My husband is getting fat

My husband is getting fat. He used to be slim and in shape, and now, he looks like a butterball. When we were dating, he was 170 pounds. He stepped on the scale the other day and he has gained 50 pounds!

The problem is I feel guilty watching him fatten up and liking it. I feed him well, he likes to snack and his fat belly and mushy chest are a turn on for me. I prefer it much more than the flat stomach he had years ago. He has a slight double chin now that I also think is sexy.

I hope he still gains in the coming years. I had to buy him size 40 pants (used to be a size 32), and I was so happy to watch him try them on. He complained about the new size, so I walked over to him, patted his bulging tummy, grabbed his love handles and told him how attractive he is to me. It’s not a lie, though, because I really do enjoy his new size and I love his fat belly!

Hopefully he gains another 50 pounds! I wouldn’t mind a chubby hubby! What’s better than eating what you want and getting your wife excited to be with you in the bedroom?

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