We played a game called " Dacked " Aussie word for pants , It started as described here , getting the square heads and trying to get them naked and erect in front of a particular team of girls , they would go bright red , cry and carry on and we would all laugh .
From there however there were this core group of girls who were right into these actions and secretly pretty much every guy wanted to be " Dacked " because the core 3 , Tanya , Caroline , and Suzie , were really starting to get into it , there attire was getting sexier also , while still wearing the school uniform , different panties and bra that you would see though the uniform , so for example they would wear red , which you could clearly see all the sign etc .

I was 15 years old , and although small I had started to get hair on my chest , and had won this football award , for speed and most goals . It was in Art class , Tanya came up and said " We have a special award , just for you Stevey , but you need to have the courage to come and collect it , at lunch time " believe me I had an errection right then and there , without her doing anything , my only concern was how many guys would they bring , and there was always the risk of them taking your pants , all in all , it was worth the risk .

All this happened down behind the tennis courts , it was full on bush , but we had put seats and stuff , created a clearing and some would have a durrie .
Tanya came and got me " Come on Stevey , you know Ive wanted to do this for a long time " we went to the clearing and to my surprise it was just the three girls , they all started moving in , undoing buttons on their uniform front and exposing , their bras , jumping on top as a lap dancer would , and rubbing against my now extremely erect member , then right out of the blue Suzie ripped off my pants , and she literally ripped them they were unusable ,
so no pants massive errection 3 girls standing there in bra and panties and Caroline grabs my member and puts it right inside her " Just a taste she said , no fcking " well I had been a virgin at this point , so I needed all my will power not to e******** . Tanya began sucking me , it was really intense , and my eyes opened to see all the guys around , but I seriously didn't give a fck , I was on another planet . I e********* into Tanya mouth , and she swallowed it ..Ohhh so hot .
On the negative ..ALL of my clothes were gone , absolutely nothing , Suzie lent me her sports pants , so I could get back to the lockers and put on a track suit , which I did . As I entered the class after lunch about 15 mins late , everyone jeered and giggled , clapped . What could I say hahahaha
The teacher said " Stevey why are you wearing a track suit and no uniform " ? Have to go straight to training after this Miss , Sorry . After that , every every guy was prepared to be " dacked " but no one ( in that year anyhow ) quite matched my very joyous day .
As time went on the Story got taller and taller and I was supposed to have had s** with the entire netball team , this part of it was fantasy , but I would have loved to have done the netball team .

hahahahaha ….What a day " Dacked "

Aug 11, 2019

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  • We had a similar game , the cool girls a group of we 5 had started to discover our sexuality . The jock style guys would pick a nerd or a smaller guy , they had no hope as the big guys would just kidnap them .
    They would be screaming literally , and trying all they could to get free , no chance , their pants would be dropped ( we had a massive nature reserve at rear of school ) , we girls had been carefully selecting lingerie and silky bras for underneath our school uniform , unbuttoning the top of the summer dress and rubbing our b****** ( with bra on ) into their groin area , similar to the way lap dances do today , very slowly .
    Every guy we did got an erection despite all the crying and carrying on , they just had no control .
    Must confess it was hilarious , and still think of it , but school reunions can be delicate . hahahahaha

  • Sounds like absolutely wonderful fun times :)

  • Did you get what you wanted
    What did it cost

  • It cost zero , and it was utterly great fun ( for most ) hahahahaha

  • School years. wonderful dreams.

  • Absolutely magic uninhibited times , exploring sexuality

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