I don't know what to say

I really don't know what to say.
I've been home with our newborn babyboy for just a week when my parents in Law were visiting. We had some coffee and cake and a lot talking - mostly about childbirth and how to handle a newborn.
When it was time for me to feed our boy, I went inside. He already was crying loud. My mom in law was with me and she looked for the boy while i fetched the blanket to put him on for nursing.
I wondered because he suddenly stopped crying. When I came back into the room, I stood still. shocked. My Mom in Law hat put him on the Table and took off his pampers. She stood in front of him and she nursed at his little c***. I could not believe. She had his c*** in her mouth and sucked.
She looked at me and told me smiling, that its an old wisdom she has been told from her own grandma. It always helps, when babies cry and don't stop.
Nevertheless I was shocked but did not know, what to say. I took my boy and what I had never seen before, his tiny little c*** seemed to be hard. I was confused. I put him in my Arm and he immediately started sucking. As always a shiver runs down my back. My mom in law still smiled at me. She told me that she always has been sexual stimulated, when she nursed her son (now my husband). The shiver in my tummy became more.
She came to me and asked if she might... I did not know, what sie wanted to say, but then she came down and again took the little p**** in her mouth.
I have to confess, ain that moment I have been near an o*****.
I am so emberassed about all that.
But the wisdom works with me too. Best way to stop him cryying.

Aug 7, 2019

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  • You should also do the same for your father in law!!

  • Yes this works. I a boy of around 12 years was visiting my Aunt who had a 10 year old boy as my cousin. I used to see my Aunt breast milking him and would always go to the bathroom and m********* over that scene. The other day my while I was visiting her, she told me to just watch her son while she fetch some veggies from the kitchen garden for dinner. So I was babysitting and this cousin boy started to cry. I tried to calm him by tickling him under his arms and stomach. Then out of curiosity I just opened his snickers and caught hold of that small c*** and slightly tried to pull back his foreskin. He just stopped his crying and was watching me wondering. To my surprise his p**** started to become hard and I too had a c*** raising feeling. Just then I heard the hustling sound of Aunt back in the kitchen and I stopped the play and wrapped back his snickers.

  • Read it as 1 year old boy please

  • Die you scum

  • So you now use the wisdom thing that your mother in law showed you?
    If so do you enjoy doing it?

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