    Because of other issues, the weight kept coming and I kept strangely finding it more and more delightful to the point that I finally had to admit it. She's always been a bit of a foodie and my newly admitted love for her softness freed her to start making more elaborate meals, which in turn started pounding my waistline. That seemed to make her more comfortable around me. It's almost like her attractions changed to seeing a big guy as more dominant and manly, like she refers to my "bear hugs" and expects me to eat bigger portions. She'll sometimes remark about little skinny guys almost as if they're boys.

    So here we are a decade later, and I'd definitely love it if she got even softer and she seems keen on having a big man in her life.

  • Your experience sounds a lot like mine. I didn’t think I was into bigger women, but my skinny wife put on about fifty pounds in the first couple years of marriage. At that point I realized that I really liked her better that way. Her body was full and sexier, like more womanly. She was the same woman, but sexier to me. One night she was complaining about her weight and finally I told her how I felt. She was shocked. She started crying because she said she felt so bad that I had married one woman and now had a different looking woman. I told her that she was the same women, but even sexier to me now and that I was surprised how much I liked it. She cried a little more (happy tears this time) and asked me if I wanted her to lose any of the weight. I said, “Not at all. I want you like this.” She’s probably a size 16/18 now. I love it.

  • How did she feel about gaining the weight?

  • Definitely ashamed and embarrassed at first. I already mentioned my change in attitude, but in some respects, she was even worse before. She'd often refer to "nasty fat" people. She was a foodie but she prided herself in rock solid control. It took quite a few weight loss failures to gradually accept herself. We're both totally different today, but again, it was more of a pendulum of back and forth rather than a steady change. There were huge swings in the first couple years.

  • My guess is you are both more complete, empathetic and caring people having gone through a change like that.

  • How did you tell her you liked her new weight?

  • At first, I just started keeping quiet about it. I didn't know what to think with my conflicted thoughts. But then I found myself teasing again, but in a much more playful way like, "mmm, where did this come from?" while massaging her no longer perfectly flat tummy. She'd say something like "sorry, too much ice cream". And then one day I retorted with "would you like me to get you some more ice cream?" It all came out kind of naturally, just usual banter.

  • That makes a lot of sense to me. My wife has gained some weight and I’m more attracted to her now at a heavier weight than I was before, but I’m afraid to tell her because I think she will get really depressed.

  • You are one lucky dude! I envy you so much. Sounds like she is not only a sexy woman, but that you guys have an awesome relationship.

  • What did she say when you admitted to liking her bigger?

  • Oh, see my comment above. She said yes to the ice cream, by the way. Interestingly, I heard about "feederism" years later. It's presented in such a negative light in the media, that it sounded repulsive. But, thinking about it, yeah, I offered her a snack, she said yes, and I found her softness nice. Then we gradually both became a little more laid back about eating.

  • How much weight have you both gained?

  • How much time was it? Like over ten years?

  • Wow, lots of questions! See my other comments above, but I'll continue here. Short answer: 90 pounds for me and 125 pounds for her since we began dating.

    I worked out regularly back then and had pretty solid abs and she was not muscled, but thin and firm. It wasn't like one day we decided "hey, let's get fat", although in retrospect, I guess that might have been fun :) But, no, it was a back and forth. I noticed I'd have to flex a bit more to show definition or I'd have a faint tummy bulge after dinner that would disappear by morning. I'd cutout condiments or she'd declare she was going to start jogging. This would go on for a while, then some event would come up or work/school would get busy and it would be postponed.

    There was this interim period of back and forth for both of us, like a pendulum between cutting back and then indulging.

    After a while, you get more used to being a little bigger though. It definitely has its benefits. We have a pretty traditional relationship, and though I wouldn't consider myself chauvinist, you could say our relationship is definitely more awesome (enough said) when she sees me as manly. When I was thin, that was sometimes pretty tough. Try looking masculine while ordering a kid burger, because you've already hit your calorie limit. Now I'll order the steak and not give a f*ck.

    Dates became more fun too, once we more firmly crossed over to seeing ourselves as "big". Drinks, appetizers, the full plate, and a dessert. And the night's still young.

  • I like the idea that you feel more free. That thought in and of itself is liberating. Just do what you want.

  • 90 lbs. and 125 lbs. is a significant weight gain unless you both were super skinny before.

  • Yes, lesson learned: be kind to fat people because know matter how absolutely confident you are, you might join them someday! And even more crazy is that you might enjoy it!

  • Oh, my! You two put on some pounds!! ;)

  • Yes! A few reasons why, that I have noticed:
    - General married laziness: you quit trying as hard to impress the other person.
    - General married contentment/happiness: even people who stick to their routines still seem to gain a little weight once they tie the knot because life is good.
    - More sedentary nights: it’s fun to Netflix and chill with your new spouse!
    - Change in routine to accommodate your spouse: less gym, more meals, more time eating together, etc.
    - Too much love: you care for them so much you just want them to be happy, and it doesn’t bother you if they gain some weight in the process as long as they are happy.
    - Attractiveness: some people like the weight gain on others, some people like to feel the weight gain on themselves and some people look better when they are bigger. You have some more freedom to explore this or not be so healthy because you have a loving and caring spouse.

  • Yes!! :) I think all of those reasons are summed up very well. And I would also add less time in life with jobs, kids, activities, etc. we make ourselves really busy and that being busy gets in the way of more important things, like our health.

  • Good for him! He's off the meat market now. He doesn't need a chick magnet body anymore. Health trolls will complain, but I'm sure a wife sexing up his blubber in the bedroom will keep him younger than any treadmill could.

  • Very true!

  • When did you start to realize you were attracted to a fatter version of him?

  • I’m not really sure. We were just getting ready one day and I noticed his belly was a little bigger in his undershirt, and I thought it was cute. But I didn’t say anything or think much of it. It was maybe 10-15 pounds at that time. Not a lot, but enough for an observant spouse to notice.
    A few weeks later, I saw him again getting ready and noticed it again and decided to lovingly tease him about his new, added weight. He said he thought his pants were a little tight. I told him I thought he looked fantastic and handsome, and that I could get him dress slacks one size bigger for him if he wanted next time I went to the store. But then I started thinking more about it throughout the day and I realized I just found him very attractive a little heavier.
    I paid extra close attention to how his new size looked in his clothes and what I thought about it and I just found myself really being attracted to him more than ever. He just looked more manly to me.
    Soooo...the first 15 pounds we’re all him. But after I realized I was more attracted to him at a heavier weight, I was curious if he would look even more attractive to me at a heavier weight. And I helped him with the last 35 pounds (at the time of this original post) and the subsequent 20 pounds over the last six months. Just good cooking (I’m a fabulous cook) of all his favorite meals, keeping the house stocked with all his favorite snacks, buying him bigger clothes, upping my game in the bedroom and telling him how much I love him.
    And I’m very much attracted to him at his new size!! :)

  • This is so cute!! 🥰

  • I suspect he knows you didn't mind his weight gain one single bit :)

    A husband asking his wife "are you trying to make me fat?" is like a wife asking her husband "do these pants make me look fat?"

    There's usually enough evidence for them to answer the question themselves, and if they do ask, they know there's no way their spouse will be honest anyway.

  • I’ve straight up asked my girlfriend if she is trying to get me fat and she said, “Yes! Of course I am,” like it was no big deal.

  • I think it’s different for men and women. It’s very easy for a woman to know she’s gained even a little weight because women’s clothes are so much more form fitting and unforgiving. They get tight fast with just a few pounds up the scale. Men’s clothes are much more loose and you don’t notice as quickly that they don’t fit as well. And, I don’t think men care as much, don’t get on bathroom scales as much and don’t focus on their weight like women tend to do. So, a husband might not notice his weight gain like a wife might notice hers (or his, women pay attention more than men). So a man might not legitimately realize he’s getting fattened up until he’s 20 pounds bigger.

  • Very sneaky!

  • I like reading all the comments from these women who still love their chubby men. It’s really cute!

  • "Keep 'em round and they'll keep around" as I always say!
    Or if a skinny lad somehow catches your heart, no problem ...
    "Turn a stick round and they'll stick around"
    "Make 'em wide and they'll stay by your side"
    "Turn his ab to flab and your relationship will be fab"

  • You know they've decided to stay once they've let themselves go!

  • I'm average sized, but I love fat women, especially if they love to cook. Of course, I know there's no way I'd stay thin for long around a woman like that, so I've pretty much accepted I'll become a fat man. Hopefully my future BBW won't mind me getting fat.

  • I’m sure she won’t!

  • Have you packed any more weight onto him?

  • He has gained another 20 pounds over the last six months, so he’s probably about 240 pounds now. A size 42 waist. And still very sexy to me.

  • He’s getting fat looking now, isn’t he? Is that what you were wanting?

  • He is starting to look fat instead of just filled out. The extra 20 points he recently gained to hit 240 total pounds fully brought out a double chin on him and his belly hangs over his belt more now. It’s much more noticeable than when he was just 220 lbs.
    I’m not sure if I wanted him to look fat or just filled out. But I don’t mind looking at his new body now. He still looks strong and powerful, just with some extra layers of fat. I still find him incredibly attractive.

  • Glad that you're still attracted to him at such a size!

  • He’s gone from 170 pounds to 240 pounds?! And you still fancy him the same based on that drastic of a physical change?

  • Yea, for reals. I don’t know if I would love my husband putting on 70 pounds!!

  • I'm not the OP, but I can say it's not like it's an instant change. It's tiny bits at a time, and each brings new delights. On any given day, it's imperceptible, but one day you notice "oh, he looks a little fuller". His face softens a bit, looking more peaceful. There's more to hug. His forearms look bigger and tougher. Before, 250 lbs sounded like a blob, and now somehow it's just a tiny bit more of the man you love.

  • Yea, unless you are actively watching for it, you just kind of notice in pictures and stuff that they are getting bigger. But you still love him because he is still your husband. Just a rounder and bigger version of your husband.

  • Did it bother you at all that he was putting on the pounds?

  • Sounds like you’ve had a man gain while you were with him. What did you think of it?

  • Yea, he’s definitely gotten fat on you!

  • My boyfriend has been gaining weight since when we first started dating. He has gotten pretty big and has a double chin and a belly that hangs over his belt. I think it looks cute!

  • How does he feel about his weight gain? How much did he gain?

  • Probably 50 pounds. He doesn’t love the extra weight, but I told him I like the way he looks now. So he isn’t super motivated to lose his chubby belly anytime soon!

  • Well, don’t break up with him and just leave him fatter. Skinny him up if you decide to break up with him.

  • My husband is now fat, and I hate it. When we got together, he was so lean and muscular. He looked so sexy with such a defined body. About a year into our marriage, while I kept up my physique, he started to relax on his. Two years later, I look the same and now I’m married to a guy who has probably gained forty or fifty pounds, and mostly in his stomach. His abs are long gone and now covered by inches of belly fat. When he takes off his shirt, his belly literally looks like he’s pregnant. He has massive love handles and complains that his back hurts. And he has no motivation to work off all his excess belly fat he’s accumulated. He doesn’t look anything like the man I married.

  • Any change of heart? I hope this doesn’t have a big impact on your marriage.

  • Yea, a little bit of a change of heart. I was really upset about it one day and we had a fight about how much weight he had gained. He knew he was bigger, but he didn’t realize he had put on 47 pounds until he stepped on the scale that day. That was motivation for him to change. He has started working out more and eating better. He’s lost 18 pounds since the fight, which is good for his health. But I’ve been less focused on his weight gain now that I see his old self back, the one who would take charge and not let things just happen to him. Seeing him back to his old mentality has made me love and appreciate him more and his new body. If he loses all the weight it would be great for him, but now I’m focused on everything I love about him instead of the number on the scale. And now that I know he’s more committed to stop the slide, I can appreciate the fat belly while he still has it! It’s kinda cute on him!! And he’s more fun to cuddle!

  • That’s great that you were able to look past some of the physical stuff that was giving you hang ups. It would be sad to throw away a relationship that means so much to you because of some changes. We are all going to change in a lot of ways throughout our lives, so understanding what is an “OK” change and what is a “this is over” change is a good thing to be able to do. Sounds like you are on the right path!

  • That makes me so happy! Don’t let a few extra lbs. ruin your relationship!!

  • I’m glad to hear it!! Good luck!

  • I’m sorry you feel that way. Maybe tell him how you feel and that you are losing attraction to him. Or buy him some maternity t-shirts for his new baby belly!!

  • Maternity shirts are a good idea!! Ha!

  • I would get him a bra, yoga pants and maternity workout shirts and tell him those are his new workout clothes until he quits looking like a pregnant woman.

  • I just Amazon Primed him a XXXL sports bra, XXXL yoga pants and a XXXL workout shirt for pregnant women (a black one). The bra and yoga pants aren’t feminine colors either. We will see how this goes!

  • Alright, ladies!!! I tried it this morning. We got up and he told me he was going to work out. I told him I was going to work out, too, but I wanted us to work out at home together instead of going to the gym. He said OK, and then I told him I had new workout clothes for him.
    He’s gained about 50 pounds since we have been together. Some muscle. But mostly fat in his tummy area. So he definitely has a round belly that sticks out further than his chest (looks like he’s 4-5 months pregnant).
    So I bring out the clothes and tell him I bought him new workout clothes for his body. He looks at them and says, “I am not wearing that!” And I asked him why not and he said they were women’s clothes. I just told him they were just workout clothes and more form fitting and the bra was to help his chest bounce less when he does jumping jacks (he’s complained about that before). And that the yoga pants would keep his stomach in tighter.
    He finally agrees to it all. So I help him put on the bra (not as big of a deal today because a lot of professional soccer players wear one for analytical purposes) and it fits nice and snug like we women are all used to. I then load his belly into his maternity yoga pants (XXXL were still tight!) and he puts on the shirt.
    Everything is black, so it’s not too apparent that they are women’s maternity clothes. But he does kind of look like he is serious about working out.
    We do some stretches and warmups and he says that the clothes are a comfortable fabric. We start to exercise and he says he definitely feels more comfortable and less self-conscious because there is less jiggle and bounce to his body. Everything is keeping him in tighter.
    I tell him let’s take a stroll outside to warm down and it’s like he totally forgot he’s wearing maternity clothes. We went out and walked for 30 minutes and came home.
    He said thank you for his new clothes and they actually helped, and thanks for thinking of him. He was cute in his maternity clothes! 🏋🏻‍♂️

  • Update: we worked out again as a couple and I bought myself some maternity workout clothes “because he suggested they were so comfortable to work out in, so I wanted some for me.” It looks so funny to see him wear his maternity workout outfit. So I wear mine now so he continues to wear his. Anyone else have an update?!

  • What did he think about the sports bra?

  • Ha ha! I love this!! 💕

  • I just did this, too! Hopefully, he take it well!! ;)

  • Maternity clothes would be hilarious! I might try this with my husband!!

  • My husband needs maternity pants now!

  • My husband went from sexy and stocky and strong looking to just blubbery fat when he gained forty pounds. I still love him, but I prefer less belly.

  • My husband has gained 50 pounds since we have been together. The other day he asked me to help him do sit-ups and crunches. I pulled his shirt up while he did them. I saw no abs. Just flab.

  • Yes, my boyfriend definitely has a Santa belly now. Didn’t always have that...

  • Ha ha! My hubby, too! Used to have a nice, strong stomach. Now, it’s more like a bowl full of jelly.

  • That is exactly what I’m saying. I still very much love him. I just hate his new, fat belly and what it represents to me. I feel like he is relaxing on the relationship, not just relaxing on his appearance. It sounds shallow, but I don’t think it is.

  • Is he treating you differently than he was when he was skinnier? If he isn’t as nice or as affectionate or as helpful as he used to be, then I can understand your concern. But if he treats you just as well, then maybe it is shallow of you. And, just a word of caution - you probably won’t continue to look as good as you do now as you age. So be careful because what goes around also comes around.

  • I kinda agree. If he’s treating you the same or better, maybe it is a little shallow. You married him for better or for worse (for skinnier or fatter).

  • My hubby got fat, and I love it! He’s easier to cuddle with, lasts longer in bed, flirts less with other women, is nicer to me, gets less physical attention from other women and is more attentive to my needs that he was when he was skinny. No complaints about my man getting fat on me!

  • Good for you two! Men are such visual creatures. There's a second head down their that all too readily leads them to stray. They need a nice fattened belly to remind them that they're spoken for now.

  • And a nice fattened belly shows other women he’s spoken for!

  • At 220 pounds and a size 40 waist, he’s not that big. Probably similar to an average American man. But if he puts on another 50 pounds, he will probably be 270 pounds, a size 48/50 waist and his BMI will be off the charts on the morbidly obese side of the scale. At that weight, it will be harder for him to exercise, take care of himself, take care of you and the family and have s**. Just things to keep in mind. I’m almost 300 pounds myself, so I know what he will go through.

  • This guy is totally right. My husband was stocky when we married, but has since put on 50-60 lbs. it definitely changes some things in the relationship. We used to shower together at night and now we both can’t fit in there at the same time. We had to buy him new shirts and new pants. He gets winded when we do anything physical, and it’s more difficult for him to walk around a mall or a store with me. I don’t mind the extra weight, but I do miss some of the stuff his belly has changed.

  • I think this guy is right. Past 250 pounds at a normal height, he’s going to lose the ability to do some of his normal routine as easily. Harder to cut the grass. Harder to play at the park with the kids. Take up more room in the bed and snore. Just things to think about for both of you.

  • That seems to be good advice. The trade offs of getting that big for you should be part of your consideration.

  • You are killing him with your love.

  • I love a boy with blubber! Enjoy that fatty while he’s yours!

  • Don’t feel guilty! He’s putting the food in his own mouth. Just enjoy that fat boy!

  • Chubby guys can be so sexy. I like when they have abey on them!

  • A chubby belly is very cute!

  • *a belly on them.

  • I love to jiggle my fat man’s belly. He’s fun to cuddle with and squeeze. I never want him to skinny up.

  • You'll keep fattening him.
    "What’s better than eating what you want and getting your wife excited to be with you in the bedroom?"
    I did this with my wife and she got to like eating what she wanted and getting her husband excited to be with her in the bedroom. I was thinking 300lbs maybe a bit more, she's now 455lbs and still gaining.

  • 455 is way too fat. That’s a hog at that weight! 🐷

  • That woman is too fat then.

  • Nothing is sexier to me than my man loving my food and getting a belly for me. I’m proud of that belly! It was made with love!

  • It shows he's hooked on you and let's everyone else know too :)

  • Very true. His belly is evidence that his woman takes good care of him at the table and in the bedroom.

  • That’s the plan!

  • Love me a fatty! Fat boys are so sexy and sweet.

  • If you can get yourself a fatty, your life will be better.

  • Wish I had a wife like you that loved feeding me and making me fat. If anyone's interested, feel free to contact me!

  • I love watching my man plump up. I always tell him I’m going to make him fat, and he thinks I’m joking. I’m not joking. We’ve been together for two years and he’s gone up in pants sizes from 32 to 38 in that time. I can’t take all the credit, but I can take some because he loves my cooking. And I love watching his belly expand! Love my fatty!

  • Hehe, He'll know you meant it once his gut lops over his belt, and by then, it'll be too late for him to do anything about it!

  • Ha ha! Yes! He’s about there already with his belly. He has to kinda lift it up a little to do his belt now. It’s cute to watch!

  • I started to gain weight shortly after getting married and my life started calling me her pigalicious. She would rub my potbelly. It was kind of embarrassing, but she always kissed me afterwards.

  • Pigalicious seems kind of demeaning.

  • Yea, I agree. That’s messed up and not cute.

  • My husband went from a pants size 30 to 44 in ten years. He is so fat now and I just can’t get enough of him! I didn’t know, but I definitely prefer a fat belly on my man!

  • How much has he gained?

  • A size 44 pants is not healthy. Get him on a treadmill!

  • That’s pretty big. I hope his health is OK.

  • Homeboy got fat on you!

  • I can’t wait to get married and fatten up my husband. He will be so big and round when I’m done with him!

  • It's wonderful if you're attracted to fat guys. The gym rats are so fussy and fragile. They're so high maintenance and it just gets tougher and more frustrating to maintain over time. But a chubby hubby is the essence of stability . If you fatten your man, he'll stay that way guaranteed. And if you decide you want a little more, just offer him dessert.

  • It is satisfying to look back on old pictures and know he’s fatter now because he loves you and you made him fat!

  • Amen to that! Chubby guys are much nicer and more sensitive. They feel they have to try harder because of their weight.

  • My wife asked me to get fat about a year ago. I was astonished because it seemed she always liked my abs and lean body, but she told me that she always wanted me to gain weight, even while we were dating. She asked me to gain enough weight to have a belly that hangs over my pants. For me, that was about sixty pounds. I was reluctant at first, but she has been such a wonderful wife that I agreed to do it for her. I now have a little paunch that rests over my belt, and she seems to love it. I gained about 45 pounds. She always puts her hand on it and touches my stomach. More than she ever did before. It also gets her in the mood. So I might be fat now, but the trade offs have been well worth it.

  • Did you stop at 45 pounds?

  • I stopped at about fifty pounds because I told her that was more than enough of a change in my body for her, and she was OK with that. It was gradual over about three years, so I don’t really have any stretch marks. But my belly definitely hangs now and she loves that. She’s always grabbing it and touching me more than ever before. I can’t complain about that.

  • I've done this with my wife. Spoiled & pampered her and she just got bigger & bigger. She's now just over 600lbs and oh so sexy

  • My wife and I have both put on weight since we married five years ago. We call it our marriage fat. She’s put on 50 pounds and I’ve put on 70 pounds, which is about the same percentage. We just both are OK with each other at our new sizes. Intimacy is more challenging now, but not impossible and we just have to be more creative.

  • Are you still attracted to her now?

  • My wife lost about 70 pounds for our wedding. After the honeymoon, I told her that I missed her old body. She said that she understood that I dated a size 16 for three years and then married a size 6, and she didn’t ask me about losing weight for the wedding. She asked me if I wanted her big again, and I said yes. And I asked her if she would consider gaining some of the weight back. She said she would if that what I really wanted. That was a year ago and she has gained back about 40 pounds since the honeymoon. She said she’s going to gain the other 30-40 over the next year if that’s what I wanted. I’m glad to have the physical beauty I feel in love with for three years before we married. I felt I was married to a different version of the woman I loved. Now that she is gaining back, it feels like us again.

  • She must really love you to agree to gain all that weight back. You better treat her like a queen once she gets fat again.

  • I can’t believe she lost all that weight and you asked her to gain it back. I would never have done that.

  • She doesn’t mind being bigger. She’s been bigger her whole adult life. She wasn’t used to being so skinny.

  • Yea for chubby husbands! They are the best!

  • Chubby husbands are wonderful! Worth every pound!

  • Fat guys are usually very sweet, kind and funny. They are usually more concerned with me and my needs than other skinnier guys, so I will definitely take that trade off.

  • I’ve only dated heavy men. I find them so attractive. No skinny boys for me!

  • Fat boys are the best! They are usually kinder and more cuddly.

  • My bf started gaining weight recently. Probably twenty pounds over six months. He asked me if I thought he had gained some weight, and I fibbed and said I didn’t notice anything different. Of course, I noticed the first five pounds but didn’t say anything. Yes, bro, you’re getting fat on me and I have noticed! But I still love him.

  • Is he still putting on weight? How do you feel about it?

  • Still slightly gaining. I’m a little conflicted about it. Sometimes the thought grosses me out, but sometimes I see him and realize he looks that way because of being with me and that makes me happy.

  • My wife gained fifty pounds when we got pregnant with our first child. Throughout her pregnancy, I also gained about fifty pounds of sympathy weight while engaging in her pregnancy cravings. After she delivered our baby, she slimmed back down within six months but insisted I keep my extra baby weight on. She said she liked me fatter, and didn’t want me to lose any weight. I was self conscious about the weight gain in the first place, but she made me feel very comfortable about my new size with how much she flirted with me during the day and her increased demand for intimacy at night. I felt so much bigger, but she liked it so I think it was worth it. She’s even insinuated that she wants me to gain more next time she gets pregnant.

  • When we found out we were pregnant the first time, my husband offered to gain as much weight as I did and lose it with me. We both gained 32 pounds in nine months. I lost about 25 of it, and he lost about 2.5 of it. What seemed to be a sweet pact has turned out to be a dad bod.

  • My husband gained about that much weight when I got pregnant. Before, he had a flat stomach. A year later, he had a Santa belly. It took me awhile to get used to it, but now I love it. When I’m on top, I just squeeze and play with his fat belly. We talk and I just dig my fingers deep into his belly and knead that fat and tell him how sexy it is. I hold onto it while I lean back for deeper intimacy and penetration. When he’s on top, I love the feeling of the extra weight on my stomach. His heavy belly on me is so sexy. It literally takes my breath away for moments because it’s so heavy. I never want him skinny again!

  • Making love with a fat man is an experience. He can go longer and is more affectionate and gentle. It’s nice!

  • We had a hard time making love when I was pregnant because of how fat my husband is. He has a belly that looks about six months pregnant on its own, so positions because difficult when we had basically two pregnant bellies in between us in my third trimester. We made it work, but we couldn’t be as close when our tummies were getting in the way. Now that I’m not pregnant, though, I want him to get even fatter.

  • I have a smallish tummy and he has a bigger belly. But I love that when we are intimate that our bodies are always touching. When we were skinnier, than didn’t always happen. But now his belly or my tummy will be touching, too, and I like that! 💗

  • We have two kids about four years (and 50 pounds) apart. You can really notice when you look at old pictures of him holding our kids when each kid was little, although I don’t really mind. But the intimacy is definitely different with a belly (and two bellies when you are pregnant). Not better or worse, just different.

  • Me too! My husband and I are both bigger anyway, so when I started getting more pregnant, it was hard to be intimate. We had to be creative, which was fun on its own, but it definitely was more difficult with two big bellies.

  • My husband gained weight with each of my pregnancies. Each time he put on about 10-20 pounds and it made my s** drive go wild. I loved seeing him change with me and grow a baby belly, too. It made me feel closer to him.

  • Did he keep his baby belly?

  • I made him keep his baby belly. I would just stroke and rub on it every night and tell him how much I love it. Eventually, he enjoyed that time so much that he didn’t want to lose the belly.

  • Good luck with your perma-preggo belly!

  • My husband gained a lot of weight while I was pregnant. I totally understand your wife because I made my husband keep his baby fat, too. I love his sexy, fat belly! He looks pregnant when he takes his shirt off, and it drives me wild!

  • My wife gained about sixty pounds when she got pregnant with our son. She lost about twenty and kept forty. Her yoga pants used to be Medium and now she wears XXL. Her butt and thighs are so much bigger now and it all feels so amazing when we have s**. I see her butt now and all I want to do is cuddle her and squeeze it so much. She wraps her legs around me and I can barely contain myself. I’m addicted to her new size, and she knows it. Sometimes she teases me about if I want her bigger, and it’s hard to tell her that I do!

  • Did she keep the extra 40 lbs.?

  • Tell her that you do want her bigger, I told my wife after she started gaining weight, now she's over 500lbs.

  • Being teased by a curvy woman sounds amazing!

  • Couldn't agree more, be seduced by a 500lb wife wearing lingerie, showing off all her rolls & curves turns me on so much.

  • 500 lbs. is a tad on the fat side. Not really curvy at that point.

  • Tell her that you do want her bigger, I think she actually wants to get bigger.

  • Is she serious that she will get even bigger?

  • Yep, she is serious about getting even bigger.

  • Nothing is wrong with an XXL butt. Very nice!

  • I made my bf keep his baby fat on. No abs anymore. Just flabby. If he puts a ring on my finger, he can slim back down.

  • A big ring of belly fat around him keeps many a man more faithful than an engagement ring!

  • I’ve heard that myself, too! :)

  • That sounds like manipulation.

  • Well, he knocked her up so he has a part in this, too. All she is saying is she wants some security and not a man who might attract other women while he’s not taking care of a situation he created.

  • Fat bellies on me are super attractive!

  • At least that’s what all my girlfriends have said.

  • She probably said that because you have money or you daddy has money.

  • I noticed my bf getting fatter in his belly when I was pregnant. After he would measure my belly growth with a tape measure each week and write it down, I would then take the tape measure and document his belly growth. From when I started measuring him, he gained ten inches on his belly! I asked him to keep it because I liked it fatter!

  • 10 inches is a lot!

  • Did that embarrass him?

  • My husband and I had this weird thing where we would text each other pictures of what our ideal bodies would look like. Just random people on the internet and workout websites who are fairly fit. People that you would use as a goal of what you could accomplish. I told him one day that keeping myself fit for him all the time was exhausting. He replied that if it was exhausting, I should just get fat on him. I said to stop joking with me, and he said he would seriously love it if I gained weight. He started sending me pictures of girls who were much bigger than me. Like ten sizes bigger than me, and he said that would be fine. I was a little freaked out because The biggest I had ever been was a size 4, but I told him we could try it if he really wanted to. That was two years ago, and since we had that conversation, I’ve gone from a size 2 to a size 18. All with his daily encouragement. He is so sweet to me and we are having the best s** of our relationship. Ever.

  • You got extremely fat on him. I hope he is OK with that. I don’t think I would have been.

  • That is a big difference. Hope you like being so fat.

  • Enjoy life as a porker!

  • Good luck being obese!

  • Wow! Girl, you blew up. How do you like being a size 18 compared to a size 2/4?

  • Size 18 is fat. I’ve never seen a woman in shape who was a size 18.

  • It’s different. Clothes shopping is harder. I get more tired more easily. But other than those things, it’s not bad. It’s nice not counting calories and just eating. I never realized how obsessed I was with being skinny until I quit caring, and that feeling is so liberating. Just living your life and being loved by your man and not obsessing over a certain number on the scale everyday is just a different feeling and mindset. My body probably isn’t as healthy as it was, but my mindset is so much healthier and less stressed. And my husband has been so supportive and celebrates my new size rather than demeaning it. He makes me feel so loved and sexy, and that makes all the difference. My life is really great at this bigger size, and I don’t have any need to slim down.

  • I also went up about ten sizes while I was dating my boyfriend. He was such a good cook! He started buying me clothes for presents as our relationship progressed. They were always super cute but usually didn’t fit because I had outgrown what I was the last time he bought me something. I think my butt went from L panties to XXXL panties by the time he proposed to me, but he didn’t seem to mind!

  • Did he also get bigger?

  • I also went from a very slim size to a 14/16. For awhile, it was difficult on me, but I still got a lot of attention from men so it didn’t affect my relationships. Turns out their are all sorts of men who like all sorts of body types, even chubby women.

  • I didn’t change that much, but I did stop obsessing over my figure and just started living my life. I went up about four dress sizes, but the mental lifestyle change was so worth it.

  • I measured my husband’s belly, too. For the first two trimesters, we were even inch by inch. He told me he was going to gain as much weight as me to be supportive, and then we could lose the weight together. He couldn’t keep up in the third trimester when my belly just shot out, but he did keep gaining weight. After the baby, he started to lose the weight and I asked him to stop. I wanted him to stay big for me because I fancied his new size. He was shocked, but agreed to stay bigger. I’ve slimmed back down, but I love how much heavier he is. It’s so sexy to me, especially because he did it for me.

  • My husband gained weight for me. Right after the wedding, I told him that I was attracted to chubbier men and asked him to gain a little weight. He said he would. In the first year, he went from 185 lbs. to 203 lbs. I liked his gain so much that I asked him to put on more weight in our second year of marriage. He gained another thirty pounds and now has a belly that hangs over his belt. I love it!

  • Ya if you love a belly, it's not for real until it's hanging. Guys can work off a belly bump pretty quickly with their faster metabolism. But once it's hanging, all that swaying, sweating, jiggling and slapping if they try any bad ideas, will promptly get them back to the dinner table where they belong!

  • Sounds like you know from experience!

  • He’s gone from 185 to 203 to 233 and is now 248. He’s put on another 15 pounds over the last six months. Some of his friends didn’t even recognize him on a trip we just took. His belly is huge now!! 🥰
    I think he is super sexy!!

  • I asked my husband to get fat with me when we got pregnant. He hesitantly agreed as long as it wasn’t too much. I didn’t provide any guidance, but with my permission he felt he could just let himself go. And he packed on the pounds. After about forty pounds in six months, he decided to slow down and try to work it off. I told him he could start working out if he did it at home and with minimal clothes on. I offered to hold his feet so he could do sit ups, but told him he had to do the sit ups without his shirt on. Sitting there and watching his belly and b**** bounce around would just make me h**** for him and workouts usually resulted in really good s**. And now that his belly has been hanging around for awhile, I like it and asked him to not lose it.

  • Sounds nice!

  • I asked my man to stay fat for me, too. He was hesitant at first, but some good cooking and passionate love making each night let him know I was serious about his pudge staying.

  • My bf gained 12 inches on his belly. His belly button became so deep and wide he couldn’t see inside it anymore.

  • Nothing wrong with a fat belly! I like a man with a belly on him.

  • I would love if my husband looked pregnant with a big belly! It would be so cute!

  • My husband has gained so much weight that he is curvy. His moobs are as big as mine, and he looks six months pregnant. But I love him so much so I don’t mind.

  • Ha ha! Man Moobs!!

  • Did you buy him a bra?

  • My husband looks pregnant and probably has B-Cup moobs. But I don’t mind.

  • My bf has a potbelly now and I love it.

  • My wife has gained weight, too. She was a size 4, now she is a size 18. She complains about it, but I don’t mind at all. I’m very attracted to her new size and hope she stays that way. Her new body is very alluring and sensual to me, and I show her often how attractive she is to me now. She is still beautiful, but just a little bigger.

  • I like that you said she is still beautiful to you. As a bigger woman, I think it’s important that men know we can still be very attractive.

  • Bigger women are beautiful, my wife is just over 500lbs & is so sexy.

  • A curvy size 18 is no joke. Super sexy and thick. Love that!

  • How is the intimacy now that she’s fat?

  • I don’t really kiss and tell, but intimacy with a larger woman is incredibly sensual. It’s different, but very enjoyable.

  • S** with a plus-size woman is amazing. If she is on top and you just grab her fat hips and feel her weight on you, rocking her back and forth. Nothing feels better than that.

  • Intimacy with a big girl feels so good, especially if she is confident about her size.

  • Intimacy with a fat woman is amazing. Her body is soft and squeezable. Her body weight on top of you feels so good and heavy. If all the fat is in the right places, the curves are incredibly sexy.

  • Intimacy is intimacy. It’s always going to be good if you’re kind and considerate of your partner.

  • My wife & I both agree the intimacy has gotten better & better as she's gotten bigger & bigger.

  • How big has she become?

  • 450lbs of voluptuous goddess

  • I think that’s too fat.

  • My wife used to be so small and skinny. Over the last ten years she has really plumped up, and I couldn’t be happier. I thought I liked my woman small until she wasn’t anymore, and now I like everything bigger on her. It feels so sexy to hold her, and she gains weight all over so the extra 60 pounds looks so good on her. Thighs, butt, belly, b******, arms and her face are all bigger and she looks so sexy to me. I hope she never loses the extra lbs.!

  • Happy for you! Sounds like my dream girl! Hopefully I find a woman as chubby and pretty as your wife.

  • She is a dream girl! A perfect 10, in my opinion.

  • Lucky man! Congrats!

  • This is so sweet! My husband has also gained weight. At first, I was not into it and the extra weight bothered me. And then one day I realized that he is so good to me, that he is happy in our marriage, and the extra weight was an outwardly sign of his inward commitment to us. He was fattening up because he felt loved and committed to me. After that, I saw his extra weight differently and it started to be a turn on. It reminded me that he was mine, that he wanted to be mine and he wasn’t planning on going anywhere. That was incredibly sexy to me, and now I just appreciate him as my partner and husband and enjoy the extra weight. He’s gained 40-60 pounds since we’ve been dating, and I don’t mind at all. He’s still incredibly handsome, very caring and fun. I like to cuddle on him more now and rub his belly, and he doesn’t mind the attention! Having a fat husband has been great for me! Good luck!

  • That’s a good way to put it. I never thought about my husband’s weight gain like that, but it makes sense. He’s much sweeter at his heavier weight.

  • This is so true! I love my husband and his extra weight. Wouldn’t have it any other way. He is sexy to me no matter how tubby he gets.

  • That’s so cute!!

  • My husband tells me he likes me bigger. I was small when we married, had a couple kids together and now have a very average, overweight body. But he says he prefers the extra forty pounds and doesn’t want me to lose any of the weight. He says my b****** are so much bigger and he likes my soft, pudgy tummy.

  • My girlfriend is gaining weight because of medication she is on. She is embarrassed about it, but I think her new size looks great! Hopefully, when she is done with the medication, she keeps the weight on.

  • Soft, pudgy tummies are so sexy on a woman!

  • Yes! All you women who are worried about your stomachs, don’t be! Most men like a rounded stomach that has some fat to pinch.

  • I love when a woman has a nice potbelly and love handles. It’s so sexy!

  • That is such a sweet perspective. I can understand appreciating the extra weight when you put it that way. Thanks for sharing!

  • That makes a lot of sense. If you are happy and he is happy, that sounds like a great and healthy relationship.

  • Do you like them big and fat? I weigh about 340 and would love to come over and f*** you a while. I want a skinny Minnie for a change. Let him f*** my fat flabby wife instead.

  • Guess you live in the USA the land now called fat America.

  • I don’t think the United States of America has officially changed its name to Fat America. I’m sure we would have heard about Congress officially changing the name of the nation.

  • America is gaining weight because we all work too much, eat out too much, don’t exercise enough and watch too much TV. It’s really that simple.

  • Where have you been. The world is getting fatter not just the USA. Bad food is a world wide crisis. Yes the USA has so much fast food. But many nations are having the same problems. Look at most of the Island nations where fried foods are the norm now. Fat it's what's going around. But your not supposed to talk about it. You'll be listed as a body shaming if you do. I say just let em eat themselves to death then you don't have to worry about them or having to see them.

  • Your scared he might leave you. So you are making him fat thinking he will be unattractive to other women. I think it's terrible that you are doing this because you are insecure. Not to mention you will cut his life short. I know all the B.S. about body shaming. But the truth is being 50 lbs. overweight is not a good thing. You need to get yourself help. I just had to watch a young woman I know die from being over 175 lbs. overweight. It was not fun to watch a woman who wasn't even 40 yet give up and die. No one could tell her to stop and get help. She listened to all the excuses people made and she excepted her fate of being obese. Your going to kill this man you say you love. I think you are just an A S S H O L E !

  • You are right! This country is so fat now. Almost half of adults are obese now. It’s sickening.

  • There is a big difference between 50 extra pounds on a man and 175 extra pounds on a woman. He is still very physically fit and can do most things he could do at a lighter weight. He can still lift the same, just not run as far or do as many sit ups.

  • She’s right. That’s an extra 125 lbs. on a much smaller and weaker frame. Men can gain more and be less of an interruption to their daily lives.

  • I like to starve my gf. I want her anorexic. I like it when she feints or just is too weak to walk.

  • Why do you make her go fencing? Is her épée it up to scratch?

  • That seems messed up, man.

  • I've done this with my wife, she now weighs 520lbs & just keeps eating. I love it.

  • That seems really big. Is her health Ok?

  • 520 pounds is too fat!

  • It actually is at this stage. Her blood pressure is just over normal, everything else is good, which of course the doctor still wants her to loose weight.

  • Yes, extra weight is OK if all other vitals are still healthy.

  • What does he think about you fattening him up for your pleasure?

  • I’m pretty sure my wife fattened me up on purpose. All of her old boyfriends were fatties and now her husband is, too. I’ve gained 60 pounds since marrying her. She plays with my extra fat all the time, and says how much she likes the new me.

  • My gf plays with my fat all the time. She jiggles my belly. She slaps my bubble butt. She squeezes my moobs. She rubs my love handles when we hug. She literally will hold my stomach in her hands and bounce and jiggle it around and kiss me afterwards. She’s told me I better keep the fat if I want to keep her.

  • As a girl that has a fat guy, I will tell you that all that is completely true. I play with his pudgy belly all the time. I love his mushy chest. It’s such a turn on for me to play with his extra weight.

  • I’m not fattening him up. I’m just letting his life take its course, and it happens to be 50 pounds heavier than when we met. Plus, I make it very physically obvious that I love him at his new size, and he doesn’t mind that at all!

  • I wouldn’t mind a wife who lets me pig out and then shows me a good time in the bedroom. What’s wrong with that?!

  • Well, my wife has definitely fattened me up. She always tells me she’s going to make me fat because I’m all hers. She is a good cook, and I’ve already gained 48 pounds since being married three years ago. She says she wants me so big I will have moobs like her. They already stick out a little and bounce when I run or jog. But she treats me so well, and I can’t complain about the bedroom. If she wants me heavier like this, but I am treated like a King, then I’m OK with it.

  • You are her little piggie! Or big piggie now.

  • A fat King.

  • I love my husbands moobs! I love to come up from behind him and grab and squeeze his moobs. I also lovingly rub, pat, squeeze and knead his doughy belly when I stand behind him. I love feeling his belly and how big he has become. After having a fat husband, I would never want to go back to a skinny version of himself. I love his fat belly and moobs!

  • Ha ha! Belly and moobs!! :)
    Sounds lovely!

  • My wife has started doing this to me and it turns me on. She will tell me that she wants me in bed right then, and she delivers on her promises. At first, I was self conscious about it because I thought it was an act, but she’s done it so many times now that it must be genuine. Now that I’m fat, she really seems to enjoy intimacy with me.

  • Man b**** and a belly are the best!

  • I shave my husbands chest and stomach so he looks like a pregnant woman when his shirt is off. It’s so sexy to me.

  • I do this, too! He doesn’t always like it, but it’s such a turn on for me. I love just having my hands on his fat and experiencing his big body. So nice!

  • Sounds like you need a bra! My bf got so fat that I finally bought him a bra. It was uncomfortable for him to first wear it, but now it’s normal. He doesn’t go anywhere now without wearing his b*** support.

  • I bought my husband a bra. I was sick of him complaining about how his back hurt. He wears it all the time now.

  • How did he feel about you getting him a bra? I think my husband could use one, but I don’t think I could ever get him to wear it if I got him one.

  • It’s all about how you treat it. If you treat the experience like he’s less of a man and you are embarrassed for him, he will never wear it. If you explain to him that you love him and that it’s for his comfort, and even give him a little extra physical attention when he has his bra on, he will wear it.

  • She’s right. I had to get my husband to wear one for his back health. I treated it like a medical situation, and he was fine after that.

  • I bought my husband a bra because I got sick of him complaining about how much his chest and back hurt. He wasn’t going to lose weight, so he gained a bra instead. Most of the time he wears a sports bra, but I’ve also bought him more feminine ones he occasionally wears when I’m behind on the laundry.

  • Does he still wear them?

  • Does he like wearing the girly bras that aren’t sporty?

  • At first, it was mentally very difficult for him. Then I explained to him that it was just a piece of clothing. That’s all. It just happened to be more affiliated with a woman’s shape, but that didn’t mean it was only for women. I told him that I didn’t mind and it didn’t make him any less of a man to wear a bra. I showed him how to put it on and load his b**** into the cups and he is much more comfortable now. It definitely smooths out his chest and the cups make his chest less fat and pointy. It most shirts, you can’t tell he is wearing a bra. He mainly wears sports bras. Of course, he also looks kind of sexy when he wears the girly ones so he does get more physical attention from me when he looks womanly. Something about a bra with lace just turns people on, I guess. It turns me on at least.

  • Needless to say, I sometimes get behind on the laundry on purpose so I can see his girly bra on him.

  • I make my chubby hubby wear a bra when he is on top. I just take my hands and cup those moobs and tell him how sexy he is.

  • Ha ha! LOL!
    He probably did the same to you when he was skinnier!

  • Does he like that?!

  • Yea, he says it’s a turn on!! 😋

  • I love posts like yours.

  • I love this sweet post, too!

  • To each his or her own, I guess. I prefer my women skinny.

  • Skinny might look good for your dinner date, but the after party is definitely better when the woman is big and curvy. I’ve had both, and there is just something very sensual about a big girl with confidence in bed.

  • I second that!

  • Curvy, big women are so sexy! Own those curves, girl! Flaunt what you’ve got!

  • Curvy looks very good in lingerie. Looks very womanly.

  • I think it’s cute that you love him so much. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you! So supportive!

  • Don't worry about the negative posts, each to their own I say. I've done exactly the same thing with my wife. It was one night that she told me she liked me spoiling her. That was 15yrs ago, now she's 590lbs.

  • My wife decided just to let herself go and started gaining weight and I loved it. She now weighs 550lbs is very happy and still just eating what she wants.

  • 600 pounds is too big! She’s killing herself with your help.

  • She's not fat enough

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