Hot mil

From the first day im so hungry to taste my mil. She is hotter the her two daughters. She was 56 and im 28. But i didnt reveal any to her. We were sated together. After our sons birth we moved to separeted appartment. So i missed her badly. But sooner she lost her job. Then she compelled to move and stay with us. I helped her to packing up. It was all night. Early morning we were waiting for transport man. But its too early abd she asked me to have a nap. Bug no place. She said i can sleep next to her in the same bed. I was shocked. But we didnt do any on that night. Once she stay with us all started. She come down unbutton once. One night she with me and my wife was discussed about family and it was finished late night. We decided to go to sleep. Our desk top was arrangee in my mil room. She asked me if i want to brose internet she dont mind. So i went to her room. My wife went to ours and slept. While i was browsing net she was snoring and undresed. I got hot. I just layes next to her and started touching her. She refused to accept me and said she dosent have any intention to have s** with me. So i cale back to my room. Another day morning my wife went to work early morning. My son was with my mil in her room. Door was fully opened. I try to enter and saw she was exchnging dress and half nude. I didnt do any. Another morning was same and i saw i was removing her panty. So i appoched. But she refused and started to shouting. I let her go. Then she quits our place and found seprate apprtment. And speard the new all over the family. But i managed. Even my wife kniw but i said its not my fault. It took 3 years to all come back to normal. Once i told her that im fantasing about her. But she dont want. I use to visit uninformed. One night after drinks i nocked her doors. She opens and i told her i got drunk and cant drive. So i stay there and go in the morning. She is ok. I slept in the sofa. She was in her room. After some time i tried to enter her room. She didnt closed the door. I step inside. She was awaked. I said i want to sleep next to her. She refused and gotup. I draged her to floor and gog her full controll. I said i need to f*** her but she is dont. Then i asked her to lick her breast and nipples. She allowed me. But she was very strong on not to f*** her. After some time she said if i dont do any more then sucking she will not tell about this to anyone. If i f*** her she will tell everyone. So i left the place. Untill today she didnt tell to anyone. But time to time she reminds me that what i was done is hurts her. But still she is very friendly with me. Now she is 66 im 37.

Jul 12, 2015

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  • Learn to write English. Your grammar and spelling are terrible.

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