Hotel fun

My wife and I had a night away from kids and responsibilities so we decided to stay at a hotel out of town and have some fun. We made reservations and headed out about an hour away from our home. We packed light but brought our suits for the hot tub and I brought a cooler full of drinks.

After dinner we decided to head down to the hot tub. There was only one elderly gentleman in it and he appeared to be almost asleep. We stepped in and he looked up, greeted us and closed his eyes again. Shortly after getting in the timer went off (for the jets and bubbles) so I got out and reset it for an additional 20 minutes.

I say back down next to my wife and she handed me something. I lifted it out of the water to see what it was and realized she had handed me her bikini bottom. She whispered in my ear I better not let the bubbles run out again. Then she asked me to move over and flashed me her b***** for long periods of time while our friend sat with his eyes closed.

Our elderly friend left the scene and soon I was ready to take my wife to the room because we were both h****. She had borrowed my white button down Oxford as a cover up and told me she needed to use the restroom before he headed back up to the room. She came out of the restroom wearing my shirt and nothing else. You could see her t*** through the material and knowing she had nothing on her lower half was driving me crazy.I

She asked if I wanted to take the elevator or the stairs and I wisely requested the stairs. We were on the sixth floor and the hot tub was on the first floor so I had plenty of opportunity to see her ass and to taste her on every landing.

We get to our floor and as we get close to our room we see three loud high school aged kids in baseball uniforms making way too much noise. They stop in their tracks as soon as they see my wife. It is painfully obvious she isn't wearing much.

I hand my wife the door key and she asks me loud enough for the boys to hear "do we need more ice" I say "absolutely" She goes in and gets the ice bucket and the boys haven't moved. On the way by I ask her to unbutton a couple of buttons. She unbutton most of the buttons and while she is bending over to get the ice her breast are completely exposed to me and the boys.

She slips by me to get in the room and I mention we probably need one more container of ice. She dumps the first batch and on the way by me I whisper no buttons please. On the way to the ice machine I can tell she is unbuttoning her shirt. She fills the container and we get glimpses of everything. She turns towards the room and us and has pulled the shirt open. She walks back with her t*** and p**** completely exposed.

She walks past us and steps in the door I am holding open for her. I ask her to hold still and with her back towards the boys I slowly lift the shirt exposing her beautiful ass. My wife's measurements are 34-24-36. Her ass is spectacular. My wife being a great sport, drops the room key and bends over showing off again her a****** and p**** from behind.

We close the door to the spectators and make love immediately. I know it was wrong to expose my wife to minors but they did stop and stare.

Aug 7, 2019

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  • Now that is a great way to spice up your s** life.

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