I had a dream that i f***** my sister p**** and ass and i want to do it in real life now but idk if she would let me mabye if shes drunk enough

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  • All sisters want their brother to take their virginity. Tell her how good it felt for both of you and she will beg you to do it

  • I think most sisters would like this. I really wish I'd been brave and been my sister's first. I'd love to get my sister in bed, totally hot!

  • My brother and I were always very close, nothing sexual but lots of affection. I got married but it was not good and after two years we were divorced.
    I turned to my brother for help as I felt depressed and our closeness returned.
    My brother has never married, he is seven years older has a successful career and is gorgeous!
    Then one night when I was staying at his place we went our clubbing, had a lot to drink and were fooling around on our return when I put my arms around his neck and kissed him. In moments we were all over each other, pulling at our clothes, then sprawling on the floor. I felt his p**** inside my v*****, thrusting and so big and within moments he was spent and I was dripping wet, thank the lord that I was on the pill, because I would certainly be pregnant now if I hadn't continued to take them.
    We have now set up home together as husband and partner and are so very happy.

  • Good for you! Sounds like you two should of been together in the first place.

  • Me and my sister are also very close. when we were young i was twenty and she was eighteen we started too muck about,and i slipped my hand up her skirt and i quickly felt her c***, she gave a sigh and said that felt nice. i said do you want me to do it again, she replied oh yes please, so i slipped my hand up her skirt and cupped her c***, she gave a sigh and collapsed in my arm. I then laid her on the settee and worked my inside her knickers and slipped a finger up her c*** and worked in and out her eighteen year old c***. she gave a sigh and show us your c***. i quickly stripped off all my clothes and procedded too strip her off aswell. When we were both naked i laid on my bed and got between her leg and licked her c***, she went into a trance as i eat out and she c** all over my face.after we calmed down i said that was nice now i want to put my c*** in you and f*** you, she said Oh yes please f*** me and fell my belly with all your s****. After about twenty minutes i was about to c** and said i'm c****** i better pull out, she then wrapped her thighs around me and held me in her c*** as i began to fire all my s**** in her virgina. We now have a young daughter and she want me to f*** when she older.

  • I am a guy,16 and my sister is 14 and very cute! Back on June 2nd she finially made her First Holy Communion in the class of 2019 with the 2nd graders[7 year olds].Mom and dad dressed her like the little girls in her class in a cute,poofy,short sleeve,knee length communion dress and veil with lace socks and white mary jane shoes and did a cloth diaper and plastic pants on her under her dress with a camisole as her top.The plastic pants fit her a little loose and she resembled a baby with them on! After her party,mom and dad had to go to the hospital to visit a relative,sis was in her room laying on her bed with her dress and veil on,I told her how cute she was and then i got her off her bed and to her knees and made her suck me off! What a rush it was having her in her dress and veil with her diaper and plastic pants under neath sucking me off!

  • Nicer having a real baby do it

  • There are many brothers and sisters that have s**. Some are in relationships and others just have casual s**. As long as the s** is consensual and birth control is used, it's perfectly fine and some would say healthy. Make sure your sister isn't too drunk to consent.

  • Spend time with her and become affectionate. Maybe go on vacation together. Basically you need to take step towards having a sexual relationship with your sister, it won't happen over night. Be smart about it and don't pervy.

  • Getting her drunk will not be a wise action. Talk to her about what you feel about her. If responsive, she will open up. The rest of the action should be easy.

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